Buying a domain

Bryan : You want five years or three years?  If buy for five years cheaper.

Me : Three years enough lah, I dunno I still can manage a [tag]website[/tag] in five years time or not.  Kehkehkeh….

*use fingers and count, count, count, 42, 43, 44, 45,46…..*
Few minutes later…

Bryan : Done! Payment details yadda yadda yadda.

Me :  OK!

Few minutes later…

Me : OK, paid.

Bryan : OK, received.

Back to 5xmom living room, thinking to herself…..

*count, count, count, five years later….aha!!!!! I can write about dealing with menopause and start senior citizen forum, can run quizzes like : how many times do you have sex in a year? 1 or 2 or none?  Can you remember all the names of your grandchildren?…..*

Ish, should have bought 10 years of domain!  But ek, I don’t that much money to throw.

So, what am I going to do with the new [tag]domain[/tag] I just purchased?  I just might have a purpose for it….Guess what?

19 thoughts on “Buying a domain

  1. In 5 years time, 5xmom will become Hyperblogger, rank on top of google result for all naughty topics. 😉

  2. gbyeow – Which domain needs to review jek? Is it mine? Wuah…I damn messy, dunno which domain expiring, which already expired etc.

    moo_t – I wonder too, will the age of a site make the site valuable?

    victor – Slowly-slowly lah. Next time mah can get lor. I bought my son a domain for his birthday. Cheap-cheap oni mah. Only RM35-38 for one year. Cheaper than a cake what.

  3. wa don play play ah.. got domain some more ah.. hmm then you probably want to give out topics to write and ppl will submit then you choose the best-est to publish… wan ah?

  4. 10 years? Gosh! I’ll be 64! Reminds me of Beatles’ song: “Will u still need me, will u still feed me…when I’m 64!” How old will you be then, barely 50, I’m sure? So what’s the problem!!!??? Still so young!

  5. ks – More than Bill Gates. Hehehe. I also lost count. If paid one, I think 7, if include free one, I think 12. 😛

    STP – Wuah..if you promise to follow my blog for the next ten years and pay for my domain fee, eh, cheap-cheap only, RM350 only, I do it lor. Senior citizens oasis. I become matchmaker for the widows/widowers/bachelors again? How?

    Angeline – Aiyor…until today I dunno why I can’t include guest bloggers (some setting rosak-ed somewhere) or else I wanted to very, very much. More variety mah.

    wuching – Better grab the branding mah. If not what if someone bought up and when you become famous time, your domain already taken up? Like Angelina and Brad Pitt’s daughter’s name? USD1.99 per year also got liao you know? Dun so foochow kiamsiap lah.

  6. Aunty: Cant wait to read this blog when Aunty hits mid life crisis…(hope she blogs bout it lah) hahahahahaha

    Wuching is a kiamsiap foochow what…1 sen coin is a big a bullock cart wheel for him 😛

  7. I’m defintely not a widow…, not a widower nor a bachelor! So ur services no use to me lah!! Got mistress provider service…also no use lah! In the end on respirator!!!

  8. STP – Choy…I am not referring to you and I lah. I say a general group lah. Throw salt and rice at STP for his crow’s mouth.

    QV – I cannot decide on the topic yet, it will most probably be Christ centered. Like yours. God’s willing I can find the inspiration.

  9. Good grief!!! If I want anything to do with God, I’d go to church! Wouldn’t wanna go and read some false prophet’s blog about Him!!!

  10. STP: nope, know what you were talking about..unlike seldom seem to know what people are talking about..tsk tsk tsk..a sign of senilty…time to change name from sui tua pui to senile tua pui lah..admit’re old….dnt use the old age excuse to gain respect only from me useless, ungrateful young brat…its a fact that you’re slightly senile and lau lang bak also 😛 read things also not so chun hehehe

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