Doctor’s waiting room rants

In the last couple of weeks, I had spent like 5-6 times at the doctor’s waiting room. His clinic is sandwiched between the dermatologist and the ophthalmologists (two of them).

Therefore, I was stucked in between screaming babies, toddlers, squeaky shoes and stark reminders of old age. Those who see the ophtalmologists are usually old people needing cataract surgeries whilst those who see the dermatologist are suspected to contract venereal diseases due to finding too many pros or those vain, over the edge women who want to find their fountain of youth. (BTW, the skin doctor is our rocket leader’s Mr. Lim daughter-in-law, very nice doctor. Serious. See her if you have acnes, allergies, dandruffs, hair loss etc.)

They have wi-fi there and if I brought my laptop along, I can actually blog from there. However, my toddler insisted to be carried all the time so I didn’t resort to that crazy idea because I have only two hands. So, what else can I do but to sit there and observe people?

[tag]Rant[/tag] number one

Freaking, annoying, psycho ringtones. They are classified as below:

William Tell, Rawhide or any cowboy [tag]ringtones[/tag] – Old, old aunties and old, old uncles love them.

Christmas and Chinese New Year songs – -ditto- but because they don’t know how to change it and poor old grandpas and grandmas have no grandkids who cared enough to provide them Teresa Teng’s Moon song.

Mawi songs – I don’t have to tell you who.

and my current #1 dislike – People who plays music with their stupid handphone like only they can afford a stupid handphone with stupid musics. I feel like shoving the handphone down their throat right out of their arse. Please lah, this is a hospital and out here in the bunch of crowds, some of these poor people are either dying of terminal diseases or facing the end of their life. So, for goodness sake, keep those crappy musics and songs to yourself, ok?

Rant number two

Medical tourists – You know that Penang is famous for breast-augmentation, liposuction, nip tucks followed by a holiday. So, we have lots and lots of sick [tag]tourists[/tag] who pull their trolley luggage all around the hospital like the hospital is some resort hotel. Not to mention those ‘waduh, bibik darrrrriii mana…?’ chat loudly amongst themselves like you are in Medan. Bugger these people are damn rich, wei. Look at their jewelleries, wuah…..
Rant number three

Over protective parents. The other day, got one little boy accidentally tripped a little girl over. The girl fell but what’s the big deal right? But nooooo..the father of the girl was so furious like his daughter got injured like that. After that he spent the next 20 minutes checking his daughter, here pain? there pain? like she had fell from a 10-storey building. Niamah, don’t spoil your kid like that la. A little fall is not going to hurt. Your over protectiveness is. What if next time she fell when you are not around?

Rant number four

Stupid parents who give negative inputs – “No, you cannot buy a drink. You already spent so much money in medical fees.” Doh, your kid is thirsty because he is sick lah.
“If you don’t stop whining, later I go in and ask the doctor to inject you.” No wonder your kid is fearful of doctors.
“You still don’t want to get up from the floor? Never mind, I take you home now, no need to see doctor. Let your sick until pain die (thnia see in Hokkien).” Scaring your kid that a little illness can kill.
Got a lot more rants but I shall stop here or else you readers cannot decide which rant to join in. And to those pat-phors who are going to say, “Oh, look at that horrijible 5xmom, she is bitching about poor sick people in the hospital.” Wei, listen here. I am doing a service to humankind ok? I one person rant and let the other people just nod-nod their heads. That way, I tanggung the tanggung jawab and you people are absolve from the sins of bad mouthing. See? I so good what?

17 thoughts on “Doctor’s waiting room rants

  1. RANT # 5 : Sick people coughing in your face and didn’t think there’s anything wrong with that. What the f@*% (both hands in the air)
    No Raves?

  2. Rant #3, daddy training the kid to be “sue- happy “lah. New career. Next time she can learn to sue KFC, McD’s, BK, Starbucks etc.

  3. Rant #6: Idiotic visitors of the sick who’s trying to compare who got it worse, bringing up their sad sick stories of the past! Common… the poor fella is already sick, no need to tell him of more horror stories of the sick ma!

  4. me too! i hate waiting in hospitals & hear ppl whining..when i was accompanying my mom in sg cancer hospital, fun lah!

  5. Rant no.4

    ” “You still don’t want to get up from the floor? Never mind, I take you home now, no need to see doctor. Let your sick until pain die (thnia see in Hokkien).” Scaring your kid that a little illness can kill. ”

    GUILTY! HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAH!!! SOrryla..sometimes so frustla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rant #7: Friendly patients try to kick up conversation when you have headache and are too polite to say shut the “f” up.

  7. Temper temper..hehehehehehehe

    Anyway, Hospital Waiting rooms, especially government hospitals are one of the worse places to be….irritating people all around adding extra misery to the pain your are going through. I used to say that if you accompany someone to see a doctor and wait for them in the waiting room, you’ll end up seing the doctor yourself because, even though you may be healthy and fit when you came in, by the time you’re done waiting you’re sure you’re down with a thousand and one illness

  8. Auntie, u are a very good story-teller la. Even sitting in a klinik u can have so so many thing to talk about. 🙂

  9. Different experience in dental hospital. People rarely chit-chat there, and children being dare are awaiting their “judgement”. kekekekekekek.

  10. my previous job was the best. covered medical for my whole family. some more cover my dental. now i habok pun tarak.

    usually if i’m in the waiting room i bring my own papers to read. i cannot tahan sitting there doing nothing. Especially when you have to look at all those posters about chicken pox, indigestion, acne…

  11. simon – And VD, STD, cellulite….Hahaha

    moo_t – Ya, dentist office lagi teruk. I get cold sweats and hope a big earthquake swallow the whole earth and I missed my turn. Hehehe.

    laundryamah – Hahaha, those ringtones that get louder and louder while the ah poh slowly searching for her phone.

    Prometeuz – What to do, if one kid falls sick, the other will follow so I always have to make many trips. Must make the best of any situation mah. Hahaha.

    QV – Yalor, plenty of germs around.

    fire80 – And somemore they got many petua-petua for you. So, I normally don’t make eye contact. LOL.

    mott- Aiyoh, that day got one PMS-ing mom. She beh shiok my number was one number ahead of me eventhough we arrived together. She bitched to the nurse but she can’t do anything bcos she gave me my number already. Wuah…she took it out on her kid lor. Hahaha.

  12. *squek**squek**squek**squek**squek**squek* *squek**squek* Man i hate those. And also roller shoes. I must remind myself not to buy those for my kid next time.

  13. YOu had more fun than me last time i went GH. It’s great they have Wifi in that place. Boleh indeed! lol

    I remember my church friend went for operation and the daughter was going for her college exams. There is Wifi in Ipoh GH. More accurately, they did not set any parameters so any one with Wifi can have access. So, the daughter did her assignment while she jaga the mother. THe nurse went to check the poor girl every 10 mins. WHy? Scared she plugged her notebook and use their electricity wor.. lol

  14. I once saw a dad who kept telling the son to stop coughing. I thought he must be crazy…as though the son is coughing for fun.

    Yes, how I hate those squeaky shoes. And another interesting observation at the playcorner in paed’s clinic… you can see the potential bully in children there. Best of all, parents will just happily read newspaper or busy sms-ing while their children terrorize other kids in the playroom.

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