Bloggers Beware

The PM says….

  • those who spread untruths and slander on the[tag] Internet [/tag]will face the law.
  • if information in [tag]blogs[/tag], websites and online portals were incorrect, bordered on [tag]slander[/tag], caused disturbance or compelled the public to lose faith in the nation’s economic policies, their authors would be detained for investigation,
  • They say all kinds of things, make all kinds of dubious claims. We cannot allow them to abuse the freedom earned under the media. If left alone, they can say or pass on all kinds of things.”
  • If they abuse the [tag]freedom [/tag]– more than the present freedom given without any restriction – we cannot allow it,”
  • Where in the world is there such a freedom, where one can freely spread incorrect information and slander without having to own up to it
  • he would leave it to the police to investigate first. (source )

Sekian, berita dari belogsfera [tag]Malaysia[/tag]. Untuk berita lanjut, sila bookmark 5xmom. Terima kasih!

On an unrelated matter, I hope the same group of bloggers who organised the blogging in Bahasa Malaysia on August 31st, 2005 will do the same kempen again this year? Amaciam? Boleh kah? It was fun. Who is interested to write in BM on August 31st? I hope I am not the only one.

31 thoughts on “Bloggers Beware

  1. Heh, you know something…I’m really curious on how the Gomen is going to censor the Internet or clamp down on the anonymous bloggers. Even the US of A could not do that.

    As for the Bahasa Melayu blogging thing on Merdeka Day, count me in!

    – MENJ

  2. wuah! so lihai! but i better shut up coz i have no right to talk about malaysian affair anymore..not that i was able to do that before!

  3. Menj – The positive thing I see about this headline is – now, everyone knows about blogs and the power of blogs. More exposure about blogs = more traffic = more ads. LOL.

  4. Well, look at it in the positive light. Maybe it’s time bloggers grew up and blogged with more resposilibity and credibility. The attention is on us now, let us show them that blogs are not all about conspiracies, but blogs are about the voice of the common Malaysian. That blogs can help the government to better gauge what a part of the public actually feel and want. In fact, wouldn’t it be nice our PM decided to blog one day, and we could interact directly with him and tell him what we are happy about, and not so happy about. Now that would really be the people’s government 😉

    And I’m game for the blog in BM on the 31st Aug. That would be fun 🙂

  5. Well whats the point in voicing our concern if we’re going to be detained over discontent with regards to economic policies. Sit tight and be happily silent about it? Of course if there are no problems with it then its not a concern, but if there are significant problems and we can’t tell them what it is… wtf?

  6. a comittee will be set up on setting up a guideline on blogging and Acts to punish them if they do anything wrong = RM5 million

    a study to block all “misappropriate content from being accessed locally = RM10 million

    “open tender” to a project to develop and implement a firewall called “Malaysia Pagar” to some company which is related to some bugger in some ministry = RM35million

    all internet access will be blocked from ISP level and even local access are monitored by forcing users to connect to a proxy, another “open tender” project = RM35 million

  7. i dun mind blogging in BM – it was fun last yr but i’m not sure wat to write abt this year lar….but i feel a topic brewing up from the pits of my brain!!. 😀

  8. Kebebasan bersuara kononnya.

    Blog in bm? Haha, I just wrote a post in bm entitled “aku sebatang pen- kisah benar sebatang pen yang malang” Lol. Got inspiration from ur blog. Hehe.

  9. Sei lar, wengz blog will kena hantam.. rojaks recent Malaysia hell jokes. sure kena kau kau…. sobs….Never though one day those exUSSR jokes apply to us now.

  10. Blogging in BM on Merdeka Day?
    I’m in for it.

    Hi there 5Xmom,
    just found your blog through a search on our Cik Siti.
    haa haa. Come visit my blog and you’ll know why.

    I find you blog very informative 🙂
    – so many things displayed on a single page.

  11. I agree with BuzzLife’s comment! Suituapui gets tones of email…all those sleazy ones from God-knows-where and NONE from anybody else (Just about shows how “popular” I am! Ha ha ha!) So, Lilian…now we can’t crack jokes like the one about the book more controversial than “Da Vinci Code” entitled “Dah Benci Kot” or the one about the celebrated couple about to tie the knot – “Dah Itchy Kot” anymore lah!!!

  12. STP – Ya, I got tonnes of emails too. All praising me and offering me a good night. LOL. Dah Benci Kot I heard before but Dah Itchy Kot nochet.

    Hijackqueen – Aww…I wanted to but I am too busy. So, I told CT, nolah, tak senang.

    Lelainie – I hope the guys who are the expert in IT will do a group blog like last year. Then, we can show our beloved PM how patriotic bloggers are. Hahaha.

    moo_t – I think that kind ok, gua… Sei lar, I oso got hentam once in a while.

    BuzzLife – I bet this is just another talk only. Like going to fine us RM20K for no IC and then, change to ‘carry photocopy also can’ kind of decision. Even 12 yrs old kid also can say, “chey….like that next time think properly before tell us, make us terkejut and now tell us can use photocopy”.

  13. anastasia – LOL, got inspirasi already? Start writing in BM now lah, but no controversy nanti the search engine tarik masuk.

    Yvy – I don’t know who spearhead the kempen last year. I hope they do it again.

    earl-ku – 🙂

    Keen – 🙂 Speak no evil, see no evil, write no evil…..

    abe – Ya, it was fun last year.

    BawangMerah – Actually, we cannot entirely deny that bloggers are all innocent too, right? So, for me, I wouldn’t take this matter too seriously because I don’t blog in that genre.

    helen – *grins*

    fire80 – I hear you, eventhough those are blank spaces. 🙂

  14. Hey there Lilian. Why don’t you act as a blog carnival hostess for the berblog dalam BM project. Yunno those angmoh always have blog carnivals. We can have our own too. First you put up a post calling for BM blog submissions (can be on any subject then only more interesting right?) and give a deadline for submission say one week before 31st August. We email to you our posts. Then you compile and link them together in whatever way that you think makes sense with links to our blogs so we can come to your blog on 31st August and blog hop from here. Game to take up the challenge or too much work? Hehe.

  15. It’s not as though it’s something new. The same rules still apply to blogs and internet media as they do to main stream media. Always take everything with a pinch of salt. Read everything but at the end of the day, use your common sense and make your own judgement and decision.

  16. Blogging in bm is kinda fun. But kinda weird. lol.

    About what Pak Lah said about taking caution to our entries, I think that it’s good and yet not so good. It’s like restricting our thoughts. Confining it into a little dark corner… driving it back to the pre-blog existance.

    Even though we’d be monitered, let’s just hope it isn’t as strict as it might seem.

  17. Wah, so many people interested. Good!

    MG – Dare not la, later people accuse me want to traffic whore pulak. I’d rather have those IT guys to do it and we group blog like last year. Did you join last year? I think it was Danny Foo/Vincent and a few other guys who did it.

  18. ‘Economic Policies’ ? I didn’t realise there is one anyway 😛 Help ! I need some enlightenment!
    George Eliot- ‘Animals are such agreeable friends, they ask no questions, and pass no criticisms’ So, there r 2 advice for our beloved PM,
    1) get a dog
    2) Do nothing 😉

    It says alot about a person, the way he stood up to the sharpest criticisms.

  19. looks like a psychological war going on eh~

    cannot do this, cannot do that..frustrated then self-destruct!!

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