I see dead people…

After crapping too much about [tag]exorcism[/tag] and watching way too many Haunting series on Astro, I actually see dead people last night.

OK, it is my own imagination runs wild. You see, toddler had been acting weird for the past few days because though he recovered from his fever, he was lethargic every day. He refused to get out of bed the whole of yesterday. Imagine waking up and still wanting to lie in bed till 3pm!

It got me worried so I called his paediatrician. He cannot convince me that my toddler is ok, just tired after a bout of flu. So he asked me to bring him in. After some examination etc, there is really nothing wrong. He is a Catholic like me so I dare not mumbled that ‘this is hungry [tag]ghost month [/tag]and my toddler pee-ed on those burnt offerings the other day when I wasn’t looking so I think he must have gotten some ‘dirty things’.

Not my fault ok, my toddler sardenly took out his kuku-bird and shee-shee while we were waiting for his papa’s car, just like people draw out machine gun and starts shooting. My apartment grounds have all those burnt offerings all along the perimeter where we were waiting. And of course, I didn’t ask him to ‘pai-pai’ pray pray because hey, I am a Christian mah. I only said ‘Excuse me’.

Actually, I had asked him (the doc lah) before about this sixth sense ‘I see dead people’ thing before once. Some Taoist nun insisted that my son’s (Vincent) soul was disturbing her in her red Kembara (which she used as the hearse). So, paed is sort of my spiritual cum medical counsellor. But I dare not push the ‘I see dead people’ theory so far mah.
Normally, when my toddler has night terrors, those suddenly, frigthening cries in the middle of the nights, I would do a little cross (using my thumb and draw a cross) on his forehead and asked Mother Mary to watch over him.

Manatau, last night, I betul-betul dreamt the most vivid [tag]dream[/tag]. I was in a lift with my toddler and when it opened, one guy and three female hantus, in black clothes with very pale faces were staring back at me. I know they are ghosts, ok? Like those Korean/Japanese hantus. So, I quickly lay my hand on my toddler (this one is not dream but I really reached out to him) and I started mumbling in my sleep, “In the name of Jesus, leave my son alone!

Waduh, you say I siao (crazy) anot?  So dramatic mya mimpi also got. And this is tagged humour and spooky (new category!)  and nothing religious to it.  And my toddler?  He is still a bit tired abuden, the paed said he also lie flat on the sofa and not able to do anything when he was sick last week.  Duh.  There goes my RM25 consultation fee.

Careful people, when the elevator door opens, see that no one wearing all black with pale faces are staring at you.  If you do, just say, “In the name of 5xmom, go die lah!”

14 thoughts on “I see dead people…

  1. Wahlau…can see dead people ah? Ever got 4d number from them hahahahaha

    A word of caution, spirits are around, even though we have discarded our beliefs of our past religion, it is still there as others still worship or believe in them and thus, we try not to offend them by accidentally peing on them hehehehe…then again…poor boy..can’t really be blamed now can he..but yes, those spirits are around and they might go and kacau kacau if your faith is weak.

    Wah!! In the name of 5xMom ah heheheheheheh..terror..must try that the next time..but if I come back possesed..I must make a reminder to go haunt you first heheheheehhehehehehehehe

    Anyway, a good prayer is the prayer of St. Michael the Archangel, to be said when you wake up and before you go to sleep or the prayer to our guardian angel…which i give here for ur easier reading but i’m sure u have it

    Prayer to St. Michael
    Saint Michael the Archangel,
    defend us in battle.
    Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
    and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host –
    by the Divine Power of God –
    cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
    who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.


    Angel of God Ever this day (night)
    My guardian dear Be at my side
    To Whom His love To light and guard
    Commits me here To rule and guide. Amen

  2. Cis:

    Cut and paste also cut and paste wrongly hahahahaha

    Angel of God
    My guardian dear
    To Whom His love
    Commits me here
    Ever this day (night)
    Be at my side
    To light and guard
    To rule and guide. Amen

  3. QV – Tks for the prayers CnP. I got them in tiny cards but you know lah, always forget the words. BTW, someone just searched for ‘who takes care underworld’ and got one of my thread in number one! LOL.

  4. “In the name of 5Xmom. I now want you to give tomoros winning number for toto, magnum, and kuda”


    ok i am not sure if any of u remembered back when u were small la, but i remembered everytim ei had this fever thingy, u know la back when small every year or so, will kena this bad fever wan, according to my mom this is whereby out body grow taller and bigger la, thats why once a year sure kena, and this fevers ar few days wan lo …

    ok during the fevers ar, i of imagine things wan, err call it halucination … weird stuff wan, everytime also same wan, seem that i am dreaming or halucinating that i sleep terbalik wan, like bats do …

    anyone who halucinated when the had fever while they were still kids?

  5. Aiiiii, Gordon and Malcolm also been crying a lot this “Chinese 7th mth”, especially at night. Gordon got nightmares lah, get up crying in the middle of the night and very cranky during the day. Malcolm also refusing to sleep anywhere except beside me in my small lil Queen-sized bed.

    So, to maintain sanity, i just blame it on the Hungry ghosts and pray this month pass quickly…. duh. Then, it’s time to gorge my face with Mooncakes….. yummmmm.

  6. wuah! those r the “men in black” that u ‘dreamt’ u saw! u r recalling ur sub-conscious coz they oredi wipe ur memory mah! hehe

  7. Wuah! 5x mom getting more “powderful” hor….”In the name of 5xmom, go die lah” hahahahaha

  8. Hear this, my teachers have been complaining that the one of the air-cons in my centre will turn on by itself suddenly, even if the starter is switched off. I’ve asked the cable guy to check it out, and there’s nothing wrong with the wiring. But we just pray pray in the centre and hope nothing happens, until last week, one of the teacher finally saw something floating by the receptionist, and that scared the hell of all of us!
    I brought my boy to my centre yesterday, and he’s having fun playing by himself in the playroom and reception. Nothing happenned then, but when he got home, he also got cranky a bit. And his photo frame which has been there for months on the rack fell by itself and broke! I hope it’s only coincident, so ask my boy to pray pray and pray. He’s ok now lah…maybe I’m thinking too much!

  9. I was in hotel in KL for two nights a few days ago. Both the boys just suddenly cried out loud in the middle of the night. On the second night, suddenly a thought came to me that perhaps something is disturbing them as their cry/crankiness in the middle of the night was different from the usual. So, I carried the baby who refused to stop crying and started saying “The Lord’s prayer” several time. After that he slept till morning. Then I went over to my older boy, placed my hand on his head and said the prayer twice and things were calm after that. So is there really things disturbing them? Hubby does not believe that there were things. On the third day, older boy had very high fever for two days.

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