Maternity Pads – why are they so big and thick?

Maternity Pads – why are they so big and thick? – Sloggi

I got this funny topic suggested by a reader who calls herself Sloggi. Actually, I had written Yvy’s suggested topic of ‘How to find Jesus in the most bitter person’ but it lacks oomph. Will reflect more and publish that later.

Now, Sloggi asked this question. Hmmmppphhh…how to answer, jek? If you think maternity pads are big, wait till they put you in adult diapers. Fuyoh, that one really chialat wan lor. Nowadays, most hospitals put the woman who just delivered in adult diapers to soak up the blood. Or even worse, when I cannot get out of bed to pangsai (‘cos I am not suppose to move) and the nurse brought me a potty to pangsai on the bed. I had been through all those scary shits previously. So, I bet I should be able to answer.

Firstly, maternity pad is for mothers who just delivered a baby . You know hor, taking out a little human from the womb is going to cause a big open, gaping, bleeding wound in there. So, with all those blood flowing, surely need a big pad to soak up the blood lor.

But nowadays, there are stick on pads. Wait till you hear what I had to go through after I had my second son. He was delivered by vaginal birth after caesarean. (first baby c-sec, second baby, I poot him out) So, birth trauma was bad and it was a long and hellish labour. I fainted after the baby came out. Ok, then, when I woke up hor…I pandai-pandai, stood up and wanted to go to toilet.

I simply hate being waited on by people, including nurses. So, I thought if I want to shee-shee, I just go to toilet to shee-shee lor. Manatau, after I urinated, I did not know how to put that freaking maternity pad with loops back! I pusing here and there, figuring out how to tie it. Tiu, half way, I knew I was going to faint and had no choice but to ring the bell in the toilet. And the two fat nurses came running into the toilet, while I was sitting bare assed on the toilet and they managed to grab me before I fell off the toilet. Then, somemore they scolded me like a little kid, saying that I wasn’t suppose to go shee-shee without calling them.

Anyway, if you just have had a baby, you will be thankful for huge, thick, stick-on maternity pads because you need them. Use it ‘cos it is made of softer materials and will not hurt your episiotomy stitches. This is the little price we have to pay for bringing a human into the world. Big deal, you know….Be thankful it is thick ‘cos your pet-pet won’t be pain-pain sitting on it instead of those feather thin, wings pad.

And that’s why, maternity pads are so big and thick. Oh boy, am I glad that I will never have to see them for anymore.

Now, I suppose I have just made all the male readers gaping their mouths and silently walk off. And those single girls and yet to-be-mom women, all geli-geli. However, those whom had delivered a baby before is going to enjoy all the gory details and have more to add to this.

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  1. *ROTFLOL few times!

    so darn funny esp the way u said how the nurse scolded u. Very infomative anyhow…wow we’ll never how much a mother really suffered.

    on a sidenote, thanks for brightening up my day(mornin umph 5am?) with a very funny post. I guess God hears us all along.

  2. ooohhh.. like that wan..
    i somemore think becos give birth oredi, the ch***bai become big big, that’s why need bigger pad.

  3. Yalor so shy I did not know how to put the maternity pads with loops on. The nurse has to teach me. Luckily the stick on ones are sold in s’mkts. Otherwise, I feel like a cavewoman wearing g-string maternity pads.

  4. lol Kinda reminds me of those maternity ward days! Stick on pads are difficult to find. Most maternity pads are still the loop ones. Better hold! šŸ˜‰

  5. LTROF reading this post

    But got different way of wearing the pad with loops meh? I tot all the same, just place it “there” like normal pads lah, need to adjust and tie one meh?? (I’m very “sua tu”, I didn’t notice the difference in using one)

  6. I went operation once…and this nurse keeps bringing in this thingy and asking me if I wanted to urinate! In the end, just to get rid of her, I had to say, yes! Peace at last…can sleep without her kacau-kacau!!! Or maybe she was just trying to get my attention??? I so SUItuapui bah!Ha ha ha ha ha!

  7. So you mean maternity pads is best invention since slice bread?

    Pssssss. Let’s invent a pad for circumcision. Fatt-tat lor.

