Argghhh!!! I told Yvy I am going to her church ceremony and wedding dinner  and play photographer for her big day.  One more hour to go and I am at home…..Just got back from the hospital.

Toddler has been sick for a few days but I thought it is just a mild one. Apparently the flu bugs refused to leave and he has high fever now.   Had it since last night. So, I have to forget about leaving him with the papa liao ‘cos he needs sponging and voltran (suppository).  Even the paediatrician is sick with croaking voice.
*text SMS to wish Yvy and also to send apologies*

BTW, those photos above were taken few days ago.  These are medicines for two kids.  Now got  new batch of another four more bottles of medicine.  Duh, I can open a pharmacy already.   Or maybe a  Kelinik Kanak-Kanak Dr. Quack- Paediatric Clinic. And no, I don’t feed all those medicines, only selected ones.
*sigh*  Toddler resting on his big kor-kor is so adorable.  He treated the eldest brother like a cushion.  So, so, cute.

Haih……back to nursing duty.  I must thank God that toddler get this kind of high fever like twice in three years only.  So must count myself very lucky.

15 thoughts on “Argggh!!!!!

  1. easy for you to give him his medication or not?
    aiyooh! last time when my younger boy was little, it was a real challenge when time to give medicine.
    anyway, wish your toddler a speedy recovery. 😉

  2. oh, hope little boy will be better soon. oscar was down with a fever few days ago but was ok now.. i think its the weather and also the hazz la…. you too, dont fall sick ok.. drink lots of water!

  3. There’s a bout of bad flu going around. Hope your boy recover soon!! lol

    Hey, lucky you blog, if not, it’s quite sien staying home watching the poor boy!!

  4. helen – Yalor…so sienz. I cud be at Yvy’s wedding dinner now, slurrping everything except sharksfin (LOL, Yvy anti-sharksfin eater) but kena stay home. He doesn’t fuss so it is ok but still can’t go anywhere while my atm is shopping in Metrojaya!!!! Arrggh…triple arggh…

    Angeline – Yalor, the haze and the crazy hot weather with sudden rain. I usually will fall sick after everyone is recovered. Sick also must postpone. LOL.

    wuching – What song you want? Hakka, Foochow, Hokkien?

    nyonyapenang – Heh, he won’t get a chance with me. No negotiation, I am merciless. Give medicine, I expert liao.

    anastasia – Thks

    earl-ku – Annual jab over liao, lucky.

  5. so many medicines… i’ll find somewhere to hide from my mum if she ever force me to take that many medicines… hope your boy has already recover from fever and flu.

  6. It doesn’t matter! Kids who fall sick ALL the time will be healthier later in life;they have the antibodies! Just make sure the fever doesn’t go up too high…cos it may lead to brain damage! That was a smart move not to give all the medicine! Imagine all the chemicals in the poor little thing! I usually tried natural ways like HOT milk and wrapped under blanket to get the kid sweating…

  7. STP: True true hehehehe…(am thinking of someone who used to have extremely high fever as a kid hahahah)

    Aunty: Travelling tips, whenever I end up with an attack of fever during my travellings, I usually end up in the sauna and sweat it out for 15 minutes in there followed by gallons of water….and then sleep, always work…so far…

  8. BTW, Lilian…ur kid good at taking medicine? My daughter took them like candy; much harder to get her to eat rice. I know one fella…when he was sick and it was medicine time, he would cry…and cry…and cry…and the mother, the sisters and the maid would all have to hold his hands and manja-manja him to take the medicine, and even then, with much difficulty!!! So funny! Can still visulaise the ridiculous scene!!!

  9. Dr Quack the Paedrician exists..

    there is a Dr Quak Policlinic along Jln Bakar Arang in SP, Kedah..

    Check it out hahaha

  10. lovepixie – Yaya, I think I saw that name but not in SP but in BM. I wanted to take a photo but sked the doctor sue me. Hehehe.

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