Love thy neighbour, not

Niamah, tell me lah, how much space does a miserable saloon car needs to reverse?  The space is already a two-lane road.  MCB neighbour of mine bitched to me a few days ago that my car is jutting out too far and he has problem reversing out.

Stupid bugger, why don’t you go tell my anal hubby instead of blabbing your saliva on this poor woman with three sons plus one toddler?  I need to hang on to my toddler’s hand, you know?  I where got time to listen to your whines?

The story is like this.  I got one finicky atm who kept reminding me not to reverse my car too far into the car parking lot to avoid bird shits and falling leaves.  Those leaves have clogged up my car the other day, causing it to leak.  So, he usually parked with the front juts out a bit.  *nag, nag, nag, don’tparksoinparkabitout, nagnagnag* Across the road, is another row of cars.  This is road that lets two cars to pass through comfortably, meaning, the space between my car and that stupid sheebuy male neighbour is like more than 12 feet wide.

So, last week, that neighbour walked up to me and ranted and ranted how hard it is to reverse his car out.  I don’t have the time to rebut him (with my oh-so-sweet-smile)  ‘cos my toddler  needs surveillance every seconds.  Yesterday, I found my number plate broken and all the plastic pieces on the ground.  We hardly use this car and the last time I parked was on Sunday and I only drove it yesterday.

My two older-watched-too-much-CSI sons went to investigate and sure enough that neighbour’s  bumper has a darkish spot.  Just the right height, spots indicating the car was reversing and knocked into my number plate, according to the yadda yadda yadda ala-CSI explanation.

You tell me lah, how to love thy neighbour like these?  If he wants to complain, go pick on my atm lah.  Atm always around on weekends to clear the mess in the car.  He sure tembak him, “Wahhh…the road so wide, like this you also cannot reverse out ah?  You got kopi lesen or what?”  But no, this cilaka neighbour purposely come and tell me when I was all tied up with three adrenalin-rushed kids rushing to get down from the car and a toddler trying to run to the middle of the road moment. I don’t even have time to lock the car, what more listen to a membebel-ing neighbour complaints?
Oh ya hor…go buy 258, in front up to you to add the fourth digit.  Sure strikes damacai, Sports Toto, Magnum 4D.  When strike liao, buy me a new number plate or new car, depending on the amount you strike.  Meantime, I hope the tree fell on the neighbour’s car or at least, those school children (his car is next to the school) break his windscreen with a stray ball or stone.

16 thoughts on “Love thy neighbour, not

  1. I seriously think you should be direct to your neighbour… tell him off. Unless you’re obstructing him or parked over the line, I see no reason why he should bitch to you. Like u say, ask him to speak to ur hubby lar!! U did not say what car he’s driving… maybe you can subtly hint he should get something smaller should he find it hard to handle ordinary sized cars. lol

    Waaa, who said TV is bad??? We got a Penang CSI in the making ler.. lol

  2. Erm… my guess is she memang park beyond the line lor. Or at least that’s what I understand from ‘jut out abit’. But really… too many kopi-o license out there. Maneuver car like dragging a bufallo like that. If a truck driver can maneuver an 18 wheeler around out onto a 2 lane road, I don’t see why anyone can’t reverse out of a carpark without hitting the car parked 2 car lengths away.

  3. 🙂 Come stay next to my house. My hubby accidently bang my neighbour’s car. We tot we sure kena toot edi wan. Mana tau he “its okay, Bang harder oso nia-mind. Company car ma..”

    But i think u shud tell yr neighbout off.

  4. QV – LOL, how true! But no lah, I will let his own conscience eats him up. Next time I will stare hard at him until he feels bad. And let him worry when my kids are going to ‘accidentally’ bump their skateboards into his car. That is more torturous. And I am still not guilty!

    sasha – Wuah so nice.

    gbyeow – It is one blardy family man with a wife and kid.

    Helen – Some Toyota. That’s why lor, he blardy ahkua mah, wait until one fine day when my kids were all making noise, running about and I was so busy making sure toddler did not simply run only he wants to talk to me. If gentleman, early-early tell my atm when he get hold of him mah. Cilaka mya jantan.

  5. You’re caught in between – a victim of circumstance. Schedule a boxing match btw your atm and neighbour and collect bets from your neighborhood. It should give you enough $$$ to replace the number plate. Good luck. 😛

  6. Do the dumb housewife act lar….

    “I dunno anything one. Tell my husband lor.. I’m just a C9, what do I know?”

    I think u should take time to printout the Kancil brochure for him to consider. TOyota is too big for him to handle. lol

  7. Wah, both of us damn lucky or wat. Why are we so blessed with such neighbours. We have parking issues with ours also. Likes to park in our space, niamahfulat.

  8. we have 5 cars at home n livin at this single storey house neighbourhood. infront of our house has got this pokok-pokok where we can park under the tree or just rite infront of our gate. we have no problem parking coz our immediate neighbour is our relative and apparently the house is empty. but then got this sampat neighbour next next to our immediate neighbour like to park just few feet next to our gate when he has berlambak space at his teritory esp the pokok area..claka o’ man. i got so frustrated, one fine afternoon, i squeze my slk between his car and my husband car which is just nice, only inches left b4 my slk hits his damn o’ proton saga..hahha..and since then he never park near our gate.

    must do back some STUNTTT to make this ppl scare…

  9. That’s going cost a bit to fix. It happened to me once but I was the one who broke the number plate of another guy’s car. Just left a note with my hp number. I later got a call from him and paid for the repair. I guess not everyone is considerate.

  10. Good day to all,
    what I suggest is very simple, GO to a hardware shop buy 2, 3 inch nails place them behind or infront of your neighbours car tyre (which ever direction he will most probably move in ie reverse or forward) slant the nail and wedge it against the tyre and road and leave it there. NO MORE PROBLEM!

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