The future of my kids

The future of my kids in Bolehland – Nigel

Nigel suggested this topic. Well, Nigel, you know what? I am not one of those worry-warts who plan for 10-20 years in advance and then, got all worked up that there is no more future for my kids. So, if you are expecting some of the more common opinions such as – we must fled the country, there is no fair competition for them, there aren’t any more future etc etc, sorry lah. I am not one of those parents who insist their kids must learn Mandarin, Japanese, German, French etc so that they can find a job next time.
My hubby and I are the two most cincai parents on earth. We came from nothing and we did not end up with nothing. We may not like some of the policies by the Government but then, which countrymen from which country feel 100% satisfied with their own Government, anyway? So, yeah, we don’t like part of the things about the country but we treat [tag]Malaysia[/tag] as our tanahair. Tumpahnya darah kita.

Basically, what do we expect from life? A roof over our head, a job that feeds us, a certain level of financial position that makes us an average income family and peaceful surroundings. So, there isn’t any worries or doubts about the future of our kids. We do not drill them to excel and grab the best place in school and maybe next time university. We do not plant in their heads that they are second-grade citizens nor will they lose out in anyway by way of their birth rights.

There is no animosity, no hostility and hence, we live one day at a time. They will go to school, then to university or whatever and get a job, just like us. Well, I don’t want my kids to go through the same grind that millions of other kids do, if I can help it. Maybe I would rather they think out of the box, do something different that they enjoy and forget about the Junids, Ah Chongs and Muthus’ kids. You know….parents whom had pushed and pushed for their kids to be doctors.

So, to the question – What is the future of my kids in Bolehland, I would say, it is in their own hands and God’s will. I pretty much believe that our lives are charted. Que sera sera. In God, I trust. 🙂

But hey, if anyone wants to offer a family of six a job and place to stay in a country with green, green meadows, temperate climate, red autumn leaves, cool and clean air….please tell me! I can cook! And yeah, kids say if the country has a rule that kids don’t need to attend school when they don’t feel like going, they will leave Bolehland now.

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  1. Malaysia is a nice country without a doubt. But it could be even better if the politicians could do away with their archaic and divisive policies. After nearly 50yrs, we r no better and it is time to question whether such measures or policies are necessary. I m a very cynical person and always believe that such policies are in place to protect certain sect rather than that particular ethnic group. Ala these rent collectors r there, the future is not glossy for the whole country. It worries me when the younger generation seems to pick up the idea readily and possibly taking it further. One can only live in hope for a better day in bolehland. Malaysia still has a lot of growing up to do.

  2. i agree that should let own kids choose what they want to be in future…its their ambition and parents should not destroyed it…

    most of the parent here dont think so and everything plan for their kids… 🙁

  3. Gee! We are so very much the same! I believe in God…and Man proposes, God disposes!! Everything is predestined…and we’ll have to accept. Good, it’s a blessing;no good…accept as penance! “Thy Will be done on earth as in heaven!” Gosh…now I’m beginning to sound like ur self-declared spiritual advisor!!! Yucks!

  4. STP: I didn’t declare was an option of between a slave boy or tat…I choose tat..anyway..I dnt have to do it nowadays as it seems that you are starting to fit into the mould very well

    Aunty: Well, Accept what is given, you are in Malaysia, so be contented with the Government..besides…you voted them in 😛

  5. Between the devil and the deep blue sea…I suppose the deep blue sea is a better choice!!

  6. nyonyapenang – Yalor, if got choice, sure I wan to stay in temperate country and get nice-nice job, cosy home etc la. But since that is not an option, must be thankful with all we have lor. Go think too far, too much also can’t change situation mah.

    wuching – OI, don’t spoil STP’s rosy views. Hehehe, he finally see the light!

    STP – Keep following the light (and my blog)!

    ah nel – Now that they are old enuff (16 yrs) I keep reminding them, want to study hard or not, it is not my problem anymore. Your future, you decide. When I get my retirement (EPF), I am going to tour the world, you kids go wash plates, I also don’t care.

    Dancing queen – Actually there is nothing inside. I asked him to pose for me oni. So clever actor hor?

    David – There is only so much we can do.

    QV – No wor, I am not guilty.

  7. QV – Seriously, I am always on odds with my atm. I don’t like changes but usually, by the time I got registered, went to the wrong center, waited in line, given the wrong line etc etc, I will be fuming mad and changed my mind at the very last minute. So, whether blue or green moon or rocket also I cross liao. Hahaha. I call it undi dendam.

  8. well said…when i glance at the newspaper headlines like on thursday, saying this cannot that cannot, i worry for the future…but then this is my country, and if i don’t hang around to fight for what i believe, i can’t really expect others to fight for me…

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