See Cherie Blair in bikini and the freedom of speech

This is a humourous post, ok? People in other country get to poke fun at their Prime Minister’s wife while we get warnings every day.

Though unkind, it is funny. And they get away with it.

Spa figure? Someone needs to get thier eyes tested!

– Roger Cook, Moreton in Marsh, UK

Now I am against whaling but there is a whale (Mrs Blair) worth harpooning.

– Lisa, Perranporth

Cherie Blair in bikini photo
(from The DailyMail UK)

Cherie, I hope you and all the family enjoy the freebie holiday. I am a single working mum who may manage to get a weekend at the coast in the tent with the children. That’s all I can manage because unfortunately I am a hard working, English born and bred, woman who is unfortunate enough to have your husband as prime minister. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and honest hardworking Christian people in this country are treated with contempt.

– Cathy, Watford, England

*haih* The freedom of speech they get elsewhere.

Perhaps one reason for her eagerness was to show off her new ‘spa’ look – after apparently spending time on a health farm.

She has also been parading a new item of swimwear – a cross between a bikini and a black swimsuit, with a large floral motif on the front.

5 thoughts on “See Cherie Blair in bikini and the freedom of speech

  1. HEHEHE try commenting like that in Malaysia and we would be accused of trying to portray the government in bad light and then they will start defending themselves and we end up with a whole issue and story and the father will say I dnt take 10% or even 1% of the projects I award hehhehehe..oopss..I commented too much…

  2. other than the perks of that villa, I would say shes pretty frugal -800 pounds for a week at a spa is cheap and she did wear that swim suit for 3 years.. Most people I know would have 3-5 a year.

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