If I could turn back time

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From Wuching101 Reasons Why I *HEART* Wuching

  1. He is damn perasan and not shy about it;
  2. He is not controversial;
  3. He knows when to shut up;

101…. : Because he always support what I said and rarely disagree and if he do so, he did it diplomatically…

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If I could turn back time…. – Phui San

Then I will be very rich because back then, my mom only use this powder:

See? This is freaking RM1.40 only. My current SKII set costs RM700 and this is not inclusive of foundation, sun protection and powder.

I will save another huge amount of money on hair styling because my natural hair looks exactly like this. Then, all the men will be falling for me because I look exactly like the cover girl on the Sam Foong powder!

I had spent RM1.40 just to buy this powder for photography but doubt I dare to use it! It smells nice and reminds me of the time when I was a little girl. I found this powder when I was at some foresaken little pekan in Bukit Mertajam.
Which reminds me that back then, life wasn’t that great and I don’t want to turn back time. I don’t want to go through the dating game, studying, working, earning a living, settling down, getting used to living with a person and having kids over and over again. So, don’t suggest turning back the time. I know I will never be smarter nor prettier (not that I wasn’t pretty enough) or richer.

So, if I could turn back time, I will not. But who wants to turn back time and change the world history? Or go so far back, be Adam and Eve? Walking naked around the Garden of Eden with only the fig leaves, eating everything including the serpent?

34 thoughts on “If I could turn back time

  1. We are what we are because of our past. Should always learn from our past and not yearn to change it.

  2. nyonyapenang – And my mom forbid me from painting my sis’s face while she is sleeping ‘cos mom said sis’ soul who went out jalan-jalan during her sleep may not recognise the body when the soul’s return. Hahaha!

    shooi – It still smells as nice but I wonder if it can gives me horrible wrinkles ‘cos it feels like chalk!

  3. If I could turn back time, I’d probably stop my younger self from shaving my bare chin to grow a goatee. Now paying for it by having to shave daily. =(

  4. Do you know you Sam Fong powder can be used to make faded metals shinier? Especially, crucifixes, medals, etc.

    Don’t believe me? Try it. 😉

  5. hey, this is the powder that made my dad falling head over heels 4 my mum! I m the end result of using Sam Foong at night! Prolly my father had too many Au Kau and Anchor beer that night! With her painted eyebrows @@, definitely a view to kill or die for!
    Live ur life with no regrets, then no need to turn back time. I have too many regrets…….1,029,623 to be exact!!

  6. if i could turn back time i will appreciate the time with my mum b4 her last breath… 🙁

  7. Hey, I still use Sam Foong powder wor. Got used to it, been using it since I was a kid. So far skin still looks ok! 🙂

  8. Hey, my mother still uses this lar!! Now it comes in tinted shade… not only plain white. I had used it on several occasion when I was broke. LOL

    PS: Nice photo on your profile!! lol (though cannot see clearly the Sam Foong cover girl hairstyle..) 😛

  9. Hey, don’t underestimate this powder. I swear I saw it among the make-ups in one fashion shows on TV, those high class with super models in Paris or Milan I’m not sure. Almost jumped off my feet.
    I reminded myself to get it but just could not find it, been using since I was small, taught by my grandma…those were the days! Now must look harder, or get someone from Bukit Mertajam buy for me.

  10. HEHEHE..I like the reason’s on why you “heart” Wuching hahahahaha..especially the last one number 101 😛

    I remember this bedak sejuk..I also remembered that as a child, when I get tummy ache..my mom used to crush it into fine powder and add the parrot brand eucalyptus oil in it and make into a paste and rub on my tummy and it felt better and the heat tahan lebih lamak due to the powder…soo…aunty..if you wear your hair like that…for sure you will win the Ms. Cheongsam festival and your ATM will sure be worried one…:P

    Incidentally, the face on the cover of the bedak sejuk reminded me of this year’s Ms. Cheongsam hahaha..tat was the first comment I made when I saw her appear on stage..

