Updated : 1st May 2008 – Blog Tun Dr. M is launched today. The URL is http://www.chedet.com

He WAS afterall our PM. A very senior, gentleman who has charisma that I respect and admire. We will never find another leader as steadfast as him. He is the one who gives us the confidence that we aren’t such a katak di bawah tempurung.

So, for anyone who deliberately wants to attack an old man of 80 years old, that is very, very shocking. What’s in the attacker’s mind? Did he do it for the good name of a major section of the society? Or is he doing it for his own selfish intent? Why would another person wants to hentam an 80 years old man?

I hope everyone of us who calls ourselves Malaysians either show our empathy or just keep quiet. I hope our dear current PM will handle this matter wisely. At least have some of that steely and sharp action that Tun Dr. M would take in any situation. Kill a cat to scare the whole jungle of monkeys, as the Chinese saying goes. Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat. It is not our Malaysian’s adat to be kurang ajar, kacang lupakan kulit and berkelakuan macam penyamun. It is time we live bak kata pepatah Melayu – Bagai aur dengan tebing.

That photo of Tun Dr. M with his eyes swollen and looking tired is a very sad picture. May God’s wisdom prevails in all of us and especially the leaders of our country. Let’s devote this weekend to seek for peace, love and harmony for the Middle-East and our country.

Added : The link from The Star here with the photo. But oik, how come I don’t see a thing on NST online? Sudah pergi tidur kah?

A blog call Pro-Mahathir with some photos.
And no, this is not a political post, so don’t get me embroil in any politikus talks. I only see Tun M as a person I admire.