*doh = Exclamation on doing something foolish

The ad is something like this:

A row of newborn babies in the hospital nursery. A dad said something like, “I want you to be an astronaut, find a cure for cancer, be the Prime Minister (lol, this one I tambah) yadda yadda yadda (big dreamer), I want you to go where I did not manage yadda yadda yadda…..”

Each time it comes on air, my kids will go like, “See lah, see lah, not yet grown up already put pressure. That’s why all the kids go crazy.” True or not?

So, while we are talking insurance , let me ranted a bit about insurance salesman . Long time ago, a relative wanted to achieve sales target. Both my hubby and I were already his real clients. So, he asked if he can use both my kids’ names to get two more sales. That time, I have only two sons. So, since we are blood-ties, my hubby agreed. But when I got the (fake) policies for signing, I got damn tiu-ed and screamed at my hubby for the foolish thing his blood-tie relative did.

We thought that donkey-head would prepare two ficticious study-insurance or some trust fund insurance for my sons who were only about 6 yrs and 4 yrs old. But he instead prepared life insurance for them. I had from that day onwards, swept off any chummy relations with that blood-tie. MCB, where got people buy insurance for their children to die and the parents wait to collect the money wan? Bodoh, bangau, takdak hotak kah? Of course, I tore off the policies there and then and he can go fly kite without achieving any target on my offsprings’ names.

Even in our schools, the children are given a form to buy life insurance. Chisin meh, I damn pantang (superstitious) in this kind of things wan. The teacher will tell the little kids, usually Standard One seven years old, that if they buy and pay a minimal sum for the policies, if they get injured, patah kaki (broke a leg) or die, their parents will have money. If I am less kinder, I will go bring a broom and dirty panties to sweep his backside and stuff his mouth. Choy!!!!!! Or maybe I should sue the insurance company for traumatising little children.

Shoo! Shoo! Go away, all insurance salesmen. But having said that, it is good for family men to get your life insurance so that your family is protected in case of any tong-kua-tau-foo (eventualities). And those parents whose companies do not provide medical insurance coverage for the families, do cover for your children in case of any hospitalisation stays. Kids are bound to get sick so it is better to be protected than worry about the huge medical costs.

Anyway….I bought my first life insurance when I was only 21 years old, beneficiary to my mom. Now, I have even forgotten who is my beneficiary because the amount is not much but enough for a decent way to send me off next time. LOL. Have you got yours? Get yourself a LIFE insurance because it has lower premiums and forget about those that allows you to withdraw money and frills like that. At least that is what my ex-insurance saleman husband taught me. You will end up paying for the spanking new cars of the salesmen only. He increases his coverage with the arrival of each baby. That’s the right thing to do, you know?