William Hung angmotan

If you don’t want your kid to have teeth like William Hung,[tag] breastfeed[/tag]! Breastfed [tag]babies[/tag] are more unlikely to need [tag]orthodontists[/tag] and [tag]braces[/tag]. Bottle fed babies tend to get ‘eat watermelon teeth’ or rabbit teeth because the motion of suckling from a breast is different from a bottle. Enuff said.

Having said that…..

No, this is not a photo of [tag]William Hung[/tag] when he was three years old. This is William hung angmotan! HAHAHAHAHA!

14 thoughts on “William Hung angmotan

  1. Nice post, now I know where my rabbit tooth came from..lolx.
    Btw, would just like to know, are you going for Yvonne Foong’s charity rock concert?

  2. i told ppl b4 tat suck more bottle nipple head wil had rabbit tooth…no bosy blief me…

  3. William Hung is famous coz he dares to be different. Don’t look like the average star! šŸ˜‰

  4. That’s cool what you did with the morphing……

    and yes………. as a mom, I so believe in breastfeeding. Emillio, my son, who’s now 13, was breastfed for the first 6 months of his life, with nothing else but nature’s best!

    His teeth………. OK lah……
    but could do with more brushings in the mornings.
    haa haa

  5. WIlliam Hung…is a person who does his BEST and he has no regret..SALUTE!!!

    m breasfeeding my newborn..hope i dont need to spent $$ for braces and denture hahahahah…

  6. helen – If not badly arrange, in out in out type, it makes a man more boyish and woman cuter hor? But nowadays, every parent seems to put their kids in braces. Like status symbol likedat. See? See? I got money to make braces for my 12 yrs old.

    froginkl – It runs in the family also but breastfeeding helps.

    93-93 – You got sing in SS2 ker-tai anot?

    Lelainie – Good for you. All my kids were breastmilk fed but not breastfed. And it is scandalous that I run a breastfeeding community. Hahaha.

    m.o.t.t. – Yes, best rambutan ever. The Bangladeshi labourer gave my toddler, plucked from the State public park estate. That’s why my toddler was giving his toothy grins ‘cos he was shy.

    Mumof2 – He has certainly gone very far indeed.

    ahnel – Really ah? Hahaha, next time you make sure your babies are all breastfed ok?

    MLNS – Hehehe, tks. I dunno why one of his teeth chipped and that’s why one is shorter than the two front teeth. That’s why it makes him look like he got rabbit tooth.

    wuching – No lah. But William Wuching rhyme hor? Want to call yourself William?

    maR – Kehkehkeh

    lmokthar – šŸ™‚

    dylan – No lah, I am tied here in Penang.

  7. I think that his teeth is the one the make him so famous….he should be pretty rich by now…..but he fix his clothes and skin…but not his hair and his teeth, because it is his trademark

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