Ok, ok, let’s forget all those tensions and what nots.  My kids are watching Herbie and this Hello song by that Nicole’s dad, the Paris Hilton ex-girlfriend, Nicole? Err…what’s the name?

Yayaya, Nicole Ritchie …Yes! Lionel Ritchie !

The first time when Malaysia got colour TV transmission was around this time when the Hello song was hot-hot-hot.   I was about 18 yrs or 19 years old.   So that makes a huge majority of you kiddoes, not born yet.   Probably, your dad had not met your mom even! Or gosh, your dad was still in puberty!   Your mom didn’t have eggs yet!   Oooooo….is it that long ago?

1984 – TV3 was born and with it, we get to watch movies in colour!   Gone were the days of Combat, Hawaii Five-O minus colours. (steal this date from Chee Aun’s Phoenity blog)

So, back to this Hello music video.   There was this girl who is blind, doing some pottery, sitting down with those clay thingie.   And Lionel Ritchie was walking along the corridor and singing the song.   Awwww….that was my first ever music video in colour on TV3.   And I watched that when I was in KL and came back home to blab how marvellous colour TVs were.   I can’t explain the exhilaration of watching colour TV!   It was much more thrilling than when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. (ei, I was only 5 yrs old, ok?)
Sigh…those days when even the slightest things will get the whole kampung to cheer.   Can we ever keep those camaraderie amongst us Malaysians ?   Can we always have something to cheer about without tension?

Now, tell me where were you when we first have colour TV in our country?