The neverending To-do-list

  1. Top Ten Terrorizing Recipes to Serve Your Horrible Boss During the Company Pot Luck. – Simon
  2. Why SIti choose K – Helen
  3. why do people choose gay names for themselves (or maybe it is the parent’s fault), e.g. Vanness (from F4), Fabio etc? – Loong
  4. If I could be a famous (you can add more adjectives like rich, young, etc. if you wish) person for just one day, who would it be & why? – SkyJuice
  5. Saya sebuah kereta… Abe
  6. Can women cry “Rape” within marriage? – alan2006
  7. Saya sebatang Tongkat. – Tongkat AhLian
  8. “Little white lies”?? – Suituapui
  9. our Pulau’s surviving Teng Teng / Bangkali Loti – K Sin
  10. how to get an extra money? – Mama Nuzul
  11. – go on, keep me amused, suggest your title –

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