Yesterday night, my whole bookshelf from Ikea practically fell on my head, bringing with it years of stuffs. Imagine letters, books, photos, pamphlets, posters, lots of papers, notes etc etc raining down on my head, into my chest and lap. My DIY man cannot understand how his perfect workmanship can give way like that. So, I had a bit of a spring cleaning, sieving through things I used to do because they were already on my lap.

Then, my site was down for a few hours, leaving me with lots of time to burn CDs and at the same time, copy some old files back into my PC. Which brought back to a conversation I had with someone:

The other day……

He : Hey, how come I don’t see any more articles of yours in the papers?

Me : Heh, writing blogs more fun and earn more too.

He : But I like reading what you write in the paper. Somehow, the feel (of holding a paper) is nicer. Go write lah.

Me : Dunwan lah, I dunwan a larger than life thingie.


Me : You know? One of your patient’s mother contacted me with a long list of problems? After I replied to her……

He : Ya, ya, she was having some problems so I told her about you.

Me : Aiyor…you know what she wrote? She thanked me for some dunno what humanity dunno what service to mankind….. (email copied as below) Alamak, I dunno where to put my face you know? *covers face with both palms*

Dear Lilian,

Thanks for your reply. I’m happy with your promising answer. Keep it up your good service to mankind. With respect, J

He : *teasing* Hehehe, so noble of you.

Me : Please lah, I hate this kind of thing, ok? That’s why you don’t see me promoting or campaigning for any causes anymore. I just want to do nothing and shake legs.

He : Oh ya, I almost forget. One of your friend or is it your (forum) member….Chinese, Muslim convert, speaks perfect Cantonese, wear tudung, her kid is upstair in the ward. Daughter’s name is (give name). Kid has bronchitis.

Me : *scratched head and think, think, think* Yaya, I think I remember. Let me go up and see her afterwards.


Found this in my CD rom:


(this is from Malaysian Women’s Weekly 2003)

And I shall take that (shower of my past) as a little omen to stop being so self-centered with doing nothing but blogging. *kick self to jump start those ‘I want to help the world’ mode* What happened to my passion about live-savings skills for parents, organs donation drive, writing bereavement book yadda yadda yadda that comes so naturally to me last time? Maybe, I need a little spark to re-start a fire again.


(you can click on the photo to get a bigger one at Flickr)

So heh, see if the blogging monster in me can be quelled with the need to ‘I want to save the world’ Terminator stance. Where is my S.W.A.T. uniform? And no, this post is not about me but what we can do for society. Otherwise, I seven early, eight early already show this scan liao lor. I somemore got a lot more scans, you know…Wanna see? Double-page, coloured X 2 in Star Intech, full page, coloured three pages in another MWW and dunno how many other mags and papers in Marayshia and Singkapoh.

*sigh…..*Thank God for him.

37 thoughts on “Omen

  1. WOW!! Didn’t know that aunty is so famous and so charitable with her time and her works….wah!!!!!!!!!! I am so honoured to know her ๐Ÿ˜›

    OKay… may sound like a joke up there, but yeah…not bad…..God bless you Aunty for your wonderful work.

    So bila nak dapat anugerah from the DYMM Sri Paduka Agong?

    PTC also can…Pingat Talk Cock..then again..I think all of us already got that… ATG loh…Ahli Tukang Gossip ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Anyway, do what your heart tells you, don’t force yourself to do it just for the sake of doing it or because others tell you to do it.

    Once again, I bow to your presence for the wonderful work you have done and and continue to do

  3. QV – Hehehe, dun put me on a pedestal. Then, I must go for confession again, ‘Father, I hate doing God’s will because I feel I am unworthy. Forgive me for running away from Your call” After that, must listen to priest yadda yadda yadda and do penance pulak.

    moo-t – LOL, really got so many pages ah? Sei lar, I think 51% are negative critics, 48% my own posts and only 1 percent is worth of mention.

    Lrong – Hehehe, dun say like that lah.

