Siapa akan jadi juara Akademi Fantasia 4?

Hey, do you know that the finals of [tag]Akademi Fantasia 4 [/tag]is this Saturday at 8.30 pm?

Empat Hari Lagi !! Konsert Akhir Akademi Fantasia 4 akan berlangsung di Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil pada 5 Ogos 2006 tepat jam 8.30 malam. Ia akan disiarkan secara langsung di Astro RIA, Saluran 15 dan radio ERA.

Oh, I forget, none of you are interested to know or care about it. So do I. But blog I must. LOL. ‘Cos I must have a piece of action to anything. Will tell you why later. But meantime, I will tell you who are the finalists :

(photo property of Astro) Siapa nak jadi [tag]juara[/tag]?
I just need to watch for 5 minutes and I know the middle guy, Lotter, the short one has the most confidence. I swear! I tuned into AF4 this evening for five minutes just to write this post.

There is only one song I like which is Hujan (Sudirman) to be sung by Faizal in the final. The guy on the left. Damn! I love the [tag]song[/tag] Hujan very much. I love most of Sudirman’s songs. Why did he have to die so young? How come those singers that are popular used to have some sort of charisma? And how come singers like [tag]Mawi[/tag] can make it big? The other two songs that is not a Malay song are Linkin’ Park, In the end and Spain by Al Jarreau.

Ok, now I have to explain why I post this. Ladies and germs, sometimes sites like mine have to put up fillers posts involving latest names and issues because people like me need to survive. So, if you see me babbling about inane stuffs like Siti Nurhaliza and her wedding or World Cup or Akademi Fantasia, just ignore me. I am only trying to stay on top of the search engines so that I have favourable rankings so that I have some decent traffic so that I have a little income so that I have the money to continue hosting my site so that I can continue writing good stuffs so that you get to read. So, don’t bitch.

The next time you are googling for something and stumble upon my site in your search, please fast-fast tell me, ok? I get my thrills from these things. But usually it is hard for people to find me unless they are looking for something kinky. Like, “Can I get pregnant with my dog?” Ewwwss….

20 thoughts on “Siapa akan jadi juara Akademi Fantasia 4?

  1. When I was googling on the other day, ur site came on on the second page of the search. Impressive eh !!! esp in Google UK too !! I must b searching for some X-rated material ! 😀 (not true)
    Keep up the good work, in no time u will forget about little ppl like us!
    Good on u woman.

  2. David – LOL, I am still top-top for those searching for naked fabio cannavaro. The kicks of knowing that people stumble on something they don’t want is sooooo shiok.

  3. Gosh! Why do they have to make them sing Linkin Park? It’s not a contest song, doesn’t display voice range, control etc…?? Probably will get a lot of votes from the young kids. The cute little Lotter is entertaining but I think as far as singing goes, Farhan is the best. I quite like Velvet cos she represents people like me…sui tuapui!! Ha ha ha!

  4. wei, must you be so brutally honest? say you like this fantasia stuff or something lah. that’s why you blog about it. heheheehee..

  5. Re. nyonyapenang “ruffled feathers” post, i agree with her 100% but Lilian. ignore that comment. Yes, nyonyapenang, anonyMOUSE is the perfect name for that kind! All of us are humans, we have our faults (some more than others! Ha ha!) but let he who is without sin cast the first stone! Christ said, “Don’t tell ur brother to remove that speck of dust in his eye! Go and remove the one in yours first!” (Of course, a speck of dust in one’s eye makes a person momentarily “blind”!)

  6. BuzzLife – Ya, I very generous and share-share whatever I learn wan…

    STP – Heh, used to that already. My feathers all like the male turkey, stand up so cannot ruffled anymore.

    ahpek – Haiyoh, PM said we must be truthful mah, so I mah truthtful as day and night, black and white, with no grays in between. LOL

    nyonyapenang – Hahaha, this is one of the many times, so bad they litter your blog this time.

    wuching – You also post filler comment lor.

    STP – Yeah, that Linkin Park will garner the votes of the dll (dan lain lain fans). My 10 yrs old kid told me next time if he enter American Idol (mimpi!) he wants to sing In the end also. *roll eyes* I better keep my handphone hidden on that night. Velvet is sweet, and oi, she not very tuapui lah. But I hate them colour her hair to red.

    Overall this year’s batch seems more normal, no cocky guys like that Zahid last year.

  7. holier-than-thou ppl are the worst lots. Just ignore anonymouse. I think if your priest reads your blog, he’d probably have a good chuckle too.

  8. Zahid was the year b4! That fat BOB should have won, the one from Sarawak. Last year was that…yucks!…Mawi!! Dunno lah! The voters!!! Ur son? The young one? Join…join!!! Can’t sing, never mind! The girls will vote, based on looks!!!

  9. STP – After I posted the comment, I baru realised, I missed one year of AF and never watch Mawi and still dunno why he is so popular. I know you like Bob because he also SUItuapui. And you remember Dina of the Msian Idol with Jaclyn Victor? She is also very good…but probably lost out in looks.

    shooi – 🙂

  10. cooking4STP – That is one holy-moly person alright! Hahaha. As far as I am concerned, any Christians who plucked a verse out of the Bible to bury another is one big, fat liar who abused the Word of God.

  11. haha!!! lilian, i LOVE ur honesty and the lengths u go to be ranked on top of search engines. 😀 but hard work (& suffering from actually watching AF) does pay off, no? 🙂

  12. May I give U some feedback ? (like a customer’s feedback)
    I don’t care what traffic, what google rankings, what Ass money U want , from blogging.

    I like your blog, because I only choose what I like to read. In fact, I rarely read all,. And I always skipped all those posts about Malaysia’s politics/affairs, God, “War of the blog”, some stuff that I don’t know, like this Academic Fantasia thingy.
    I enjoyed myself here when U wrote about world cup and some handsome soft bun butts (like Balak), maternity pad, food, kkc(Ballack’s balak)…. Thank U

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