Fascinate with ghosts? Read on…..

This Astro seems to have a fascination with[tag] ghosts[/tag] and will show over it’s channels all sorts of ghost stories during the Chinese Hungry Ghosts festival month. One about Haunting was shown on Discovery Channel and right now, another one on Star World .

The one on Discovery Channel ended with this dramatic exorcism by a Catholic priest. Do you know that all of us converts, i.e. those of us who are not born a Christian but lovingly and willingly and knowingly embrace the faith, will be exorcised during our one year course (RCIA)? We had to be exorcised before we are baptised . Heh, no drama, this one. We just have to pledge not to believe in the devil, denounce our previous faiths and idols. Then, the priest just lay his hands on our forehead. No shrieking or thrashing of ourselves though the devil means many of the evils we practiced.

So, when we watch these shows on exorcism, I often joked with my kids to remember what to say if they encounter someone who is possessed. “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you (Satan) to leave (name of the person possessed).” Through faith, and not through any mumbo-jumbo, we hope to defeat Satan . The Bible has several examples of these situations where Jesus commanded the devils to leave a person possessed. One of the instance, the devils ran into a herd of pigs and the pigs jumped off the cliff. Heh, pigs always have a bad reputation, don’t they?

When I was small, my neighbour taught me how to invite a ghost into the house. Ghosts are believed to live in banana trees, (yeah, right) and what we need to do is to tie a white ribbon from any banana tree to your bedroom window. During the night, the ghost (let it be pretty and sexy one for the humsup male, a handsome palace guard for the ladies) will use the white ribbon as their lifeline and go to your room. Heh, I never tried that ‘cos I was only 8 years old when I listened to stuffs like these. Try it and if it works, let me know?

Thanks to LinPeh, the local blogsphere[tag] ghostbuster[/tag], I finally found the full story of this junction which we local Penangites know are ‘dirty’. A young guy who worked in a fish & pet shops died in an accident here many years ago. I used to patronise his shop. God bless his soul. There were other cases of fatal road accident on this stretch.

Georgetown – The Deadly Junction (Bomoh Kuai – Bomoh Ghost)

It is a T-Junction, located beside the Union High School, It Was said that if you ever drive across it late at night, your car will go out of control, & crash because there were many accidents happened there. some said that there is a tiny unknown tree which looks like a lady carrying a child beside the road, they saw her figure & a child screaming, some old folks said she was once a “bomoh”(witch) & she kidnapped her sister’s son,somehow they never appear after being seen beside this “DEADLY JUNCTION”.

After I read LinPeh’s post, one evening while I was driving home, I took out my camera and shot this. This is the junction going into Batu Gantung Crematorium, graveyard and also jeng, jeng, jeng…the Penang Racecourse. I don’t know if this is the exact spot but our over-imagination see the shape of an angry face on this tree trunk. Anyway, after I took that pic, I fast-fast said a prayer that may all the deceased souls have a place to go and may God have mercy on them and please protect all the motorists, school children and road users in the vicinity.

So, should we believe in ghosts? Nay…Believe that all good souls have a place to go. All naughty souls have their homes too. And those restless souls who are trying hard to ‘return home’ will find their peace if we believe there is a better place for them in Heaven. Follow the Light.

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  1. I think believing in ghosts is as serious as believing in feng shui or palmistry – things that we cannot see but tend to assume exists AND is RIGHT *shrugs

  2. Georgetown – The Deadly Junction

    I never believe it is due to ghost. that road is a pretty straight road and Penang drivers aren’t really concern about safety. I can imagine how many modified kancil and proton sped and lost control of their car on a rainy day. These cars don’t really have the best safety features (i.e. abs breaks, electronic stability and good suspension). Ghost are just a cover-up for these reckless drivers.

  3. white ribbon? i thot it was red string but then hor, QV’s friend done it b4! but no pretty ghost came..infact no ghosts came at all so he was dissapointed! hahahah!

  4. i heard is u pee at the banana tree then take a red string tied the tree n pull the string into ur room n tied it to ur leg…

  5. I think some people just like to be scared. The feeling after fear is euphoric isnt it? Like after riding a roller coaster.

  6. Aunti, you damn 9 free or what ? Lin Peh Chin Chai post oso you go look for “it” ! HAHAHHAH!

    When Lin Peh tok about penang piaomei next time, you please don’t go take picture…ok ? LOL!

  7. I do believe in ghost N at the same time agree with Rodney about reckless drivers. That particular junction and the stretch in front of PFS are prone to fatal accidents.

  8. What? No extra object lurking in your photo? lol In movies, you’ll see the extra person in the background after u developed the pics… but you’re using digicam, so, a bit anti climax hor? lol

  9. helen – Heh, I don’t believe therefore, I don’t get.

    muteaudio & Rodney – I agree lah but I just want to create urban myth mah. Just wanna fan the craze of believing in ghosts. Anywyay, with all due respects to the deceaseds, some of these accident happened late at night and the drivers are intoxicated.

    Fabio – Wei, if I write too many ghosts stories, later people tarik me to church and exorcise me.

    Lin Peh – Haiyor, I drive pass the junction every single day, twice a day so I purposely write to break the taboo mah. That jalan hor, every day also got lots of ‘silver papers’ because the funeral hearse all go to the creamatorium and will throw a lot of the papers. And the funny thing hor, the Syariah Court is along the way and sometimes hor, there seem to be a lot of papers at the entrance. LOL. I dunno it is wind or the people purposely wan. Kehkehkeh. BTW, that creamatorium (where they burn the coffin), was where my son was cremated.

    marina – Ya, I agree with you, it is the entertainment when we go for bungalow stays (especially in Penang Hill) and camps. It gives the males to scare the girls and the girls the chance to manja the guys. Right anot?

    ahnel – LOL, you pee wrongly, end up on ‘some’ head, your own ‘head’ also bengkak.

    wuching – Red ribbon for revenge lah. Pink ribbon for gays ghosts. LOL.

    pelf – People loves the mystical stuffs so I am helping to feed the imaginations. 😛

  10. HAHAHAHAHA, funny thing, Wuching and I was talking bout this a few days back hahahaha..tat’s why he knew about the ghost story hahaha…

    Hmmm..Red for revenge and Pink for gays hahahahaha

    Anyway, spirits, evil and good abound, ghost are around us but they wouldn’t harm us, they can’t harm us.

    The devil however…ahhh..that’s a different story….

  11. The one on discovery channel on Haunting is using a taoist priest. Saw that. Very interesting and scary(!!!!) for someone who don’t watch horror movie.

    The myth about inviting sprit to your house – the version I had is tie a white sewing string around the ‘jantung’ pisang. Come night time, you will hear the spirit cry cos it is painful. Wah!!! dem scary. Dare not even try.

  12. Actually it’s neither the banana or the banana tree but the flower. Red string to the flower and the end to your big toe.

    Check out those pontianak Taoist movies! 😛

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