    Angeline – Thank you.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAH…Praise should be given when praises is due, and likewise with insults ๐Ÿ˜› hahahahahahaha

    Anyway, feeling unworthy is nothing to confess about….we are all unworthy to do God’s will…I should know..a great sinner that I am

  5. Given a choice between those boring long “sermons” and going for confession, I’d opt for the latter!! Finish in a couple of minutes and say three Hail Marys!!! ….. Eee…what omen? It’s still the 7th month…and this year, two rounds!!! Just when u thought it was safe to go out…!!! (Bet the archie-bishop will come in and give me another of his LOOOOOO…..NG sermon now! Ha ha ha!)

  6. Aunty: Aiyo… it a sin to lie to the priest about non-existing sins? just to make it sound more fanciful hahahahaha there you you have something to confess Aunty

  7. STP: If you choose to go to confessions then reading my postings and comments, then I consider half my work is if only the rest can get the same idea n go to Confession instead of reading what I write..then my work is truly done

  8. QV – Hahaha, no lah, I didn’t lie lah. But hor, didn’t we all run from our callings for convenience’s sake? that’s what I mean lah.

    STP – Wuah, you are revolutionising the church issit? Spend 1 minute on online confession and you are saved! Hey, good idea to do this kind of website hor? Very suit-uapui-able for you.

  9. QV – Look what Biblegateway has to say! OMG! Like can read my mind like that. (link on only my index page
    รขโ‚ฌล“But, “Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.” For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends.รขโ‚ฌย (2 Corinthians 10:17-18)

    BuzzLife – Hehehe, you still keeping that full page colour article of yours in TP? That was also very inspiring what.

  10. Maybe somebody has to confess…not “write” but “copy and paste”??? Ahem! Ahem!!! Gosh! Maybe should stop reading blogs and commenting! Makes me so bitchy and feel so sinful! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  11. STP: True true, but u r so addicted to it that u cnt help yourself..even when u r supposed to b on travelling u still end up in C.C’s just to read comments..hahahaha….its already in your nature to be bitchy and

  12. STP: Dnt know, you were around longer to know better how the old one’s were..whoops..then again…you do tend to blame things on others all the time so….it might be biased hahahahaha

  13. WAH LAU EH!!! ๐Ÿ˜› In magazine summore. Heheheh… and “spokeperson” for the product. Eeek… u are almost the same age as my mom.

  14. STP: Eh! I tot you said I didn’t exist in your life and you giving me the cold shoulder and the cold stare..wat made me exist again? hahahahahahahahahahha

  15. Wuching – I bet both Miri and Kuching (where is QV?) also go up in smokes. LOL.

    Immomsdaughter – No lah, just lucky streak ‘cos MWW’s Editor had heard of me before and she so happened to be there during their selection of the finalists. Those women there very kerng wan ler, one is the Nestle Corporate manager, businesswoman, cancer survivor, engineer (repair plane wor!) and one with walking disability but still can do sales. Respect them, man.

    Irene – Yeah, that’s how I earn a whole year supply of hair and cosmetics, dye my hair until now also never finish. LOL.

  16. Wuching: hahahahahahahaha that sounds familiar!!! hahaha..didn’t STP did that a few days ago? hahahahahaha watch out..later he accuse you of stealing..hahahahahahahahaha

    Aunty…Me in Kch..STP in SIbu but he travels all around in his role as Cikgu, giving courses here and there on Governments money

  17. QV, its called plaigirism (did i spell it right?) but then again..i’m good with CnP nowadays..just see my new blog *ahem*!

  18. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA for those out there..beware.. is wuching’s new porn site…. rated 18SX hahahahahaha..

  19. Whoever doesn’t receive you or hear your words, as ye go forth out of their house or that city, shake off the dust of your feet. MATTHEW 10:14 Time to move to other blogs…where there is peace and quiet…..and intelligent company!

  20. Now he’s qouting scripture and claiming to be a prophet? Tsk Tsk Tsk Blasphemy!! hahahaha (dnt I sound like a Pharisee today….oooh..its friday…should I go… Crucify him Crucify him ๐Ÿ˜› hahahaha )

  21. Wow! I had fun reading your blog…simply tooo many things happening! I’ve finally found time to sit down at my pc and I’ve spent 1.5 hours of my precious time reading and reading..still cannot finish..Then something caught my attention; you said,”Heh, writing blogs more fun and earn more too.” REALLY ahh??? I’m green with *envy* leh..can relax relax write stories in blog and earn MORE then writing articles!!! pass me some kungfu leh…I’m willing to do anything for you …*promised!* : )

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