My heart goes out to Tun M

Updated : 1st May 2008 – Blog Tun Dr. M is launched today. The URL is

He WAS afterall our PM. A very senior, gentleman who has charisma that I respect and admire. We will never find another leader as steadfast as him. He is the one who gives us the confidence that we aren’t such a katak di bawah tempurung.

So, for anyone who deliberately wants to attack an old man of 80 years old, that is very, very shocking. What’s in the attacker’s mind? Did he do it for the good name of a major section of the society? Or is he doing it for his own selfish intent? Why would another person wants to hentam an 80 years old man?

I hope everyone of us who calls ourselves Malaysians either show our empathy or just keep quiet. I hope our dear current PM will handle this matter wisely. At least have some of that steely and sharp action that Tun Dr. M would take in any situation. Kill a cat to scare the whole jungle of monkeys, as the Chinese saying goes. Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat. It is not our Malaysian’s adat to be kurang ajar, kacang lupakan kulit and berkelakuan macam penyamun. It is time we live bak kata pepatah Melayu – Bagai aur dengan tebing.

That photo of Tun Dr. M with his eyes swollen and looking tired is a very sad picture. May God’s wisdom prevails in all of us and especially the leaders of our country. Let’s devote this weekend to seek for peace, love and harmony for the Middle-East and our country.

Added : The link from The Star here with the photo. But oik, how come I don’t see a thing on NST online? Sudah pergi tidur kah?

A blog call Pro-Mahathir with some photos.
And no, this is not a political post, so don’t get me embroil in any politikus talks. I only see Tun M as a person I admire.

18 thoughts on “My heart goes out to Tun M

  1. SK – Hahaha.

    Neo – Maybe the guy was known to Tun M and familiar to everyone.

    Menj – Coming from you, this is already a very mild comment. LOL.

  2. @SK: LOL. He didn’t kill my cat, but he made a heinous slander and treated a certain former Deputy Prime Minister (whom I highly respect) very cruelly and harshly. He’s right about one thing though, and that is “Malays forget easily”, but I am a Javanese. We do not forget and this thing called “dendam” is wired in our genetics.

    @Lilian: Heh.

    – MENJ

  3. It goes to show that we all grow old, senile and fragile one day. In our petty short life, lets make our country a better place. It also shows that some people are willing to take extreme measures to be heard. A ‘fire a shot across the bows’ ??
    No matter how much money and power, they do not bring happiness. We still eat, shit and die like everyone else. I cannot say that I admire our leaders thus far.

  4. I ever saw homer got chucked by rotten eggs and bananas a few yrs back in London…. but this really beats the crap of him.

    Somewhat he kinda deserve it.. cos can’t keep his gob shut. Just go back and be a Doctor ah tok-dad

  5. I heard on radio poor ol’ man caught in crossfire between two rival groups spraying tear gas at one another…not meant to be for him, or is this a major cover-up? People old already…let him say what he wants lah! Show some respect! Sometimes our old grandparents also like that! Just keep quiet and let them be! Next time we also grow old and become like that!

  6. Poor Dr. M. WE may not like some of his policies and decisions but bear in mind we owe today’s development to him. It’s not an easy task. I respect him for his superb leadership qualities.

  7. It was a despicable act of a Datuk (according to a report from thestar), unbelieveable! I hope justice will be done, not just because it happens to a former PM but to teach the culprit that he must not take the laws into his own hands!

  8. Nice write up on the issue…I feel for him too. thanks to your post, i have also written one about our Masyarakat Penyayang 🙂

    thanks for sharing your mind

  9. *** tak tau la, tp baca je la.

    pd sesape yg suka nk baca kisah dato k ngan siti.. ni ada cite lg, mayb
    korang pernah baca kot… ntah ye ntah tidak, hanya tuhan je yg tau…..

    mcm2 versi pasal ct ngan dato’ k ni…cher baca yang ni plak
    apa lah kan… dia yg nak kahwin, kita yg but speculations. but let me tell you the storyla.. kesian tgk korang2 ni buat speculation…

    Minah ni mmg nak kawin ngan Dato’ K. Before this Si Fazley ni pun dah 2 kali family dia gi risik Siti, but Siti mmg x sukakan dia. Masa family siti gi raya rumah dia, mati2 dia xnak pegi. Org tak suka jgn dipaksa. Dia suka org tua. Matured la kononnya. Parents Siti plak mmg sukakan si Fazley ni, kiranya sepadan la ngan anak dia yg muda. (infomer from Sham Kamikaze).

    Siti mula kenal Dato’ K masa tgh stage nak buat filem pasal Siti
    Remember that dia supposed berlakon satu filem.. last yr kot.. ha.. inilah masanya. Director utk filem patutnya Ahmad Idham. Dato’ K is the financier for this filming projects. Masa tgh proses2 nak reccee kg Siti, know her family background, Dato’ K ngan Idham went to kg siti. Masa ke kg siti gak yg diaorg jumpa bapak siti and mintak approval utk siti berlakon. Yelah, budak baik… ikut ckp mak bapak. Lepas tu, ada one time, family Siti (whole family tau, bapak, amak, adik beradik, termasuk Ahmad Idham & wife)
    went for a dinner at Dato’ K’s house. Jgn tak tahu, masa ni Dato’ K x divorce lagi ngan wife dia. Semua berfamily2. Masa ni, father Siti dah approved dah dia berlakon, but apakan daya.. pada masa ni jugak berdepan2 keluarga ni Dato’ K dah mula pandang2, jeling kat Siti… FYI, wife Dato K mmg suka giler kat Siti ni.. but dia mana tahu laki dia ada syok kat minah tu…

    Benda ni berlanjutan sampai Siti ke London. Dato’ pun pegi. Masa ni xde sapa tahu pasal kidah syok2 ni even her family. I think it started from there la kot. After her father got to know pasal kisah cinta ni, her father was fuming mad. Pada dia, he trusted Dato’ K, bagi approval berlakon but si Dato’ ni dok ngurat anak dia. Ini balasan kepercayaan dia.. Anak dia pun dok main2 balas sms kat si Dato’ ni. Sama2 miang. Now i think her father cannot say anything dah kot. Cinta mana boleh dipaksa2 beb… so.. itulah
    yg terjadik sekarang. Yes, they are getting married. Dato’ K & Siti. August la kot… Xde kena mengena pegi sbb si Fazley. I dont know la if dia org tu ada relation plak. (infomer kawan dato’ k la)

    For me, aku takde hal la diaorg kawin, just kesian kat wife Dato’ K je. Si Siti plak sanggup plak tu. Tu yg x sangka… apa xnye, kau pegi rumah org tu, makan sama2.. tiba2 tu ambik laki dia. Well, that’s not nice…. anyway, it’s just my personal comment..

  10. Actually he has done some good things, but sometimes he is a little bit cruel. I did not mean he is cruel to bad people, but he sometimes cruel to some good and great people, like our ex-Prime Minister.

    Actually Pak Lah is a very good leader, but Malaysia already had many problems not created by him. He criticized Pak Lah not by suggesting improvement but just talk about the personal attack. He always see other’s mistake, and do not admit his mistakes and correct his mistakes.

    Anyway, every people can create unconscious errors, but admit and correct it. He will be blessed. However his contributions should not be denied.

    I think that Malaysia will only be united if everyone give the kind advices and not the personal attacking.
    (kind words and sweet words are different. Kind words do not intend to hurt people but with intention to improve the people. Sweet words just give the people having the feeling of winning without intention to improve the people)

    Anyway this is only my opinion, I respect you even you have any good different opinion with me.

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