How I waste 30 minutes of my life

After my last horrible experience with Baskin Robbins and it’s 31% off on 31st of each month, I swear never to step foot into Baskin Robbins on the 31st of any month. But yesterday, I picked up my #2 son from school, went to lunch, slotted in some money in the parking meter and realised I have 30 minutes to waste. Baskin Robbins is just three doors away and so we went.

With the evil intention of a blog topic, I sat there and take photos.

Of course,take photos of my kids in front of the huge ice-cream poster. But somehow, the urge to steal shots of short skirts, fat thighs and big bumps were too great. Lucky the photos all turned out extremely blur. So, while waiting…. yeah, you need to take a number and wait for about 10 customers ahead, we bitched a bit.

Unidentified person #1 – Look at that girl. So fat already, wear so short skirt. Her legs got so many kudis. (scars from scratching)

U.p. #2 – Shaddap lah, next time you got a girlfriend like that hor, I sure laugh at you back.

U.p.#1 – True wan, so fat already cannot eat so much ice-cream what.

U.p.#2 – But it is cheap sale mah, people cannot resist cheap sale.

U.P. # 1 -Somemore you see, you see, that one only buy one scoop of [tag]ice-cream[/tag] only. Also go and stand there until I cannot even pass through to choose the flavour I want. They cannot wait till tomorrow and buy one scoop meh?

U.p. #2 – You also the same what, cannot wait till tomorrow and buy just one pint meh?

U.p.#1 – But you are the one who go and insert for 45 minutes of parking when we only need 15 minutes to eat chicken rice.

U.p. #2 – Ok, our turn. 1 quart World Class Chocolate, 1 quart Peanut Butter Choc mix with Rum and Raisin and 1pint of Macadamia…

The total price of above is RM70, which I think is a savings of RM30 bucks. It is fun anyway, sitting there and observing how people scramble for cheap sales. But if you don’t want to waste 30 minutes of your life nor stress out and shorten 30 minutes of your life, don’t step foot into [tag]Baskin Robbins[/tag] on the 31st of any month.

21 thoughts on “How I waste 30 minutes of my life

  1. hijackqueen, very true! and from the amount of crowds u wud think they’re giving away free ice cream!

  2. Just say u want to sample…flavour after flavour…and they will let u try a bit in the tiny pink spoons…and after u have tried ALL the samples, you would have taken an amount equal to 1 icecream cone!! Then u say, “No, thanks! They’re all too sweet!” OR “I think I’m beginning to have a toothache!” and then make your exit!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. Don fancy Baskin. Find them too sweet. But give me Haagen Daaz, wah… to die for! Esp the rum and raisin! Too bad they don have 31st sale or else you’d see me there every 31st!

  4. gbyeow – Got, got, you go lor.

    momof2 – Between Haagen Dazs and Baskin Robbins, I prefer BR green tea ‘cos it is less creamy. I find Haagen Dazs too milky.

    STP – I no CBC la.

    sooi2 – Yesterday is considered not packed liao lor. Sometimes, it gets ugly and the worse is BR’s staffs all don’t know what they have. You have to r e p e a t r e a l l y sllllllowly what you want or else they catch no ball. And hor, they took a blardy long time to weigh that stupid thing so that’s why the crowds get bigger and bigger. Somemore hor, I think only we Penang people that crazy for discount lah. I bet the Klang Valley won’t get so many stressing themselves out over 31% of RM6.50 lah.

    Hijackqueen – Ya but once in a while, indulge the kids ok lah.

  5. I wasted 20min of my life there too. Got myself 1 pint of World Class Choc + Cookies & Cream, and 1 pint of Raspberry Cheese Louise + Mint Chocolate Chip. Happy!

  6. aiyor, i’ve had enough of ice cream lar…..yesterday ate, this afternoon ate then evening oso ate!! aiyor….die lor, sick of ice cream liow.

  7. Aiyo, yvy! Can eat icecream…and still complain. Sibu…u can only get the boring ones – Magnolia, Walls, Cremo, Kings…all sorts of names! I love rum and raisin – kill two birds with one stone, my sweet tooth and my alcoholism (Cos can’t drink anymore lah! Gout!)!

  8. Samm – Wuah…few more days only, you finish pantang liao.

    STP -Really ah? So kesian…You should open on franchise there mah, after your retirement, all your students sure buy from you.

    Yvy – Few more weeks only, must start dieting lah.

    Bryan – Rememeber August got three days to buy. They normally offer from 29th August onwards.

    nyonyapenang – Regular liao, so more or less we are used to the same taste.

    helen – Yalah, that’s why I purposely buy a lot, told my atm, if want to save, I skali save him a lot of money. Hahaha, forget that I am spending them though.

    wuching – Melbourne oso got lotsa little ice-cream parlour around the streets, I ate one before. Not nice wan.

    ks – Cannot, botanical monkeys very garang one, skali, the rob and rape you.

  9. kenot diet!! if diet, then i will lose weight…if i lose weight my wedding dress will look drabby n be hanging down over me!! KENOT!!! must just maintain my voluptuous figure – i’m after all in shape what – round! 😛

  10. STP open franchise, hari2 boleh makan free ice cream and make $$$ in the process. Sounds good? 🙂

    BR green tea good? Never tried but I kinda like HD ones. Creamy, yummy! 🙂

  11. Aiyo! I open franchise and everyday I myself eat…how to do business like that??? Sure bankrupt one! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  12. If 31st falls on weekend hor, I will go when they open shop … somehow, i like BR better than HDaz. Jamoca Almond Fudge is a must-buy!!! Also, I will try to ask for extra dried ice oso …

  13. izzit wasting 30 minutes or wasting rm70 for ice cream. got no magnolia ice cream?? u know, those cheap ones… haha

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