Boring but blissful

We woke up. Try to go to town to check out some camera stuffs. Jam like crazy so U-turn home. Go to #3 son’s primary school Hari Keluarga. Spent RM20 on coupons to buy foods and stuffs. Money goes towards school repair.

Nothing more to do. Pick blackheads from atm’s back. There are only two freaking blackheads or is it in-grown hair but damn shiok to korek and korek till the little blackhead comes out and the skin all red.

Nothing more to do. Give camera to toddler and ask him to take photo of mommy. Turns out he is a better photographer than the father.

(the trick to get pale skin like this is to use Image, Adjustment, Selective Colour, pick red and keep pulling them to get the tone you want)

Nothing more to do. So atm’s plays Gameboy Advance. And I korek my own telinga pulak.

Whine, teh, whine, teh, whine, finally atm agreed to drive me to St. Anne’s church after dropping off the older kids. Oops, I hope zaramama’s managed to get there. They closed off the whole road and we don’t fancy walking with thousands of pilgrims that come from as far as Johor (guess from the bas sekolah’s registration number) all the way to the church which is like 800-1,000 meter away. Toddler already deep asleep so we had to head home ‘cos need to pick up the older kids again. Sorry St. Anne, I know where to find you so I will go another day when you are less busy, ok.?.

But had a yummy dinner on the way home. Burp.

Then, still too early to pick the older kids so we went pasar-malam-ing. And that concludes the day of a happily, blissfully married couple

Now, now, must gossip a bit. Did you all read about this not-bad-looking father of two who went to Michael Chong (I think la) and the press to appeal (appeal wor) for his wife to come back? The first time she ran off, he bought her 99 roses. This time, she just drove off because he said she said he is dull. Duh!

Aren’t all happily, blissfully, contended [tag]married[/tag] couples suppose to have dull, boring, mundane married life? It spells comfort, security, dependable, always there for you kinda relationship, isn’t it?

You say correct or not?  Boring mommy and daddy makes happy kids, right?

13 thoughts on “Boring but blissful

  1. Agree, agree. Seen many couples, who always wanted variety la, excitement la…in the end, have a troubled marriage.

  2. michael – This is not funny at all and I hope you will think twice before you say anything again. How the fuck you think this is funny when there is a photo of my kid here and you have to use the word KILL. Fuck off. If you want to use the same kill/die word on your own offsprings, please do but never to me.

    Neo – I also dunno what game ‘cos I never like GameBoy. Only PC game.

    samm – I bet you have the same boring life like mine which makes Gordon as blissful ya?

    Sharon – Hahaha, I wish! I have no double eye-lids and curly lashes like his.

    kak teh – Nanti Kak Teh balik ke tanahair, I sure kasi Kak Teh cubit puas-puas ya. You want my cheek also? Hahaha.

    wuching – Watching roses grow and making heap compost is INTERESTING, ok? At least for our standards LOL.

    shooi – Ya, these people watched too much TV liao.

  3. Matthew is the most gorgeous & cutest little boy that I’ve the whole blogosphere.. I mean it. 🙂

  4. From the gameboy screen, looks like a tennis game. And if it’s a new game, perhaps you can choose to play as Federer or Nadal. Anyway, I don’t like playing games too…

  5. Ah! Ur ATM’s palm! I just read his fortune! Umm…long life, wah! Got luck lah! He SHOULD be the person wearing the pants in the house?? Ha ha ha! Got a lot of worries…! Must be worried about wife korek big hole on his back! Ha ha ha!

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