He is my ATM, I am his .

He is my ATM, I am his . (suggested by- NyonyaPenang)

I am only half-way through the ‘readers’ suggested topics‘ list. Today, it is another personal topic. Yay! But don’t expect anything personal from me though. Personal stuffs are best kept in the drawers along with our panties and bras. Whatever is published in a blog is the ‘skim on the surface’ stuffs.

So, what do I write….Let’s see…..

He is my atm, I am his

  • economy jumpstart (I spend money so that businesses don’t go bankrupt, wokay?)
  • childminder
  • cook
  • sex provider
  • ego booster (phrases like “how come you always look as handsome as the day I met you?)
  • masseuse (I just learn the gender thing, masseur is for male massager)
  • indulgence (someone he can indulge with expensive stuffs, otherwise, how is he going to spend all his money leh?)
  • other half
  • decision maker (from deciding which apartment to buy to which boxer to choose)
  • maternal provider (when he is sick and needs pampering leh)
  • laughing potion (stupid things I did that makes him laugh)
  • insurance beneficiary
  • EPF beneficiary
  • 50% owner of the house, car and every properties
  • non-religious consultant (sometimes, being too holy-smochly is no good also, that’s why I have atm to give me non-God related reasonings)
  • reason to feel complete

So….all those married people, have you ever reflects what your spouse is to you? Or rather, what role are you playing in his life? No ah? Wah…go write down a list now.

I have a question to ask. There is this woman whom I know through another person. This other person knows that woman (though we are all related in a way but I don’t mix around that much) and she told me that the wife willingly lets the husband to find ‘recreation’ outside. She said it is better that way than for him to find a serious relationship and impregnate some bastards (her word “eaa kia”, not mine) outside. I am like ‘WOW! that kind of woman and thinking still exists?’ I mean, like, if I have that kind of husband who needs to find recreation outside and still boast about it, I would mince him. Yeah, the husband and the other’s husband proudly boasts what he did in Haadyai. Cis, what a scum of a man. And dumb woman.

I mean, aren’t marriage suppose to be 50/50 responsibility, 100% trust and 101% faithfulness? How can she sits in a family dinner, knowing that all the women know that her husband needs to roam up north? Aiyoyoyoyo, I see only, cannot eat already. Feel like taking the dinner knife (too bad they don’t use knives in Chinese sit down dinner) and chop,chop, chop, slice, slice, slice, mince, mince, mince the Taiwan sausage from the four-season, cold platter and put it in front of him and tell him, “Nah, if you are my husband, this is what will happen.”


26 thoughts on “He is my ATM, I am his .

  1. Wah! *shrank back in fear* You so violent one ah?

    But true la… if the guy wants to go out and “play” some more, stay bujang lah!

  2. Aiyo, after marry cannot play outside ah?… no freedom lar like that 🙂 Nevermind, play badminton can gua?

  3. Talk about EPF beneficiary….
    I made my little angel the Beneficiary for *(What is left of) my CPF funds as I squandered it away few yrs back on study loans+bad ‘insurance backed’ mutual-funds, but I was kinda lucky…cos I spread all my investments all across…and the high risk ones paid off whatever I lost.

    My darling wife will however inherit my UK State Pension + the Private Pension program + my insurance money (of course).

    Thru thick-n-thin… we go thru it together ….but still… I do envy those Singaporean NSMen..who have the ‘luxury’ to trust their NS buddies with their lives once we don that uniform.#

    Me? I trust my rifle more than my wife.. cos it is my other wife…. ensuring I still have a human wife.

  4. Monogamous vs Polygamous. There r cultural or religious differences which I dun wanna (cannot) elaborate. If Lilian wanna chop chop chop, u got a big job on ur hand.

  5. ‘i’m his reason to feel complete’
    wow!, this one sentence cukup power. thanks lilian.
    btw, the woman herself got some health issues?

  6. about the friend of your friend, lots of chinese woman who were traditionally brought up, feels that it’s okay for the man to find recreation outside as long as he don’t get stuck. better than have him getting a mistress wor. then she would have to share his property!

  7. sadly, there are still women who think the way your friend of your friend’s did. why ar? is it because she loves the hubby too much and wants him to be happy (stupid reason) or she herself also wants to go find “recreation” outside? LOL fair and square ma right?

    btw i like the phrase “marriage suppose to be 50/50 responsibility, 100% trust and 101% faithfulness” 🙂

  8. geez!!!! what’s that woman thinking? Think about all the sex-related diseases!!!!! I mean, sex is great..but getting gnorrhea, AIDS, herpes ain’t a whole lotta fun!

  9. Don’t need to chop, chop and mince, mince yourself, nanti kena tangkap, masuk lokap! Just tell him he’s going for a vacation and take him on a private plane and throw him out on a parachute right in the middle of a cannibal tribe! 😉 $$$ well spent on renting private plane! 🙂
    Alternatively can do what Lorena Bobbitt do, just make sure he can’t stitch it back!

  10. If people feel that they still want to have some fun…dnt get married lah..simple as that and dont listen to pressure from people to get married if you are not ready, screw them if they say..aiyo so old already, bila nak kahwin..its u who is getting married and not them.