  8. I want to add….first birth, a nurse just barged into the bathroom, strip me naked and helped with the shower, and put on pad with the loop…I was so surprise, thought people don’t use it anymore.
    3rd birth, the same hospital, came out from labor room, I siap-siap put on adult diaper…lagi senang;)

  9. Heya Lilian,

    Thanks for the info about such thing. I have the general idea of what to expect when your wife is giving birth, but I never knew they used maternity pads to soak the bloods.

    So now I know šŸ˜€ This will be handy.

    Thanks again!

    ps: You guessed my photo right. Hehe.

  10. Certain hospital still use the loop maternity pad. Easier for the doc to check on you the next day instead of him standing there looking at you stripping. So he just untied them, check, check, …. then you tie it back yourself la!!!

    After 2nd day of birth, I prefer to use night pad. More comfortable.

  11. Aiyah! Me lagi worse. After birth, the trainee nurse come and ask me for permission whether she can clean me up while her superior watched to see if she was doing it right. Like being used as guinea pig like dat. Speaking of those maternity pad with loops, in the old days ALL pads were like dat lar. My aunties even showed me how they folded those very rough type of toilet paper and put those on top of the pad to safe money. They say we are so wasteful these days. Got macam macam pad with wings lah, ultra thin type lah, super absorbant type lah etc etc all costing more than 50 cents each.

  12. After I delivered my firstborn vaginally last year, the nurses dressed me with stick-on pads – not one, but two pieces to make it longer. And they changed the pads quite regularly throughout my one-night stay at the hospital.

    My hubby bought more stick-on pads from the supermarket for me to wear throughout the whole confinement month. I found them too uncomfortable coz I was feeling hot and sticky all the time.

    Maybe somebody should invent ultra-thin, super-absorbent, super-soft and comfy maternity pads for young moms like me! šŸ™‚

  13. sloggi – Ya, it is damn hot. Sometimes, when no one is watching, I just air ‘it’ for faster healing. LOL. In all, I had two episiotomies and I found c-sec healing easier to manage.

    MG – Yayaya, last time when I was working in the jewellery factory, those auntie clerks actually stole, can you believe it! stole the hand towels, like paper kitchen towel home to use it for that purpose. LOL.

    Hijackqueen – Ya, usually once the first two-three days heavy lochia over, it is back to normal liao.

    Fird – Ya, it is very medical sensible issn’t it? Bet you will be sent to the supermarket to grab one extra packet when she is at the hospital. Sometimes, I see men staring so confused dunno which one to choose, I will point out to them. LOL.

    mama23beas- They have that horrible elastic band but after birth cannot fit into it so they use dunno what ribbon. Haiyor…when stand up, it is so awkward. Takut terjatuh.

    moo_ -You mean men frequently go for circumcision?

  14. doc – Give birth liao, how to insert somemore cup wor, can die lor. The episiotomy stitches terkoyak mati lor.

    STP – Wuah, perasan sial, young, sexy nurse wanna nurse you ah?

    wuching – Ya, now you know how tough we women are.

    dragonmummy – they take dunno what cotton ribbon and tie wan ler. But that was 15 years ago lah.

    mumof2 – Hahaha, I don’t know it is better hold or not but the first day or so, the nurses only let us wear sarong, easier to check us down there. Haih…lucky I don’t give birth anymore. The horrors! LOL

    helen – They are still waiting for those generation to reach menopause. Extinct soon, I suppose.

    WMD – LOL, G-strings with a tea bag.

    ahpek – Talk nonsense, where can like that wan. Don’t sked all the women until they dunwan to give birth.

    jc – It is one of those things we have to go through. Hahaha, glad to amuse you.

  15. Wah liao…!! 10 packs of maternity pads??? For what lar? I bought one pack for my wife… still got left over.

  16. Where got after give birth CB big big already wan? Can ask doctor to sew smaller oso…like virgin! hehehe

    Last time when small small tat time always curi maternity pad to play doctor doctor with my brother..use as surgery mask. hehehe then finally i got to use it myself…eeeee

  17. Me too fainted on the way to the toilet after first delivery, didn’t know that I should get help from nurse!
    BTW, you forgot to add, considering maternity pad’s ability to soak up more, and more comfortable, it’s rather cheap comparing to wings pad. If pakai wings for a month, pocket will go on fire.

