The two Bs of life

This is an original. Only from the extreme mom’s offsprings.

Eldest son : Press to CSI

(TV was showing the Pussycat Dolls, Doncha on MTV)

#3 son was holding the remote and not budging.

Eldest son : Press to CSI NOW or I stuff sambal (some spicy stuff) into your mouth.

#3 son still holding remote and not moving.

5eksmom : #3, change the channel la

(don’t want major disaster like sambal flavoured seafood noodles all over the sofa)

#3 son : Wait lah….Papa is watching the two Bs of life.

5eksmom : What two Bs of life?

#3 son : You no see meh? Your husband is staring at the Pussycat Dolls’ boobs. The two Bs of life.

(This is a very, very old post that I did not publish, written on the spot when it happened. Since I got blogger’s block, I am going to hit the Publish button.)

So my dear male readers – Which one is for your choice? Boobs or Bumps or hampalang sart….?

My dear female readers – Which is your asset? Boobs or Bumps or Both?

21 thoughts on “The two Bs of life

  1. PCD latest “Buttons” is definitely an understatement for their boobs or bumps or whatever you want to call them!!! BTW, they say the bigger they are, the more prone you are to breast cancer, true or not??? Probably from all that massaging, stimulates the cancer cells into multiplying full swing!

  2. hampalang sart lah….don’t waste anything mah. Auntie ah, i am interested to know whats ur response to ur smart #3 statement la? hehehe.

  3. although i’m a female..i also hampalang sat. COs it comes in a set. If Boob nice but face like shit..Not nice oso right?

  4. Boobs should be of reasonable size. Not too big coz they look super fake. Butt… that’s something else. Well shaped ones in tight pants is really something. Don’t talk abt the men, I’d turn to check it out too! šŸ˜‰

  5. I’ve always been told that more than a handful of boob is a waste. hehe
    Personally, I love men with nice tight butts. hehe

  6. You cant “make” boobs from just eating. You can with butts.

    Relatively speaking, boobs are harder to find. Thats why you find ladies who will spend a fortune to create the right boobs but not butts.

  7. Tell me, for a person who has writers block, how many postings have you made today to all your many blogs???

  8. Don’t have to say anything. My wife will take the remote and chage it herself and ask me “what are you looking at?”

  9. Gag, I am writing faster than I can comment. So, the conclusion is – Men wants all, somemore demand balance, very greedy.

    Whereas – women are more modest and won’t reveal.

  10. Aunty: As long as its propotionate to the body size…I mean..we dnt want something that’s too big in front that she’ll fall off and we dnt want something too big at the back that she can fit in the chair…….

    Wuch? U have boob’s and arses? huh? I said its important to man….as in they must have it on their body or wat? (pretending ignorance today)

  11. Ouh, we don’t call them boobs or whatsoever – we call them spotlights and bumpers, kakakka šŸ™‚ This sounds more like guys’ talk since they’re always talknig about cars šŸ™‚

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