Stop lies in blogs

My blog’s tagline says it, “Humour, Life, Lies, Sex”. 25% of the stuffs I wrote are lies, therefore. Even my kid had learnt it. “Hey, mom, how come I don’t see (you do something you wrote on your blog) do that but you wrote it.”

“My son, read my tagline? It says….LIES” So, I cower in fear with the news below….

BERUAS: Police reports will be a form of control against [tag]bloggers[/tag] who post [tag]seditious[/tag], malicious and defamatory articles on the Internet.

Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik said although the Government would not censor the contents, investigations would be conducted once a police report was lodged against a blogger.

“The police report will be a form of control by the Government to ensure bloggers do not the break the law,” he said after a Teachers’ Day celebration at SJK (C) Kampung Merbau near here.

He said individuals with proof that information published on the [tag]Internet[/tag] was seditious, malicious and defamatory could lodge reports.

He said the police could also direct the Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and Mimos Bhd to conduct investigations. (full news here)

I have a dull headache today (this is a truth) after a bout of uncontrolled sneezing (truth) due to sleeping in the nude (this is a lie). I had a funny dream last night. There was a guy on stage like some political drama. He summoned me close to him and whispered in my ears…..”Pass it on to your family and friends, the housewives in the market too….” (this is again a truth of a weird dream full of lies). Sheessh….Only thing is the guy looks handsome like that dance guru of the Akademi Fantasia 4, Corree or something.
So, I have nothing to [tag]blog[/tag] today except I have two things to say:

1) Not married doesn’t mean not screw-ed;

2) If cannot even maintain the few trees in a park properly, how to maintain a ‘world’ full of cables and wires, cameras and hidden eyes?

Bluekk…I am so used to lying from the days when I was a secretary. Even with my boss standing right in front of me, I can sweetly and professionally said, “Maaflah Tan Sri….Datuk tak datang office hari ni. Dia dah pergi ke factory…..” Meanwhile, Boss gave me approving smile and a fat paycheck for being a professional liar.

Any fools can lie but it takes a wise person to know when a truth is a lie. And I wonder who is going to nab the greatest liars in the end?  Ahhh…abuden, we have God, right?

14 thoughts on “Stop lies in blogs

  1. well… as you can see… we have a bunch of half-past-six people up there… of coz they cannot differentiate between lies and truth with all their heads combined! LOL!

  2. what a coincidence. I blogged about dreams or rather my lack of dreams in my sleep. ;D
    and on earth, it takes a bigger liar to catch another liar.

  3. knot lie in blog?? then all my post are the stories i made up one wor!!! how?? die lar lidis!

  4. Ehh.. 40% of 3 years old who have just learned how to speak lie, 100% of 5 years old lie, 83-90% of adults lie.. that makes most of us natural born liar..

  5. ah pek – Hehehe, that three fler noses damn big wat? You know….who they are? Not sure, email me, I kasi lu pikchures somemore.

    wingz – Yalor, look who is talking. “I will resign.” Then, next minute, I will stay and now, I will resign in April next year, then, come April, got more excuses. Blek.

    nyonyapenang – Ya, indeed.

    KY – Yeah, those chronic CnP sometimes throw me off too, one minute the Ingrish so chialat, next minute, perfect English (with no mention of CnP) from where.

    gbyeow – That’s half truths. Hahaha.

    egghead – They lied too often so brains also blur liao.

  6. BuzzLife – At long as we don’t lie and cause poor folks who are taxpayers to lose money or got innocent people jailed, ok liao hor? LOL.

  7. It prove my preception that most local politikus are “bui-tak-chet”(never study in school/never graduate). They can’t differentiate real stuff and FICTIONS. Politikus ask people to tell the “truth”? Oh my, that’s the funniest and most hypocrite thing I ever hear.

    OTH, after reading news about a con-woman cheat many latuk/latin/tan sri for millions; it prove that stupid people does exist.

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