Api – Kecil-kecil jadi kawan, sudah besar jadi lawan

Api – Kecil-kecil jadi kawan, sudah besar jadi lawan

(Translated as : Fire: When small, it is the friend, when big, it turns into an enemy)

Burning effigies, burning flags are symbolic in a protest.  But is that the kind of attitude we want to plant in our youths?  Haven’t we seen enough how our neighbouring country burn buildings and even embassies if they can get their hands on it?  Do we want to encourage that kind of aggresiveness?
Say if the people are so passionate   about a cause. I am sure there are more constructive ways to channel those energies.  I can think of many.  Such as raising funds for the sufferings.  Like washing cars to raise money?  See?  It is just a simple act.  And it is symbolic too.
How about prayers across the nation?   Isn’t God Almighty the power that can and will solve the feuding countries?

If you ask me, there is more common sense in reaching out to help the sufferings than to protest against a country that even the United Nations have problem in taming.  Dude, no one is going to see a tiny ripple in a big ocean.  But God will be touched to see the tiny effort you make in trying to help the poor, injured, suffering victims of war.

Just a reminder : All Catholics are asked to fast today for the peace in the Middle-East.  And remember that tomorrow is a day of obligation (to attend mass, i.e.).

August 14, day of fast and prayer

Kuala Lumpur : Answering Pope Benedict XVI’s earlier call (on July 19) to pray for peace in the Middle East, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Most Reverend Datuk Murphy Pakiam has set Monday, August 14 as a day of fast and prayer. On the following day, August 15, which is the Feast of the Assumption, collections will be taken at all Masses for the innocent victims of this conflict in Palestine and Lebanon. The offering will be sent to the Pope’s Pontifical Council Cor Unum for Human Development.

9 thoughts on “Api – Kecil-kecil jadi kawan, sudah besar jadi lawan

  1. True, what’s the point of burning effigies, flags, etc etc? Maybe its good media hype and publicity stunts but its almost as insane an idea as boycotting Danish products (during the time of the comic strip issue) for at the end of the day, it only reflects badly on the person doing it or inviting people to do it as it shows what form of an animal you truly are.

    Prayers is the best remedy for all situations, though it is very difficult to fall on our knees and pray for those who hates us, hurts us or causes us aggravation and stress, but when we actually fnid the ability to do so, we actually can see that it is indeed extremely rewarding.

  2. OOh!! First person to comment again 😛

    Well, continuation, I mentioned rewarding, well, its rewarding because it gives us spiritual satisfaction and also emotional comfort to pray for someone we do not like and how great a psychological aid that is, we don’t have to spend thousands on a shrink, all we have to do is pray for those who hurts us or those around us and we suddenly can realise that we are more at peace with ourselves and those around us.

  3. fire80 – LOL, I wish!

    QV – Hahaha, if I can go way past the ‘ignore’ I will be very happy already but to pray for the oher party, it takes a lot of prayers.

  4. well, politics is a very interesting subject. the guy preaching it does all he can to be top of the line. as if burning a few flags will stop a war.

  5. I personally think burning flags are a waste of time and pollutes the environment. All this sufffering is useless.
    Someone should give them some hash, play some Bob Marley and get high on love and peace…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Sigh..

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