How to find out if your blog has been plagiarised

It shocked me the other day when Mumsgather‘s blog was boldly plagiarised by another mother with a small daughter.  This other woman took what MG wrote and boldly pasted it on her blog as her own.  Freaky, I tell you.  To me, it is like the movie ‘Single, white female’ where the tenant tried to copycat the image of her landlady.   Wearing her lingeries and trying to seduce her boyfriend.
It beats me why a person wants to do that?  Is it to improve the image of her own blog?  Is it because what MG wrote strikes every chords in the copycat’s mind and soul that she just had to ‘adopt’ it?  I still can’t figure out.

The same thing had happened to Minishorts before.  And both times, it is one woman copying another woman’s thoughts.  And also Simon got it before too.  But his was more on ‘technical’ matters.  So did Doc but that was from a diehard fan.
You can check if your blog is plagiarised with Copyscape.  Just type in your URL and it will generates a list of pages that are  similar to yours.

About Copyscape

Copyscape is dedicated to defending your rights online, helping you fight against online plagiarism and content theft. Copyscape finds sites that have copied your content without permission, as well as those that have quoted you.

Choose the service that best meets your needs:

  • The free Copyscape service makes it easy to find copies of your content on the Web. Simply type in the address of your original web page, and Copyscape does the rest.

You may also want to place a little banner or button on your site to warn potential plagiarisers not to take your materials.  Just pick up one of them, save image, upload to your own server/free image hosting and link it.

Just to clear matters a bit, it is ok to copy and paste some materials you like from other webpages but credit and link must be given.  Copying the whole thing, masking it like it is your own private thoughts is going to give you bad karma for 77 generations (according to 5xmom).  Remember, don’t steal.    Your momma is not going to be proud of you.

13 thoughts on “How to find out if your blog has been plagiarised

  1. If you don’t write it here, I never thought something like this could happen!! Not only handbags, blog contents also got ppl curi ar?? *roll eyes* lol

  2. Last time narrowband (remember him?) told me about copyscape before buden who knows Ah Soh punya post oso got ppl want to copy so never check before ler. Anyway hor, let me provide you with the link to that particular incident so ppl know what you are reffering to.
    Someone Stole My Blog Post!!

  3. i’m quite new but i thought a blog is for you to write your own stuff la. if there is need to quote from some where, then say terang terang saje. tak salah, kan?

  4. yar, i read abt MG too – pity her lor. even maria oso kena right? sked lor…i better go n check mine, who knows lar, my crap might b other ppl’s gold mine! lol 😛

  5. Very easy to detect lah! Th stolen parts the English so good, so hebat sometimes read also cannot understand, and the original posts, the English ka-na-sai!!!

  6. I also don’t understand someone would want to copy another person’s thoughts. After all, it’s supposedly your own blog, so why ape another’s?
    Stp, hahahahahahhahaha.

  7. anothermum – Yalor, that’s freakier than say, someone ape a technical/factual story, isn’t it? Such personal stuffs also they can treat as their own.

    STP -I bet you see that in your school all the time. Hahaha, so many kids surfing for their composition and get the facts from my blog on handphones in schoool. So, don’t underestimate the comments you leave wor, ‘cos students are using them as materials.

    Immom – I actually have a lot more to share but dare not churn out too many ‘cos later people say I blog for adsense lagi.

    Yvy – I only found the stuffs I quote from other websites. hehehehe.

    mott – Yalor, really nothing in their life until steal other ppl’s life.

  8. Plagarism.. sigh.. it suckssss… ppl steal your idea and post as their own. You know.. me so not popular one even got plagarized before by don’t-know-who. I wrote a poem for my late bf who passed away in 2004 Boxing day at Phuket on my blog. Then a months later, a friend told me he saw my poem in a forum, this forum do not need you to be a registered user, you can leave msg just like this. No login and nothing. He/she copied the whole thing and paste in there and then said that he/she wrote this and dedicated whoever f88ker that he/she missed. Damn.. angry. Sigh…

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