  18. did u know the hospital just use two string pads and placed it there without anything to hold them on me @#$% nurse will come in often to check then change them when soaked! lucky dat was only the wee hours in the morning after i gave birth. later luckily i brought along my own stick on pads, must thank my colleague who taught me that. i tell u stick-on pad are really a wonderful invention for women

  19. Aiyo, Lilian… I’ve tokophobia (phobia of childbirth), this topic gives me goosebumps! “Seriau” bak kata the northerners. I’ve been hearing scary childbirth stories since young and my mum who’s a nursing sister made me look at my younger sister’s wounds after she gave birth, I nearly fainted!

  20. babe_kl – Yeah, the indignities we had to go through in the maternity ward. LOL. And those red lights!!!! Barbequing clams. ROTFLMAO.

    shoppingmom – Yayaya, very economical.

    sasha – LOL, play doctor with that.

    s-kay – Prolly that fler got four wives who deliver babies at the same time! Hahaha.

    Nigel – So you are one of those poor hubbies sent to the stores to look for something foreign.

  21. skyjuice – So, there is a name for that? Hahaha, don’t worry, if it comes to your turn, join our parenting forum where we freaked the expectant moms out so much, they get immuned.

    Sasha – Ya, there is even on that is almost 1 foot long!

  22. Women got the worse deal in creation didnt you. But without you wonderful people, they wouldn’t be us stupid moronic males.

    I salute the ladies here who read this blog and most importantly, I salute you Aunty for being the woman you are. God Bless you and have a great weekend.

    From a mere moronic male.. šŸ˜›

    (didn’t know how to comment…sounds scary..hahaha…but I know I have to salute the ladies for what they have to go through and is going through thanks to US Moronic Males šŸ˜› )

  23. hoiyoh… luckily i got to wear stick on pads… if not die la, me no nuts about that wat, string pads ah?! sure embarass myself “tit tit, nurse ah, can come and put my pad for me ah? eee i malu la.

  24. ps. no wonder a lot of women opt for c-sec…takut down there too big. i oso know that the doc can sew up for u so like virgin only BUT i know someone who did that n the doc did TOO tight liow n now it hurts VERY bad when she has sex with her hubby. but of course the hubby syiok lar – damn tight mar….cis!! i

    n ur opinion, which is better? vaginal delivery or c-sec…n why docs normally advice women to opt for vaginal?

    *sorry arr a bit long comment this time – curious mar… šŸ˜‰

  25. Hahhahahhaha…….Lilian, your post reminded me when i gave birth to my boy few months back. Went to shee shee but walk out back just in sarong. Once untied the string, the pad fall to ground. But for me, adult diaper is much better than pad coz as you say no pain pain when sititng down.

  26. waliau so graphic detail one..scare the girls who are contemplating to have a bb la…anyway, after my first born, I found out how much they charged for the pads, better bring your own la, i think the better one is the stick on la…loops are like antique ma…

  27. *blink blink*

    I’ve been hearing so many versions – natural birth heals faster, but C sec won’t kill you in the process. then I heard of ppl with C sec say it’s painful, others say it’s a breeze. Actually which is TRUE?! Considering I have to go through it one day, your advice will be very appreciated!

  28. LTROF!!

    During my time which as just a few years back, the hospital don’t supply those thick maternity pads. I bought a stake of them which still remains in the cupboard unopened! They don’t use the loops anymore either. Just those non stick ones (cheapo ones from the hospitals and they charge you a bob for it!) with those stretchable disposable panties! I was rather surprised how `free and easy’ it was to use! I still remembered my last delivery when I was asked to pee 1 hour of delivery and oh man like wonder woman I thought I was cool until I stood up and everything started to spin….and thank god for a huge and mighty midwife she was there as my bloster! I crushed on to her like a falling tower! Make sure you have strong midwives to help you. Ever since then after the stretching expedition I never dared to think twice to have another baby. LOL…kidding…don’t take me seriously about the last line okay single ladies?

  29. “Nigel – So you are one of those poor hubbies sent to the stores to look for something foreign.” -lilian

    me? poor hubby? no ler… me blessed hubby!!!

    The labour wasn’t that bad ler. At least in my wife’s case not THAT bad ler. Pain like hell but less than 4 hrs from labour pain to birth. The part that got me was the episiotomy when th doc cut cut/snip snip… i went limp. I’m ok in emergencies but that was almost too much. It wasn’t so much the blood and gore but the “pain” i “felt” from snipping.

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