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I have put up[tag] Text Link Ads [/tag]sometime last month and wish to do a [tag]review[/tag] on this. So, those who don’t like ads, you may want to skip this. Hehehe. But read on if you are interested to know how to make [tag]money[/tag].
I am pleased to share that so far, a few of my blogs are getting some ads from Text Link Ad. TLA works like this:

1) You apply to Text Link Ads

2) They may or may not approve

Approval mostly base on your niche topic, Google and Alexa rankings and traffic.

3) If approve, your site will be listed

4) And you wait for some advertiser to buy up a link

5) If not approve, you may place only the Affliliate banner like the below:

Text Link AdsThe amount you will get is something around USD15-USD50 per link per month. Some sites are selling their links for USD100. Note that we have 8 links to sell. There aren’t any banners, just clean one or two words text. I like TLA because of this. And once the ad link is sold, we get the income without worrying if it will be audited, fradulent clicks or anything like that.

Screenshot 1 – How we sell our ads. You need to type a short description for the profile. Potential advertisers will browse through, check out your website and if they like it, they will purchase the slot. You may want to enable your webstats to show potential advertisers.

Screenshot 2 – Earnings/Income

I don’t earn much yet because most of the advertisers just bought my links like 2-3 days ago. I get only a pro-rata rate, i.e. the total amount divide by the number of days until end of the month. If they like it, they will renew for another month and then, I will get the full amount. But, one can get around USD100 per month if all the links are sold. We have to start somewhere, so don’t scoff at the miniscule amount, ok?
Payment – Payment can either be by cheque or Paypal.

Affiliate Programme – Besides selling ad links, you can also earn an income from affliliate programme. So far, I haven’t earn any so I do not know if it is that easy to earn the USD25 per affiliate accounts.

Having said all the above, remember that blogging is about passion. For me, I am more interested in disseminating whatever I know, gathered and learnt to other people. Though I do copy and paste some of the materials on my other blogs, those are to substantiate my views and not to fill up keywords. Like those blogging gurus said, CONTENT IS KING.

So, why are so many people with great blogs not even bothering to consider placing ads? *hides from rotten tomatoes* But seriously, ads are not meant for our regular readers but more for those surfers who are looking for materials. They may find something useful on your site and if they don’t they may want to explore those ad links. So, it is a win-win situation because you are helping surfers to find good sites, helping advertisers to sell their links and you may earn a bit in the process. Good synergy, no?

Added : At the time of writing, Blogger/Blogspot can’t place Text Link Ads yet. FAQ taken from TLA.

    • I have a Blogger account, how do I implement your script?
      Unfortunately, unless you have a dedicated hosting account where you publish your Blogger blog, our script will not work.

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  1. I clicked on your TLA to check out liao. Share share the revenue for my click? Haha. Just kidding. Apparently the script does not work for blogger account wor.

  2. MG – Yalor…after I published only realise. Forgot to mention that.

    nigel – What…first I must have enough money to finance this site wor. Needs money to pay for webhosting wan you know? This month again kena overbandwith but lucky my webhost, http://www.sapiensbryan.com, generous or else, since mid of July already close shop liao lor….I already overbandwith 150%! Hahaha.

  3. wuching – Puadah! You also got put adsense, so what you tokking wor. Dun like ads hor? Don’t visit me lor. Or you sponsor me my webhosting then, I take it off lor? How? I got paypal donate, how much you want to donate? USD1K is the minimum. Kehkehkeh, don’t sked hor, I joking oni.

  4. HAH!! The day Wuching would be scared would be the day pigs would fly.. hehehehehe…thanks for the info..anyway..Aunty..you got the forwarded email link I sent you? Feel free to forward it to all your friends as you can see, they need all the help they can get.

  5. Next year I retire…I come back and read this post!!! Will be desperate for money then! Pension…where got enough to survive!!!

  6. you are right, regular readers never click on ads wan. and my search stats is kosong. so i guess my might as well not waste my time on this one eh?

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