Which router is better? Netgear or Linksys?

My current [tag]Netgear[/tag][tag] router[/tag] is the  801.11b (11Mps) type which is not compatible with my laptop.  My Acer can’t get the wireless signal and right now, I am using cable.

It is several years old and we are thinking of getting the later version – 801.11g type  , 54 Mps which is only about RM175.  Previously, we had [tag]Linksys[/tag] but for some weird reasons, it keeps giving problems.  We bought the Netgear while the Linksys was at the repair shop (while under warranty) and later gave away the Linksys (a new unit) to someone.

I read that the 54Mps is five times faster than the 11Mps which I think is bullshit because [tag]Telekom[/tag][tag] streamyx [/tag]is dead slow so nothing can go faster anyway. Ibadat apek mati pucuk, kena kopi tongkat ali pun tak ada reaksi.   Right or not?  We subscribe  to the RM88 [tag]broadband[/tag] package.
So, any brand recommendation?  The Linksys is more expensive than Netgear by about RM60 but it has some added features like a buffer or something (regulating the signal like that).  However, I doubt we want another Linksys due to the past problems.  And over here, where I am, the shops stock mostly Netgear, Linksys and Aztec (I think?) only.
Faster-faster, tell me which brand to buy ‘cos I am tired of having a laptop that is tied to a cable, unless I picked up some neighbour’s wi-fi signal. ;)   We have two PCs and two laptops at home in a 800 sq ft area.  Me wanna secretly surft p0rn from the toilet also cannot.  Hahaha.

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  1. BTW, I had done what was suggested in my previous related post. Another thing is the line keep getting cut off and we have to on/off the router very often. We have set the number of computers to access too.

  2. It should be noted that when its talking about 11Mbps and 54Mbps it is not talking about Streamyx’s speed. The WLAN’s speed and your broadband speed are two different things altogether. Thus the speed on the routers are in reference to the speed of data transfer between your computers and the router, while the speed of Streamyx is from ther interweb to your modem.

  3. Also there really shouldn’t be an issue over what router to buy unless we are looking at specific models.

    Ooh I can’t vouch for the model you linked to though. My sister has it, but is having problems with her wireless network like being only able to connect to the internet in the evening. But that may be due to her ISP than the router itself, which does work in the sense that she is always connected to it wirelessly.

  4. Linksys is under Cisco now, so everything under Cisco is expensive. Since you use notebook, just bring it over to the shop and configure there. Save all the hassle reading the manual.

  5. I prefer Linksys. Streamyx screwing up again. They open too mnay ports without upgrading the backbone. That means 1mbps disconnections.

  6. I kenot recommend to you since I got no commission for the router u going to buy.

    But then hor, i was thinking that Linksys mia wireless router got sapport a/b/g one. You think it’s good ah? You go try la. I think must be good than other brand one.

    If u dun belief me, can also try 3com mia also. That 1 i tak tau apa model la. but if those mentioned ada a/b/g can consider la

  7. I just bought NetGear, the same u posted the link. So far, so good, I get it at RM 145 at PCfair. I think it’s good tho.

  8. Neither. Get D-Link. The price is lower and quality is not compromised either. I am using a D-Link ADSL Wireless DSL-G604T

    – MENJ

  9. So, made up yr mind Lillian? Honestly, nowadays Streamyx super slow la. Takes ages to download a file and half d time I get disconnected!

  10. Hey, I looking around for a good wireless router too. I’m contemplating between Linksys and Netgear.

    Then a friend of mine recommended Belkin. Not cheap (I’ve checked the price, +-RM220), but according to him works like a wonder.

    Oh, do let us know when you have bought a new router, tell us how well it works. Hehe.

  11. Your Acer is centrino duo?

    Actually, no router is perfect. All are mostly the same. Some products their life also depends, some who are lucky, can have the router working for more than 5 years and gone. Some even 1 year started to have problems. hehee

    Belkin has lifetime warranty, and I believe some other like Linksys and Dlink are starting to give life time warranty for some of their routers.

    54mbps, is fine enough. If you no enough, get Wireless N (108 mbps). :p But your wireless adapter must support also lor. Else, no point getting high speed without the support. heehh Just some two cents here. Tired of replying to support cases on routers. :p

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