How to cramp 48 hours into one day

Oops, looks like I have to skip one suggested topic from Simple America about immigrating to Malaysia. SA, I don’t have the faintest idea. Unless you want to marry a Malaysian wife. But then, you won’t. And if you do, I wouldn’t want to know about it!

My beautiful country is promoting Malaysia as a second-home for retirees. We have posh bungalows with white picket fences and luxurious condominiums for this purpose. Frankly, albeit what our countrymen ranted, Malaysia is a nice place to settle down. Friendly people, good food, nice weather, good facilities and peaceful. Of all the Asean countries, Malaysia is the most harmonious with decently educated citizens. Welcome to Malaysia!

Now on to MG’s question – How to cramp 48 hours into one day

In real life and online life, I have always been very efficient. As a student, worker, wife and mother. As an organiser, co-ordinator, hostess or just about anything. Frankly, I suspect I have some hyperactivity syndrome. I do double things, at double the speed normal person takes to do a single task. (psst…have you dated three guys in one day before anot? breakfast, lunch, dinner dates)

I can skip from one problem to another. Handling three to four things at a time. While some parents are struggling to get out of the house with their one and only kid, I have already reached there way before them. (say family dinner) With four kids scrubbed clean and shiny.

I think in order to be able to do that, one has to learn the art of procrastination and the art of elimination. Procrastination is knowing when to delay things until they grow mouldy, but just before they turn total loss. Elimination is the ability to ignore things, like mountains of laundry left standing will not grow maggots, so just leave them and pretend they don’t exist. Or use them as comfy sofa paddings covers. LOL.

Oh ya, also must learnt to live within our means. Who cares if people think my house looks like shit when I am happy as it is? I only have two hands, two legs, a nerve as sensitive as others but I have four kids. I need a happy heart and a level head for the home so I won’t kill myself scrubbing and picking up after them. If I adopt the typical mother/housewife’s level of clealiness and orderliness, I think I will slay my kids and hang their hides ‘cos they messed up every seconds.

Take a look at what my kids did to their study/work/computer/tools room. They used a blue flourescent light just for kicks (normal use white light lah).

On the left of the clock, the picture hanging there is Jesus with His sheeps. It says, “I know my sheep (followers) and my sheeps know Me well.” Kehkehkeh. Bless them! That big bundle of things hanging on the right side are shoe laces of all colours. On the work table are my son’ screwdrivers, knives, lubricants and stuffs for his skateboarding. To maintain sanity, I never step foot into that dungeon. And my part-time maid has been told not to touch a thing there too. Oh ya, the door and floor have been sprayed with graffiti paint too.

So, basically the way to cramp 48 hours into a day is to :

1) Blog part of the day (to relieve stress but can use the excuse of ‘to earn money’ so no one can say I am wasting time)

2) Sleep half of the day

3) Have good laughs with the kids all day

4) And don’t do anything that can wait till tommorow or next year or the next decade.

5) Be glad that at least we have things/people/blogs to occupy us all day instead of sitting down, alone, with nothing to do.

16 thoughts on “How to cramp 48 hours into one day

  1. Omigawd! I kow tow 3 times to u, Lilian. That ur son’s room kah! If I have to live with that, I’ll have fits! Thought my daughter’s bad enough, this is…is…is…(speechless, for once!) U snoop around u may even find a 3-year old piece of cultured fungal growth on a piece of bread, enough to make pencillin!

  2. BTW, Lilian! Thank God u’re not my wife! Prcrastinate and eliminate??? Shudders! Thank God my wife doesn;t read blogs! She may be negatively influenced! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. bwaha. within the 24 hours, i usually oni do 12 hours worth of things. I don’t want to waste away my time. why waste simply waste another day’s time in one day? keep it for tommorrow lah! Time is precious mah. If one day got 24 hours, use it diligently. Don’t take tommorrow’s 24 hours and finish it today.

  4. I definitely do not want to cramp 48 hrs in a day! LOL I’m already old enuff as it is. Dun need to double the process! lol

  5. That room looks much like my hubby’s office. Just too many things there and I don’t know where to start cleaning, so just let it be.
    But I got to say you’re really efficient, me with a toddler and a baby, and juggling a job, still can’t find time to learn cooking like most mommies do. Sigh!

  6. Yee? Reach my topic already ah. Thank you for responding. You ar… sound typically like Type A personality. I think if you have to do less, you’d be bored to tears!

  7. Terror la you. Super multitasking mom.

    It’s good that you can tolerate the mess kids make. I hate people tidying up my mess. When they do I can’t find my stuff.

  8. I’m a working mother of 3 young kids. My neighbour can’t understand how I can live thru days without a helper. Like I told her, “do what is necessary. You don’t need a shiny table top. Take care of priority first.”

  9. hijackqueen – Yalor, if want to do everything, sure can die of stress wan

    sexymama – But I don’t have a maid

    nyonya – Maybe my skin thicker than others so I bo chap siau wan lah.

    toxicle – Learnt to get use to it after so many years. As long as no dust, ok liao.

    MG – Ya, I cannot keep still wan.

    shoppingmum – Boys, ok lah. Mess like that. If girls, sei lor, later no one wans to marry them, how?

    helen – Yalor, slow down and smell the roses hor?

    ahpek – Your theory too ‘chim’ liao, read twice only understand.

    STP – WHAT! What bad influence. She will then cook nice-nice food for you, massage you and still can earn income from writing blogs wor. (But only 3 cents USD la. Hahaha.)

  10. Aiya, Lilian…am not saying about blogging lah! It’s the procrastinating and eliminating chores bit that’s the bad influence!!

  11. STP – Ya mah…if I everyday wake up and start doing the chores, picking up, dusting, mopping, washing, cooking, ironing, folding, mopping, picking up….I go siao wei. So, must learn to leave things and put feet up and write away to relieve stress mah.

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