    Married people should employ a look but not touch policy. The woman you mentioned above, could be considered by most mere male as the ideal wife, but if they allow their spouse to F*C* around then they must share that responsibility of the breakup of the marriage not to mention the possibility of contracting STD’s.

    In life, we can’t get everything we want, if we are married, we stay married and have sex with the person you are married too..if you want variety, don’t get married lah…be a bujan lapok for the rest of your life.

    Anyway, love your reason on what u r to your atm 😛

  11. This just shows the woman is more concern about the money than their relationship lor.. lol

    It’s true, couples who do not have a good relationship do not thrive on the general perception of what a marriage should be.

    I’ve been there myself with my ex. I’m so fed-up, I’m just glad he’s sleeping somewhere. I just dun want to see his face. Many who knew about me and my ex always said I’m the good wife who can tolerate hubby sleeping around. THe truth is, what can I do if that guy wants to do it? lol To say I dun mind is just a consolation or last resort to redeem back some self dignity. lol

  12. :O
    No eye see.
    Not only she allow the husband to stomp on her dignity and she is broadcasting it ?
    Hope there are no children aroun that time.

  13. Nice the way you sum up your significance to ATM. In fact very well put.

    I think I will also chop, slice and mince. I laughed when I read the way you expressed it in writing.

  14. WMD – Hehehe, must break the tension mah, so make it a bit funny lor. Or else, all the men takut to read my blog already.

    Hijackqueen – Haih…dare not lor, later I kena slap buta-buta.

    mama23beas – Ya hor, kena pandai tuntut.

    sming – Actually, I knew about it bcos the wife got mouth sores that won’t heal after seeing GP, sinseh and medium. So, this other relative of mine sees me as a Dr. Quack and asked me why. That woman cannot eat solid food nor brush her teeth due to the sores.

    First thing I asked, ‘her husband got go cari prostitutes or not’ because it sounds like herpes to me. Hahaha, the person who asked me also terkejut why I am like medium, can tell so many things. So, she blurted out to me lor. I told her to get herself to a specialist and get a blood test.

    helen – Yalor, life is comfortable lah. She drives spanking new car wor. How to break a good life like that leh.

    QV – Yalor, that’s why I always admire those women with religious faithful husbands in my church. We have an observation that Christians husbands are more loving, not that my atm is not but generally, those who heed the Lord’s command, love the wives.

    Mumof2 – I talk only clever lah. Hahaha.

    mott – Yeah, I suspect she already kena herpes.

    MLNS – I like yr new blog wor. Read it already but never got around to comment. Wuah…you also start to expand empire. Good lah. Then, only can have two or three faces.

    Sharon – But you know men lah, mana boleh tahan that kind of thing? The world is not fair hor?

  15. ahpek – You think these women still exist meh? They give chance to the men to roam? Wuah…what your ah soh think leh? She got tell you, ‘larling ah pek ah, time for you to go happy-happy-joy-joy liao’, every month or so? I think it is because the woman feels helpless and got no say only this happens lor.

    nyonyapenang – No ek, just that some men have to prove themselves that way and feel that since they have worked so hard, so they got the right to spend their money however they want it. As long as they provide a home, car, comfort for the family, their duties are done, kinda thinking.

    wuching – Chey…you so faithful, everyday plant flowers for your wife, why sked la.

    MG – 😛

    David – Which society still adopts polygamy leh? Even amongst Muslims, they have their rules and laws and their wives won’t tolerate it unless due to some special reasons.

    Yvy – Will compare notes soon.

    azrin – Wuah…it is like you have just written your will here. Hahaha.

    Neo – Yayaya, badminton can. bedminton kenot.

    luxferi – Ya, marriage is a bit commitment so must think many times through before commiting or else, one way street already. Until jalan mati. Hahaha.

  16. i’ve heard about those kidn of relationships before…that woman has a point lah…but i don’t think i’ll be heading down that direction. 😛 very nice blog, btw! i enjoy finding recipes — easy for a uni student living alone, like me!

  17. “ego booster (phrases like “how come you always look as handsome as the day I met you?)”

    This is the most powderful statement I ever heard! LOL!

  18. Hiyor so uncivilised. Why chop chop? It is just a few minutes pleasure from vengence with jail term.

    Just strip the male from his wealth, korek him deep deep and get many masseur.

    BTW, it is important that a woman NOT married a “gatal” man in particular religions in CERTAIN country. According to the news, an Asian country has pass a law that allow the man from “particular” religion NOT to split his wealth with his ex-wife after divorce. Perhaps chop chop is the way for those woman.

  19. For one thing, if ur hubbies wanna go fishing or whatever on weekends (“It’s a guy thing!), or play futsal (Oops!) or go kayakking (Oops! Oops!), don’t be too relieved! After “Brokeback Mountain”, one can never be sure!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  20. Ah yes!Just remembered! Reminds me of old Tammy Wynette song: “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman giving all your love to just one man…..”The title os “Stand by your man!” If u want the complete lyrics, go google for it lah! Personally I think it’s kinda degrading; definitely NOT the modern woman’s song!

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