How to find Jesus in the most bitter personYvy

Haiyor, so difficult topic. Not sure I can write or not. Anyway, for the last few days, I had logged off from the PC early and spent the nights reading the Bible. Our Catholic churches provide us with the Shalom (must pay RM1 lah) which gives us the Bible guide for the whole month.

I always slack off after the first week and sometimes, stopped buying the Shalom for months because it is just too errmm…tedious. Too troublesome to flip through the Bible from the Old Testament to the Psalm to the Gospel…..Words too small for my naked eye to see…Excuses excuses excuses.

The scary thing about getting close to the faith is the things that will disrupt us. Before I was baptised, my RCIA facilitators have warned us that once we are in Christ , our lives are not going to be guaranteed smooth sailing. They told us that we may even find more obstacles than before. So, when I start picking up the Bible again, it is like my own conscience biting my backside.

So, back to the topic:

How to find Jesus in the most bitter person

Well, rightfully, Jesus would have been a very bitter person too if He had allowed it. You see, most of his family members never see him up (respect, i.e.). None of them believe He can do miracles. People laughed at Him when they hear that He is the Son of God. All the time, people whom He considered to be part of, i.e. the Jews, taunted Him with all sorts of things. No one respected Him except for those lames, lepers, prostitutes, tax collectors (like our Ah Longs likedat lah), blind and mute men. (In real life, we Christians get the same treatment too, rite?)

So, if we look at our own lives, we can’t complain too much, right? But no, there is a lot of bitter people out there. People whom never feel thankful for their blessings but instead, find more things to be angry with. Some of these people never know Jesus so, let’s not talk about them. But what about those who know who God is and who Jesus is? Why do they publicly smear Jesus’s name? Why after 2,000 years and Christianity being the religion with the largest followers, they still doubt? So, can we find Jesus in these people? I doubt it.

Then again, there are a lot of people in pain and deep agonies and they temporarily lost their faith. I know this old couple whom had the most promising son. The one and only son. The old couple had devoted all ther lives to the church and to serve God. Their son is the rare one who is so talented and recorded some awesome songs for God. But he died in an accident. The old couple had stayed away from the church and are inconsolable. For people like these, we can see the part of Jesus in the garden. “Father, Father, why have You foresaken me?” A momentarily lost of faith but nevertheless, when the journey ends, they will still turn to God. For them, we have to endure and stick by their side and keep praying for a change.

So, there. There is no Jesus in a bitter person unless that person open up his/her heart to Him. Though we have been taught that all men are created equal, we must also bear in mind that God has told us that we are the clay, He is a potter. Therefore, we are not all the same, though we are made up to form one universal body. So, as a Christian, I wouldn’t get too constipated when people whom we expect to behave in a certain way, does not do that. There is only so much we can care, the rest is their own destiny.

(can’t resist adding the following line in – not politically correct but what the heck..) Which means, those sei pat phors (busybodies) who went around telling others how I should behave ought to go buy more carrots to satisfy themselves. Carrots are full of Vitamin A, bio-degradable, need no batteries and can be eaten warm.