Constipated, verbal

Ever feel the frustrations of wanting to write something but you know you shouldn’t and yet feel restless and want to do so?

These days I do. I tried to push the matters off my mind. In a ‘bigger and private circle’, we had been told to take an interest. Personally, I wouldn’t want to know because I trust my [tag]God[/tag] up there. Let Him deal with His squabbling chewren.

There are sensitive things that shouldn’t be written. But somehow things still got around to me. I got an sms today about such and such police report made against such and such ‘organisation’ to protest over so and so choice of [tag]faith[/tag] and we are asked to pray over it. (heh, as if I haven’t read blogs to catch the drift much, much earlier)

Personally, I don’t like to see the way things are moving. I don’t like to see the matter as a spiritual warfare between two huge groups of people loving the same God. I don’t understand why so and so chosed her path. It baffles me. If a person claims to love God, God will guide them through. After all, haven’t God said that if we love God, we have to sacrifice?

I see this as a real test between two major faiths. Unfortunately, one of them is mine, so I have to be aware of the matter. Otherwise, I will be like the rest of you, standing by the side and cheer and sneer while the two fling verbal abuses. Currently, publicly, on the blogsphere, we see one side louder than the other because even I myself am keeping quiet. I don’t want to take sides and I prefer to climb up the fence and hope the storm will blow over soon.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the storm will blow over anytime soon because this is a major, major issue. I just hope that all my saudara and saudari of Malaysian nationalities will stop being hostile towards each other and leave the matter to God Almighty. Let us pray to God that the authorities have the wisdoms to resolve this matter with satisfactory results for both faiths. (which is very hard) Let us not take this matter as a show of strength and power but instead a test of our faiths in God Almighty.

I also wonder…… would it be better for a person to leave one faith to fall back on another (equally strict one) or is it better that the person continue to live in sin (as dictated by the faith) but pretend to appear holy on the outside?

As for a blogger’s puzzle over the equation that 1+1+1 can never be one, let me clarify. A father can be a son to his father, a husband to the wife and the father of his children. So, it is still one single person with three different roles. 3-in-1. It is the trend, you know? Hahaha. Peace!

BTW, all [tag]Catholics [/tag] in [tag]Malaysia[/tag] are asked to keep August 14th (next Monday) as a day of fast and prayers for [tag]peace[/tag] in the Middlle-East.

August 14, day of fast and prayer

Kuala Lumpur : Answering Pope Benedict XVI’s earlier call (on July 19) to pray for peace in the Middle East, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Most Reverend Datuk Murphy Pakiam has set Monday, August 14 as a day of fast and prayer. On the following day, August 15, which is the Feast of the Assumption, collections will be taken at all Masses for the innocent victims of this conflict in Palestine and[tag] Lebanon[/tag]. The offering will be sent to the Pope’s Pontifical Council Cor Unum for Human Development.

P/S : If you know which issue I am talking about and wish to comment, please keep it subtle.

13 thoughts on “Constipated, verbal

  1. The trouble with being subtle is people may not be sure what exactly the issue is…and this may lead to a whole lot of misunderstanding. Asians do that all the time cos to them, it’s good manners! Reminds me of the scene in Fiddler on the Roof…the father trying to marry off the daughter to the butcher and the butcher thought he was trying to sell him his cow!!!

  2. I made similar remarks to the most influential blogger in Malaysia, that while he’s ever eager to slam and to some extent compete with the mainstream media, issues closer to heart are not explored.

    Being a protestant myself and as much as i would like to rest in peace, it’s not so easy anymore as the boundaries are pushed closer and closer.

    There will come a time when we have to get off the fence and be counted and i believe that time is now.

  3. Aiks! Who wants to bet with me that as soon as QuaVadis reads this blog, he’ll post an almighty long comment worthy of making your eyes go juling? Hehehe.
    But jokes aside, yalor, a bit worrying about what’s been happening in M’sia and the hostilities toward ppl of other faith. I thought we’ve always prided ourselves as a multi-religion and multi-racial nation who’re able to live side-by-side in harmony? What’s happening to that?

  4. 1900+ years ago, Jesus say
    “Father, forgive them: they know not what they do”

    That’s homo sapiens.

  5. moo_t – LOL, Please dun bring in Jesus’s name or else this will get sensitive.

    mama23beas – Yeah, very sensitive.

    mott – QV is/was some Theologian student before. Could have/will be a priest someday, or perhaps not. LOL.

    Niger /Cooking 4STP- Yeah, but we are always at the losing end. And what is happening to the sufferings of the children and women in the Middle-East is a reminder to us. There can be no end.

    STP – This case must be subtle lah, at least on my part. I dunwan to eat curry rice for the rest of my life, ok?

    wuching – Heh, you are out of touch. Hot issue here.

    Lrong – Hi! Tks for dropping by.

    Menj – Hehehe, in a way, yes. Glad you read this.

  6. I have no idea what you are talking about. Can you clue me in? I don’t read the newspapers by the way, except for the comic pages.

  7. SEXYMAMA commented on August 10th, 2006:^

    I have no idea what you are talking about. Can you clue me in? I don’t read the newspapers by the way, except for the comic pages.

    Ok, let’s get this out.

    I was talking about Lina Joy who was a Malay Muslim who found her love in an Indian Catholic man and somehow or other, she was baptised as a Catholic. She is married as a Catholic. But she can’t get her IC to change her Islam religion to whatever. Because of this, she dare not have any children because if she does so, her child may be taken away from her because technically, she is a Muslim. Moreover, she can also be charged by the Syariah Court for committing adultery. So, she tried to get the court to change her religion.

    In the process, Muslims are opposing this because as you know, this is not permissible (well according to which law, I am not smart enough to comprehend). I do understand the Muslims’ issue because if one is allowed to change religion, there may be others who will follow too.

    And as a Catholic, we are asked to pray for God’s guidance that this issue can be resolved in a peaceful manner. Because police report(s) have/has been lodged against the Church of Fatima of Brickfields. So, things are sticky because of these leap of faith.

    To add on to the drama, it was claimed that Lina Joy has some backings from a USA group and in the drama and fireworks, there are accusations (or truth, wateva, I am not interested to know) that this group has some Jewish connections. And as everyone know, situations have always been tensed when Muslims, Jewish and sometimes Christians are involved.

    And if you are curious why we (the three faiths) are always fighting, I also dunno. I guess we are all like children, squabbling to claim God Almighty’s favourite lap. Because our faiths all rooted to the same creation by God but through the centuries, we have different prophets. Muslims said Nabi Muhamed S.A.W is THE messenger. Jews are waiting for their Messiah. Christians said Jesus is the Son of God, which Muslims refute. There, go figure….

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