Do you remember the first time we have colour TV?

Ok, ok, let’s forget all those tensions and what nots.  My kids are watching Herbie and this Hello song by that Nicole’s dad, the Paris Hilton ex-girlfriend, Nicole? Err…what’s the name?

Yayaya, Nicole Ritchie …Yes! Lionel Ritchie !

The first time when Malaysia got colour TV transmission was around this time when the Hello song was hot-hot-hot.   I was about 18 yrs or 19 years old.   So that makes a huge majority of you kiddoes, not born yet.   Probably, your dad had not met your mom even! Or gosh, your dad was still in puberty!   Your mom didn’t have eggs yet!   Oooooo….is it that long ago?

1984 – TV3 was born and with it, we get to watch movies in colour!   Gone were the days of Combat, Hawaii Five-O minus colours. (steal this date from Chee Aun’s Phoenity blog)

So, back to this Hello music video.   There was this girl who is blind, doing some pottery, sitting down with those clay thingie.   And Lionel Ritchie was walking along the corridor and singing the song.   Awwww….that was my first ever music video in colour on TV3.   And I watched that when I was in KL and came back home to blab how marvellous colour TVs were.   I can’t explain the exhilaration of watching colour TV!   It was much more thrilling than when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. (ei, I was only 5 yrs old, ok?)
Sigh…those days when even the slightest things will get the whole kampung to cheer.   Can we ever keep those camaraderie amongst us Malaysians ?   Can we always have something to cheer about without tension?

Now, tell me where were you when we first have colour TV in our country?

27 thoughts on “Do you remember the first time we have colour TV?

  1. actually females are born with millions of them. or was it hundreds thousands? that’s why so difficult to conceive… !!

  2. Wa I remember the first time my dad bought the colour tv back! It’s the Telefunken in a big box like a table..and we still have it at mom’s place but it doesn’t work now but we actually used it till astro was introduced!! Amazing isn’t it??

  3. I think during my primary school time. There is nothing to thrill about color TV in Klang Valley. But is it a time where schoolmate flying to Singapore for holiday will be given an envy “huh-hah”.

  4. Nicholas – I am national treasure mah, like the Coliseum. LOL.

    moo_t – Wuah…I only get to fly when I was in Form Three and that was only to Ipoh.

    laundryamah – Yeah, Telefunken was THE brand back then. Ours was a Toshiba with all those round knobs.

  5. I think we had color tv long before TV3 la, at least in Penang kua. Coz TV3 was introduced in KL earlier and penang only had it a few years later. I was in kindy/ early primary when we had our first color tv. It was JVC brand ^_^.

  6. wooo, we have the Telefunken too… its like a giant back at our apartment like 15 yrs ago!!! gosh, its that long meh? hmm colour TV ah, i think i was eerr, 5 yrs old ah? chun la that time got colour… me and my brother sooo excited… can still remember that ugly Tee Veee Tiga… Untuk Anda Song… wuarharharhar

  7. Gosh 1984 was my last year in the army.

    We did not get a color TV at my house until 1973 or 1974. Very late for the US. My Dad was convinced that we would all die of radiation poisoning from the telly’s emmissions. haha

  8. I remember I was 10 years old (1978) when the historic moment occurred. We were all sitting, eyes transfixed on the tv screen, waiting for the moment when the Man With The Control flicked the switch and *voila!* The screen filled with colour! The thrill! The exhilaration!!

  9. I wasn’t even born then, I think. I don’t even remember using a tv without a remote though I do have one collecting dust right now. Lol

  10. I remember moving to our new house in greenlane in ’63 ( batu lanchang was really quiet and scary at night cycling back from tuition with the cemetery as a backdrop! and greenlane was a simple 2 way road easily crossed as there was little traffic then)and having a 29inch pye tv (it looked that big to me then!) somewhere in the mid to late ’60s.Couldn’t wait to come back from SXBS and watch tv.There was Gigantor,Astro Boy,Danger island,the Munsters,Zorro,Lone ranger,Shintaro- dubbed in english then later on in BM!,Bailey’s Bird starring one of our classmate!,Lassie and the usual must see malay movies on starring p.ramlee.
    Colour tv came in the late 70s in the form of a phillips.

  11. ah, blood was black on B&W TV. in my kampung in the early 80’s there was only one house with a tv set and the whole kampung folks, some even from neighbouring kampungs, would come there every friday night to watch “tayangan gambar”.

  12. I was in Miri around either 6 or 7 yrs old(1970’s) when I first get a saw color TV (some kind of News) It was broadcast from Brunei (Malaysia didn’t have color, yet) …. it was like… wow… what a treat.

  13. Wah.. Lilian, you got avid readers from the Borneo island huh.. I was in Sibu then.. too poor to have color tv (in the mid 1970s) and was a bit out of place when my classmates were discussing what color shirt Steve (from the Six Million Dollar man) was wearing… all i said was.. tot it was grey color shirt..hmmmm…

  14. U mean it wasnt in colour before? HAHAHA, honestly I can’t recall a time when it was not in colour, but I do recall watching a black and white TV but tat’s a small little dinky one and when u turn it off, the light slowly fade to this small little white dot on the center of the screen..hehehe….

    I guess it was colour all the time since I could recall, but my first deep impression a news made on me was a news report on RTM of the Late John Paul II assasinatino attempt…..and that was in colour…and growing up with that Singh guy reading the news…can’t recall his name…he’s still doing the news..I think……

  15. 1984? Was it that recently? I was 4 years old then… can’t remember when tv wasnt in colour actually…

  16. I wasn’t even conceived yet, the only tv I can remember is a boxed colour tv unlike those in the big big cabinet, but I did get a chance to fiddle with a black and white cabinet television one of my relatives had, and I was in awe that time, coz the tv looked so unique..bleah

  17. Aunty? U are an antique? Ooh..better make sure a certain cousin’s husband doesn’t see you..cos he collects antiques hehehe…oooh boy…am I really going to get it from her later hahahahahahahahaahhaahahahahhahahaha……..

  18. LOL, so many fond memories of those TV with the sliding door. Thanks for all the inputs and going down memory lane, folks!

  19. “Hello”? Saw on one show…they said it’s a stalker’s song!!! In the video clip, Lionel was stalking this poor blind girl!! When I was growing up, we had radio…shortwave with all kinds of funny noises (and NO TV)!! I listened to “RM Playhouse” and visualised everything in my mind…and later on, wrote a few myself (actually to get some money to go to the disco! RM30 per story!). Students today are NOT imaginative, NOT creative…all becos of TV!

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