Blogger’s block

Normally, if I have blogger’s block, I can easily counter them by:

  1. Listening to some songs
  2. Read some lame blogs LOL and come out with something lamer
  3. Visit my blogrolls and steal some ideas
  4. Just pick something from thin air and write

but lately, the turn of events have left a bland taste in my mouth. Day in, day out, I see our top politicians bashing each other. I picked up the paper to read this morning. I woke up exceptionally early at 8 am because my toddler who just recovered demanded an omelette in bed. Duh! After flipping two pages, I got terribly annoyed. I threw the paper under the bed and went back to sleep till after 12 noon (‘cos toddler went back to sleep also). Therefore, if I want to post anything, the first thing will be those gahmen bashing stuffs. If I don’t write about it, it is like not being able to scratch a mosquito bite.

Meanwhile, in the [tag]blogsphere[/tag], there are so many religious related issues. So, if I write, I will be writing religious stuffs to make my stand. That’s why I have bloggers’ block. Ini tak betul, itu pun tak betul. These two issues are not easy to write because I have to carefully word my posts so as not to invite brainless trolls to shit. Until I can shake off my interest in these two issues:

  • Happenings in our gahmen;
  • Religious stuffs involving my faith and the other;

I don’t think I can crap like normal.

Anyway, on Sunday, I had plenty of time to catch up on my blogrolls. My sick toddler was sleeping the whole day whilst I had to skip church, no choir practice and did nothing but sitting next to him to monitor his fever. So, I went through almost all the blogs in my blogrolls (with my laptop, in bed).

Sadly, those blog comrades who started [tag]blogging[/tag] around the same time as I, have either dwindled away, no longer blogging or not writing about the same topic anymore. So, in a way, I felt a little silly that hey, I am still going strong but you guys have left. Does that make me a real no-lifer, a survivor or a true-blue [tag]blogger[/tag] or what?

On a totally unrelated matter (heh)…….

If you are interested to find out if you are a pro-blogger, go check out this quiz. I got 23 which is Serious Amatuer. Hehehe. *evades rotten tomatoes from all the local bloggers who are highly allergic to the word.ร‚ย  Local bloggers see it much worse than religiousร‚ย  bashing or gahmen praising*

22 thoughts on “Blogger’s block

  1. Now that Ah Pek has stopped his hamsap poetry, you wanna try?? lol

    Take it easy lar.. your boy is not well, so it’s normal to loose ‘inspiration.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Take it easy, go for some pampering, dig in to ice cream and indulge! I’m sure you’ll think of something to write about in no time ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Bloggers block? Even when you have bloggers block you still manage to write something how can it be called bloggers block? You’re a pro blogger mah….can write anything one and we all read also…hehehehe…

  4. Aiyo, Lilian! Fever can’t take eggs lah! Especially hard boiled ones! Omelette also bad and oily some more!! They’re hard to digest…and when the body is doing that, the body temperature will rise!

  5. Hey! I’m still here what and still writing about the same ole…….same ole…….. Nvmlah, your blogger’s block is only a temporary thing. You’ll be back in full swing you’ll see.

  6. clarification to my above not implying that Aunty is an Old Wife ๐Ÿ˜› or STP for that matter hehehehehehehe

  7. Huh? What? …Am still not talking to SOME people!!! COLD STARE followed by COLD SHOULDER….!!!

  8. aiyo suituapui! why so CBC wor? i know u r older & know better than him & me wan! he is afterall ur cousin also so shake hands lah!

  9. Wuch..its ok….for all you know, he might have converted to Laksa’s way of thinking…I shall remember him in my prayers and pray that he finds God’s mercy in his heart to forgive others for their transgression and to forgive himself also for his transgression

  10. LOL, I blogger’s constipation you all help to cirit for me ah? *issue bill to QV, wuching and especially STP for using bandwith*

    What SA said is so true. There are too many things I want to bitch about but can’t so I chosed to keep quiet.

  11. HEHEHEHEHE U said you have nuting to blog about create story for you loh..the saga of QV & Wuching Vs STP continues hahahahaha

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