Irritating comments in blogs – should you or should you not delete it off?

I am in the mood for a little bitching so today, I pick Sooi2 suggested topic eventhough I just posted another one earlier.

Irritating comments in blogs – should you or should you not delete it off?

Someone wise taught me – Internet has long memory. Whatever is said, will be remembered for a long time. Whatever has been done, no one will forget.

And another wise thing I learn is you are what you commented. I.e. you can judge a person’s personality after following the person’s comment on the blogsphere for sometime. It is not hard to see how some will pepper the whole blogsphere with their quotes. Pigi dah, don’t give me the cliche of Do not judge, lest you be judge.

(play acting oni lah)
So, let’s break the irritating comments into few things:
Firstly, thank God for the [tag]Wordpress[/tag] suberb [tag]spam[/tag] control (Askimet), no one new and a virgin commentor (i.e. those who never commented before) gets through without going into the ‘sentencing’ box (moderation). So, a blogger using WP with Askimet is pretty safe. I had been taught by someone wise that it is my responsibility to see that all my readers come to my blog for an enjoyment and not traumatised by trolls comments. Or be involved in a heated debate. I owe it to all my regular readers to see nice-nice, pwetty-pwetty flowery words and not muds all over. So, yeah, I do delete things that I don’t like to read. After all, it is my space and my money.

Secondly, I normally grit my teeth and try not to bite back eventhough when I really, really feel like it. And when I do, it is usually sayonara. For e.g. after a while reading your blog, some people will think they are familiar with you and they know you inside out. Then, they will drag in your sons and husbands, ancestors and apply them into a certain situation. Say I ranted about a certain someone dilemma and some smart ass will give some one liners ( which they deem friendly) – Ouhh..aren’t you doing that to your atm? This is one group of blokes whom I cannot stand – i.e. people who talks (write) on my comment box like they know the real me. Puadah!

That brings in the third group – No one has the right to apply any situation to the blogger’s spouse or children. For e.g. if a blogger ranted about the spouse, it is very rude for others to come by and give bad and rude suggestions on how to deal with it. Peeples, are you aware that the spouse may be reading and what kind of reaction they may get if he/she reads your comments? E.g. “Stop your wife from going out or banned her spending” or something idiotic like that. Morons!

Fourthly, there are some very smearing campaign or even racist remarks which can cause other readers to feel slighted. So, delete them by all means. *hit heart with full of semangat*
From my reading on the SEO/probloggers’ blogs, commentors are the customers. They are always right. So, if you look closely, those blogs who are professional (MINE IS NOT) blogs, never refute their commentors’ comments. But they always advise others to delete them before the comment gets through.

Lastly, there are bunches of people who thinks our blog is a public toilet. They think they can come and shit and go as they like. No. A personal blog tended with care (like mine) is a home. The door is only open to those who are well-mannered. So, I can’t understand why some bloggers can stand their stupid commentors making unflattering remarks about themselves (the bloggers). I say – KILL THEM OFF, if you don’t know how, ask the evil, kill-people-no-blood 5xmom. Muahahahar, this is just to make the blogsphere shwweeeter. No point leaving bad comments for all your future readers to read, you know? It is your space, your image. That bad comment is going to stay there for eternity so why leave it as a little thorn in the flesh? Tell them, Tak suka? Blah!

*now….where is the delete button?*

24 thoughts on “Irritating comments in blogs – should you or should you not delete it off?

  1. Hate commenters are like mastubators. They feel that your blog is so sexually appealing to them, hence they do that. They can talk whims and fancies, just like sexual fantasies, even though it is not right. I’ll just let them masturbate in my blog, which in fact, will boost one’s ego as they will keep coming back to check what your response will be. But if they ejaculate all over the place in your blog, that’s when you have to cut off their sexual organs.

  2. Well-written post! Lilian.

    In reality or in the blogosphere, if one is only going to say good things, then this cuts out back-biting, gossiping, telling tales, being rude about people, complaining (however, one is allowed to point out defects or problems but in a constructive way). And that could leave one with a big gap to fill.

    So, if anyone can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

    That’s my 2 sens worth.

