He is my ATM, I am his . (suggested by- NyonyaPenang)

I am only half-way through the ‘readers’ suggested topics‘ list. Today, it is another personal topic. Yay! But don’t expect anything personal from me though. Personal stuffs are best kept in the drawers along with our panties and bras. Whatever is published in a blog is the ‘skim on the surface’ stuffs.

So, what do I write….Let’s see…..

He is my atm, I am his

  • economy jumpstart (I spend money so that businesses don’t go bankrupt, wokay?)
  • childminder
  • cook
  • sex provider
  • ego booster (phrases like “how come you always look as handsome as the day I met you?)
  • masseuse (I just learn the gender thing, masseur is for male massager)
  • indulgence (someone he can indulge with expensive stuffs, otherwise, how is he going to spend all his money leh?)
  • other half
  • decision maker (from deciding which apartment to buy to which boxer to choose)
  • maternal provider (when he is sick and needs pampering leh)
  • laughing potion (stupid things I did that makes him laugh)
  • insurance beneficiary
  • EPF beneficiary
  • 50% owner of the house, car and every properties
  • non-religious consultant (sometimes, being too holy-smochly is no good also, that’s why I have atm to give me non-God related reasonings)
  • reason to feel complete

So….all those married people, have you ever reflects what your spouse is to you? Or rather, what role are you playing in his life? No ah? Wah…go write down a list now.

I have a question to ask. There is this woman whom I know through another person. This other person knows that woman (though we are all related in a way but I don’t mix around that much) and she told me that the wife willingly lets the husband to find ‘recreation’ outside. She said it is better that way than for him to find a serious relationship and impregnate some bastards (her word “eaa kia”, not mine) outside. I am like ‘WOW! that kind of woman and thinking still exists?’ I mean, like, if I have that kind of husband who needs to find recreation outside and still boast about it, I would mince him. Yeah, the husband and the other’s husband proudly boasts what he did in Haadyai. Cis, what a scum of a man. And dumb woman.

I mean, aren’t marriage suppose to be 50/50 responsibility, 100% trust and 101% faithfulness? How can she sits in a family dinner, knowing that all the women know that her husband needs to roam up north? Aiyoyoyoyo, I see only, cannot eat already. Feel like taking the dinner knife (too bad they don’t use knives in Chinese sit down dinner) and chop,chop, chop, slice, slice, slice, mince, mince, mince the Taiwan sausage from the four-season, cold platter and put it in front of him and tell him, “Nah, if you are my husband, this is what will happen.”