Stupid people….please stay off my blog

# michael commented on July 30th, 2006:^boring mum and dad kills the kid….chuckle

# Lilian commented on July 30th, 2006:^michael – This is not funny at all and I hope you will think twice before you say anything again. How the fuck you think this is funny when there is a photo of my kid here and you have to use the word KILL. Fuck off. If you want to use the same kill/die word on your own offsprings, please do so but never to me.

I have a cute pic of my toddler there grinning and use the caption “Boring mommy and daddy makes happy kids, right?” and this moron has to spoil it all with brainless comment that comes out of the ass.
And another earlier comment :

# michael commented on July 19th, 2006:^i agree with Lilian on the poverty thingy. I’m from an average family too but i dont see myself bullying ppl. Maybe Lilian will….who knows…chuckle

poor ATM

# Lilian commented on July 19th, 2006:^michael – I think you better watch your comments. This is not funny, ok?

Who da fark gives you the right to drag in my atm into your conversation? And how da hell you got the idea that you have the right to put my atm’s name in, in an unflattering remarks like that, implying I bullied the spouse?

So, fark off and don’t even bother to say sorry. Because I don’t accept sorry. Life is like that, you are either in or out. Like Jesus (or is it God in the Old Testament?) said, “You are either with me or against me.” Kapish!
NO!!! That’s not Bush’s original remarks.

Come one, come all.

Today is declared – Fark the stupid commentors day.

Let’s join in. I got Rojakz’s membership already.  Who wants to sign up, fast fast fill in your name.  Lifetime membership, free and corks will be given out.  To stuff assholes so that stupid comments don’t come out from there.

20 thoughts on “Stupid people….please stay off my blog

  1. :-O *whimpers in fear n shaking in boots*
    i always believe in one thing…..if one has nothing nice to say, or nothing at all to say, best keep the trap shut. 🙂 you agree?

  2. Now I’m really scared of leaving comments!! I think that some people just don’t have the common sense to think before they comment. I get stupid comments directed at me in everyday life too. What can you do?

  3. must be the same farker that left his mess @ wingz place, using other ppl names & blogs to cover himself! sign me up! let’s fark some wankers!

  4. Either Michael is VERY sadistic or not right in the head. I agree… don’t target family members, esp children. That’s cowardly.

  5. As I had commented 2 days ago on your blog, if anyone can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all..

    Btw, I’ve just left this info at Wingz, ‘cos he asked for it.. not sure if you will need it..

    MIMOS Berhad
    Technology Park Malaysia
    57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Tel: 603 8996 5000
    Fax: 603 8996 4658

    General Enquiries

  6. Hehehe, guys, thanks for the support. I suppose you all understand why I am mad, right? But this is not a regular troll but a blogger known to me. So, that’s why I am more irked than usual because these people really never read blogs but comment just for the sake of doing blog socialising.

    Obviously, these blind people never read the whole post but just the last line and try to put in one smart oneliner just to make his mark. And these bunch of sorry asses usually goof up after one too many blind comment. This is not the first guy who dug his own grave on my blog but amongst a few others.

  7. Jesus was only prophesized about in the OT and as to the part with God or against him, you pretty much got it right I think.After all He did kick @$$ with the Egyptians.Spot on.

  8. So many King Mongkuts ala “The King and I” (original)! When Anna said, she did not know what to say, the King said, “When a person does not know what to say, it is time to keep quiet.” Hmm…am I being farked, sometimes talk cork one??? This kind of people, the best thing is just ignore…the more you say, the more they’ll get at u to piss u off; they MUST have the last word one! Hey…reminds me of somebody!!!

  9. U seen what those spambot/knn commentors did 2 my tagboard???? How to diu those???? And if ppl want to leave uncalled-for comments on my blog, i delete. That’s what the button’s for mah, hoh.

  10. yes…i’m surprised at the things he sed. esp when he’s going to be a parent himself soon?? (i think)

    miss ur blogs, had been deprived from the net for the past 1 wk!

  11. lilian, i beg to differ…….

    i am not attacking anyone and I know how you felt about your family.

    Indeed , I only meant it as a joke …. in a sense like killing them not as in murdering but maybe bored them….. anyway, my sincere apologies if the remarks have somehow hurt you. No offence meant and taken.

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