  3. Just keep those phrases you don’t like in the ‘SPAM’ moderation it won’t appear automaticly sis.

    I do that esp with so many DDOS attacks nowadays!Otherwise there is a new add-on I saw that if U enter a nasty comment (AI) , it will come up a pop-up and you can know where that monkey came from.

    then you can ‘ban’ his session.

  4. Ayo, auntie ah, so many dislikes ah….so am i still welcome to comment rubbish onot?

  5. i almost never get stupid comments, but on rare occasions when i do, i WILL leave it as it is and let the whole world look at their stupidity.

  6. One thing i like about your blog is it always makes me feel happy after reading them…so yeah..kill all those irritating comments!

  7. BUT..there are SOME ppl whom when you delete their comments, they would think that you’re messing around with “freedom of speech” when they dun know that freedom of speech has its limits too. Either that or they would say, “Ah, takleh lawan balik dats why delete lah..what a coward”. So how to deal with these kinda commentors (see I so nice, I dun call them trolls)? It’s a lose-lose situation kan?

  8. Hooo Boy…Sounds more like the Acts of Parliament, The Lilian Chan Bill 😛 Okay..since its your domain, we shall comply…

    Am Always at your service,


  9. its your blog, you can either delete them, edit them, bash them back kau kau wan … you can do anything, its your own blog, you paid for it …

    i got this own policy of mine “if you dont like what you read, just leave” – dont go and leave stupid comments …

  10. Your blog is very interesting. Very helpful for my work.


    Well, spam comments I delete them. But irritating ones, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. Actually it’s helpful to hear opinions from different points of view – although it’s painful to be corrected and commented by someone else.

    Yeah, like I’m always right. Duh.


  11. Waaaah – so fierce.

    … but it’s true – some people leave such irritatingly toxic comments!
    (What to do? The world is filled with all kinds of people – ranging from nice to idiotic)

  12. helen – But too bad, I dunno why lately I hardly can get lantiu wor. So mild already.

    wingz – I lafu yew how to write hate komens?

    wuching – *glare*

    abe – Those are constructive comments lah, so ok la. But there are those hor, who ever read properly, tembak us buta-buta.

    earl-ku – Yalor, keep quiet and quietly curse the person better hor? LOL.

    QV & STP – Hehehe, must have a bit of principles or else hor, people can mengada-ngada.

    S-Kay – Adoi, I dun get those who challenge me before. But I think they will get very frus if their comments dun appear and move on to find someone else to pick on. Of course, whatever, don’t go stir hornet’s nest like that XX’s mobs. Then, forever cannot have peace.

    shooi – Must relieve stress sometimes.

    ahpek – I don’t have hate comments lah, I so shweet what. Everybodi lafu 5xmom! Anyway, I am way too old to have bitch fights. LOL.

    prometeuz – Ya, sit quietly and drools over the food, safer hor?

    azrin – Sometimes, the bloggers also asked for it la.

    gbyeow – I read on one of those ‘how to increase traffic’ SEO gurus newsletter. One of the trick is to stir up controversy to create traffic surge. Chisin wan these angmohs. If do that, I can get white hairs faster.

    Amelia – Constructive comments and debates are ok. But there are some whom stalk and continue bugging the person. Like Laksa kena. LOL.

    Howsy – Now, I learn a new term for those people. Hahaha, you should know, you always get those a lot ya?

  13. 😐
    The pic of your number 3 is so nice! with ur reading glasses, he looks so hamsen and professional. Reminded me of my doc in Pg !!
    I m saying no more, in case get deleted !!

  14. Wah, ur blog so nice ah, ur topic so keng ah, ur picture so professional hor, my personality sweet or not? *Runs away before 5xMom piak piak me with the broom*

  15. Immom – Hahaha, I forget to say I also don’t like ‘chart hai’ comments.

    David – Wuah…not like Harry Potter meh?

  16. About controversy hor, I got the most clicks on the day I posted the post “Someone stole my blog post” . Its true what the angmoh said but still its ridiculous to try to earn ad revenue that way. Chisin!

  17. MG – I missed that drama lor. When I found it, I dun get to comment, as a respect for your request. If me hor, I cepat-cepat hire lawyer and sue liao.

  18. Hire lawyer kah? Got angmoh lawyer hor, fast fast write to me to offer service adi. Angmoh lawyer even went to the extent of finding out where the imposter came from etc ler.

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