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A little bird told me a bit about the latest buzz. And being the responsible blogger who usually works hard to bring the latest news and gossips to the valued readers of 5xmom, ala Oprah Winfrey, I dig, dig, dig, dig, dig (sing to the tune of Snow White and the Seven Little Dwarfts tune).

Well, not exactly. Actually, the traffic meter revealed a name to me. Plus one fan of Siti who left the comment in my comment box. And this is taken from Wikipedia.

Previously she was also rumored to be involved with singers Zamani, Anuar Zain and Fazley. (Wiki-goss-i-pedia)

I know who is Anuar Zain. I don’t care who is Zamani. But the name [tag]Fazley[/tag] was mentioned by several people. It was whispered to me. So, I dig further.

Fuwah, that Fazley is one handsome guy, with a western touch and I heard he is a motivational speaker, singer and an [tag]Akademi Fantasia[/tag] motivator now. I had the opportunity to go to his official website www.fazley.com the other day. It is a nice website with equally nice voice of Fazley singing. Too bad you guys won’t be able to visit the site now because it is down or probably overbandwith. (you can view the pic here, on the far left and the latest gossip from Bintang Popular)
And? Nothing lah. I just want to write about Fazley, cannot ah? This is my blog and I write what I like.

Anyway, don’t you all know that time stands still until August 21st is over? There will be no other major headlines that is more important than what colour gown will Siti be wearing. Will she be wearing a traditional costume or white [tag]wedding gown[/tag]? Is the King attending? Is Sharifah Aini invited? Arrggh…I have so many questions, I am so excited, I cannot wait for August 21st, count, count, count….. I am as nervous as [tag]Siti Nurhaliza[/tag] with her [tag]wedding[/tag]! Forget about August 31st this year. Remember the date – August 21st! [tag]Malaysia[/tag] wedding for the year.

**Added : Bugger, that fler spammed me three times already. But takpe lah, I kasi chance kali ni walaupun I tak minat siapa Siti kahwin.

15 thoughts on “Gossip Siti Nurhaliza also on Wikipedia

  1. Lilian, you shld check the Star’s website. It seems there was a major bus accident for pilgrims who went for the St Anne’s Feast you mentioned – 11 people killed including 2 kids. Very sad news.

  2. boo – Yeah, we knew this morning when we were in church and had prayed for their souls. Very tragic and left many of us weak-kneed. One of my choir member who usually walks home can’t bear the thought of even crossing the road, so I dropped her back home. It takes some pondering before I dare to say anything about this. One of those things that we can’t comprehend ya?

  3. Yeah, esp if you read Bernama’s news where they say no idea why it happened since that stretch of the road is not dangerous also. Tragic since they were probably all happily going to pray at the church.

  4. boo – Ya hor, the news in Bernama is so detailed whilst the one on The Star is just a brief one. Looks like it is some fault of the driver/bus company. Hope to get clearer story in the news. Thanks for pointing out the Bernama news.

  5. hi there lilian! i just started to read about your blog about 1 or 2 weeks ago, and I find your blogs interesting. Keep it up! =)

  6. Didn’t something like that happen years and years ago? The Penang Ferry Disaster. I think the Catholics were going to the island for thie St Anne’s Festival…and the Chinese for the Hungry Ghosts? I can vaguely remember! Penang people should recall that incident very clearly! That’s why…Chinese say 7th month, no need go here, go there!!!

  7. STP: Supersticious crap…where is ur faith? Tot you taking over my place as preacher and always being the one to have the last word? Anyway..wat time u coming? Anyone picking u up at the airport? Inform early. TQ.

    Aunty: Well, accidents happen and so do irritating spamers who gets on your nerve (I’m one of those in some poor unfortunate blog 😛 ) Best advise, ignore it, let it and dnt let it bother u at all, as I dnt know y people gets bothered by what others have to say about them…being sarcastically tortured as student by STP has resulted in sarcasm, insults and spam just bouncing off and affecting not my life or how I feel.

    Aiyo…another Siti posting ah….yawn..hehehehehehe…at least its not about Mawi hahahahahahhaa

  8. Gosh…now someone is blaming ME for being so thick-skinned…and becoming so sarcastic etc…! OK…guilty as charged, but I plead innocent as far as being such a nuisance, irritating to the extent of being ridiculous etc…is concerned.

  9. The 24yrs old inexperienced driver must be speeding on the highway. They should have law that required driver with more than 10yrs experience to drive a bus….so many lives on his hand….sad.

  10. STP: Never accused you being a nuisance, irritating to the extent of being ridiculous etc…..I said that’s my crime..not yours….hmmm..unless of course you feel that you are and thus guilt results in you trying to plead your innocence?

  11. It is hilarious when paper like Utusan Malaysia cover the whole Siti weds in glamorous way while the PM asking us to change lifestyle. And not to forget it is against “some people” religion for holding luxury wedding; well…. another newspaper hypocrite.

    I pray those perish in accidents RIP.

  12. Gee… what a coincidence (not!) – got exactly the same comment last night on my blog. Ah… Malaysians and their gossips…

  13. Yo Lilian,
    A bit out of topic here, tot that you may be interested to know that 3 Malaysian well known bloggers will share their voices live on Ntv7 tomorrow morning at 8.30am in midst of certain parties requesting the government to impose certain act on internet media and bloggers. Other than Jeff Ooi and Oon Yeoh, there is a possibility of a third blogger.. not Lim Kit Siang eh? hehehe…I may have to miss the show .. keep us updated..ya..

  14. buzzlife -i not interested wan wor…hehehehe I’d rather be sleeping LOL, btw did u read Malay Mail Blogwash?

    STP – Your question answered in the next post!

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