Pak Besaq and how we need to get a life

I still am on the top of the search engines where [tag]Siti Nurhaliza[/tag] and [tag]Datuk K[/tag] are concerned.  Blame the culprits on the press.

Like who cares who gave her that pendant on her neck?  Do we need a whole column just to speculate if it is from Datuk K aka Pak Besaq (Big Daddy-O) or it is a marketing gimmick by some big jewelleries company?  Dude, we got more pressing issues to feature like why people are going around hacking innocent victims to death, why people are going around terrorising the airports in Britain, the sufferings in Lebanon and other bigger issues.

Then, turn the next few pages and wham!  there she goes again.  This time is how romantic Pak Besaq is.  Strawberry dipped in chocolate.  Ooohh….lomantik sungguh….But who the hell cares….Must it appear on our national mainstream media?  Don’t we have better things to feature?

But something caught my eyes.  Siti said a Chinese fortune teller had predicted that her (future)  beau will be someone with moustache.  Heh, almost all rich Malay tycoons have moustache, ok? However, jeng jeng jeng….I wonder how this news will go down with the majority of the people.  Elo…. apa ni?  Siti pun boleh percaya kat tukang tilik?

This…my dear friends whom had been going around upholding their faith to the verge of belittling my Lord and my belief….this is the real issue that you guys may want to arrest.  Remember that Christianity is not the issue.  The worshipping of celebrities, money, idols (in the form of celebrities), perkara-perkara yang diharamkan oleh Islam adalah isu-isu yang jauh lebih penting.  Mengapa Madam Zorra (seorang tukang tilik) boleh diterima sebagai celebriti dalam majalah Akademi Fantasia (as seen on Astro)?  Apakah ini tidak lebih membimbangkan saudara-saudara semua?

Anyway, I would like to share a link I got from Yvonne.  It is written by John Ling and I had read through it.  Though it doesn’t answer all my questions why people are killing each other, at least I am a little more aware now.

So, Pak Besaq ke, Pak Pandir ke, kita orang tak minat, jek.

22 thoughts on “Pak Besaq and how we need to get a life

  1. Well, I guess in this world where its either Tun Dr M slamming Pak Lah, or Pak Lah defending himself or Khairy defending himself, I guess some people just want to see what Siti is doing to get out of the monotony of their lives.

    As to why people end up killing each other, well, lets look at Cain and Abel…….from that we can guess that as long as they are humans with different ideas, creed, culture and sex, we will always end up killing each other…no?

  2. You hit the point again…our papers are turning into tabloid papers rather than acting as a mainstream paper.

  3. Well concerning Pak Besak’s name could it be she’s hinting how besak he is anatonomily! well me I like my women dipped in chocolate! but everyone to their own no?

  4. Dear Lilian,

    I totally agree with you. If she’s getting married so what??? Like we care ….

  5. Quote ” The worshipping of celebrities, money, idols, perkara-perkara yang diharamkan…. “.

    Sensitive, sensitive, sensitive. Becuase it is related to you know what entities, you cannot discuss it because it is sensitive and not suppose to be discussed.

    Today weather very good hor. Quite cooling outside.

  6. moo_t – Nay…I am speaking the truth and actually quoting from our Catholic church’s Herald (weekly paper). We see that (money, celeb, p0rn etc) as a threat more than anything else.

    AA – Ya, anymore than that, we are meddling, isn’t it? But tell that to the loads of fans! Hahaha.

    gila2 – Ya, definitely the nickname will get tongues to wag.

    iskandar – Petai dipped in sambal belacan better lah!

    QV – Like it? I like the lyrics, break down the wall and build a bridge, that’s our duty.

  7. seriously who on earth would wanna call their bf/fiance big daddy??? so gross and i din know siti can be so kinky hahahaha

  8. so easily bought this Siti. All Datuk K had to do was buy her strawberries and chocolates! Hahaha

  9. cooking4STP – We can expect a surge in strawberries sale. Hmmm…I think I must go get myself a pack and blog it in my food blog! Title it like ‘Strawberries besaq Siti’ or something like that.

    babe – Yeah, it does sound a little notty to me eventhough I try not to think senget.

  10. Auntie lilian ar,i need your help. Why people always attack our blog 1 when we’re just voicing our opinion? I got attacked many times just because I wrote some stuffs bout what’s happening in my current lifes………………..

  11. Please la Lil….I have enough, but at the same time can’t help it, have to read also…don’t want to continuosly think senget…hehe.
    Anyway, hubby said people don’t read anymore…it’s the newspaper yang syok sendiri, of course I don’t agree. It sells, that’s why it keeps coming up frontpage….before this, people have no excuse to say anything bad about her…but now..dunno what to say la.

    Looking forward to your ‘Strawberries besaq Siti’ post:).
    Have a good weekend. Mine will certainly be one;)

  12. Haha..good one! In the same said paper, got someone claiming he can make some “toyol(?)” fly..and shriek!!!!! HAHAHAHAAHAH sigh….

  13. mott – Got ah? Hahaha. But I just read about the properties split with the Datin K. Wow…so much properties.

    mama23beas – Yalor, the paper just want to sell more papers.

    sorrow – The world is like that lor….when people can’t find someone nearby, they pick on us blogger. Just ignore them, delete comments and soon, they will find other people to pick on. If you keep responding, they will stick around ‘cos these ppl skins memang very thick one.

  14. Well, its dubbed by the media as “wedding of the year”. Now you know every Malay magazine that carries Siti’s photos sell like hotcakes.

    I guess the Msian media is dying for their own version of “Charles and Diana” kind of wedding.

    That will lift the sombre mood that the media is going thru’ with news of Mahathir, Pak Lan and Khairy answering critics. Plus news of rape and murder on a daily basis. Reading the news do start you on a bad mood these days.

    Today’s papers report that Datuk K’s ex-wife is getting multi million divorce settlement plus annual overseas vacation etc etc. Makes you wonder how these people make money.

    Fighting in the Middle East is as old as the Old Testament. This part of the world has been cursed to fight until the end of the world.

  15. hi..first time here…this siti trivia thingy is horrifyinglah…personally…i doubted this datuk hehe…maybe she should get to the ‘tukang tilik’ on what-will-be=his-attitude-when-he-become-her husband.
    Interesting blog…….care to visit mine yang tak seberapa tuh..

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