Yvy is getting married today!

The Teh Tarik girl is getting hitched. Yvy is getting married. Yvy is going to be Mrs. Ted! Go and send your good wishes, blessings and good vibes at her blog. Her wedding photo is up now!
To Yvy and Ted – May the Lord showers His blessings abundantly on both of you for a happy, romantic, joyful and blessed life together. Yaaaaaaaaam Sennnnnnnnng!
I am going to gate-crash!

4 thoughts on “Yvy is getting married today!

  1. Tying the knot? Hmmm…! Thank God, reading ur blog didn’t put her off the whole idea of being full-time house wife and mother. I guess no matter how we moan and groan…at the end of it all, we find such satisfaction and sheer joy (I’m talking about marriage and NOTHING else!! Ha ha ha!).

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