  11. alamak!! My comment went terbalik hahahaha..now it makes no sense..What I wanted to say was…Incidentally, the face of the cover of the bedak sejuk reminded me of this year’s Ms. Cheongsam hahaha..tat was the first comment I made when I saw her appear on stage.. AND soo…aunty..if you wear your hair like that…for sure you will win the Ms. Cheongsam festival and your ATM will sure be worried one…:P
    and not as how I wrote it above hahahaha

  12. mama23beas, I think can get this powder in pasar malam or those little chinese shop that sells anything and everything. I got my supply from the guy who sells miscallenous items in the Sunday market.
    ooOO, speaking of bedak sejuk, I still use that too. Feels good especially on a hot day. My mum use to make them but lazy me get it from the BM market, cheaper!

  13. He knows when to shut up? Chesh! I beg to disagree!! On 2nd thoughts, yes, he knows when!! When he has had the last word!! Like his best friend, also like that! Gosh! Lilian…that must be a HUGE dent in his ego! Only 3 reasons??? Lucky got 3, u say? Ha ha ha!

  14. Ooi Lilian! Tell that young kid, this one NOT bedak sejuk lah! Bedak sejuk comes in bottles, little white pellets that you dissolve in brandy and massage over ur blue-black bruises!! This one for face lah! My mum used to use…and when we accidentally dropped it and it cracked into bits and pieces, it was…the CANE!!! The BEST form of discipline!

  15. STP, bedak sejuk and brandy works for bruises? I’ve got an ugly welt now. Go home and try! 🙂

  16. How about turn back the time for 3-4 days and without losing our current memory?
    let’s buy 1000 big 1000 small 🙂

    On the other hand, some theory say the universe is expanding proportionally by time. So if you go back to previous time, you will become giant.

  17. STP, i know u r the femes & the most beautiful so please lah..throw me a bone here lah. how can everytime u get the spotlight wan? shine a bit of torch light over my way lah!

  18. btw, who is having the last word……QV is only replying to what aunty wrote..u seem to be picking on QV on what he commented…aren’t u the one who want the last word?

    also..QV is only replying to what aunty wrote..u seem to be picking on QV on what he commented…aren’t u the one who want the last word

  19. eh, that powder. my mahder still have it at home. that is like staple for all chinese family. just like agnesia itchy powder.

  20. HAHAHAHA!! Wuching!! With defense lawyer like you…I sure masuk jail..I dnt know what you were saying lah hahahaha…all upside down one….

    anyway..thanks..but its ok..dnt have to defend me..I’m here to enjoy and learn from aunty’s blog… and leave comment for her..not for STP and I hope readers here do the same lah, so, let STP do and say what he wants lah….maybe being old and senile and paranoid and not to forget to mention vain, he wants to be popular and to be the one with the last word in everything so let him be loh….like I said…everyone is entitled to say what they want……..if it is annoying just ignore lah…no need to be so kecil hati like some people

  21. No i wouldnt want to turn back time myself. If i had, then i wouldnt have what i have now. I love what i am and have now. Aint i just a boring wife….

  22. I just wish i can go backward one day or forward one day. That’s all i want. If i can go back one day, i am going to hantam all my money on today’s winning number. If i can go forward one day, i will oso hantam all my money on today’s winning number.

  23. MumOf2: That’s what my mother or the elders in the family used to do e.g. when we learnt how to ride a bicycle (adult ones at 7 or 8 years old!). Bruises all over the body and after the treatment…we smelt like drunkards!!!

  24. STP – LOL, you are our neighbour pat phor who dishes out petua orang tua-tua. Thank you wor, never heard of the remedy before.

    ahpek & moo_t – Ya hor, why I never thought of that?

    celestine – I will check that out ‘cos I like to buy rosaries but hardly touch them and they turn dull.

    ah nel – Dun worry, your mom knows..

    To the rest – Glad I brought so many of you down memory lane! Worth every sen of the RM1.40

  25. tell u sumthing ler…… *psttt *whisper*…

    my …. my father uses it one woh.. not my mom tho… if she use i sure laugh like shit geh…

    my grandma uses it too…. BUT…. let me tell u one top secret la.. my dad dont use it on the face but he uses it to clean his silver ring. it gives any silver-wear a clean shine …. i think… err well at least thats what my dad does and it works ok!!!

  26. Gosh! I was the Chinese medium…and later Father STP and now I’m the next door bomoh or medicine man! What’s next??

  27. eh, dat powder my grandma used to wear it. i would sneak into her room and wear it. i would wait at a corner and when she comes, i scare the hell out of her… luckily everytime i freak her out, she didnt have a heart attack.. haha. notty me. lol

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