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So I bought the domain for three years using my Paypal account. Thanks to Bryan for helping me to set up the things up on my hosting. (don’t bother to go check it out yet ‘cos I haven’t decide on a theme yet)

Those are monies I earned from Chitika and Text Link Ads income. Now, I have a little money in Paypal which is just for me to zap, zap, zap without having to deal with a supplementary credit card statement at the end of the month which goes to my atm for audit.

I can go crazy online shopping with Paypal now. Can buy lingeries, vi…tamin lah!, pay webhosting and macam-macam lagi. Hehehe, the amount is miniscule so don’t think in four digits, ok?

But I have questions to ask my regular readers:

What do I use the new domain for? I am not going to transfer this over because I don’t want to go back to the sandbox and play. If you don’t know what is a sandbox, it is where the search engine put you to play with the little kids. My site is a big girl now so cannot afford to backtrack. (when you change your domain, things go bumpy for a while aka dropped in traffic and adsense)

Originally, I wanted to write about Catholicsm but after sieving through lots and lots of foreign blogs, I notice that I am way, way unqualified as I will end up spoiling the good name of the Lord instead. Moreover, I prefer to preach or minister through my current blog in the usual subtle manner.

The other day, I joined my church’s multimedia ministry (or team) because I wanted to volunteer my time to help with the church’s website and also the weekly OHP (overhead projection) for mass. (we use Powerpoint to put up the hymns, prayers etc) One of the topic that came up was for us, the multimedia ministry to coach the senior citizens (we call it Evergreens) how to use the computer and internet. Then, I got the idea of starting a tutorial blog for the very basic use of the internet.

I know I have a gift of explaining the simplest thing in the simplest language to the simplest (aka total n00bs) people to make things simple for them. Simple enough? Whether it is parenting, cooking or photography.

Just now, I read through one of those blog featured in Technorati. I had noticed this lady, [tag]Ronni Bennet [/tag]for sometime and finally got around to check out her blog As Time Goes By. She is an inspiration. She is 63 years old and a [tag]blogger[/tag]. Few years back, when I was in the Geocities craze, I befriended many senior people in UK and the States through our frilly, lacey, flowery Geocities websites. I noticed that these [tag]senior [/tag]citizens are way, way independent than our local ahpeks and ahmahs simply because they keep themselves busy learning things (like Paintshop Pro, yeah, I know that too) and html plus making online friends.
Then, one thing leads to another, I found this blog:

At 81 years young,[tag] Millie Garfield[/tag] is one of the Internet’s oldest bloggers, according to The Ageless Project. With an authentic and humorous voice, a knack for story telling and frequent updates, Millie’s blog, My Mom’s Blog, shows that people want to hear from someone with a story to tell. *HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MILLIE!* (though I doubt you will see this 😛 )

So, I am thinking of NOT writing about Catholicsm (because I am not good enough yet, but one day…) which was my original idea. And I want to embark on writing about stuffs like how to start a [tag]blog[/tag], how to use the[tag] internet[/tag] to the max (maybe teach some uncles how to surf p0rn LOL) and basic stuffs like that.

Next time if you have a question about the internet, computer and stuffs like that, you know who to call! 5xmom! So, Jo-Ann, shoot your questions and I will rattle off the solutions. I don’t always have the answers but I know where to find them. Hehehe. Thanks for the flattering words.

Therefore, how? Good idea or not? A site dedicated to help people to use the internet. And heh, I am going to live up to 80 years old and beyond and still blogging like Ronni and Millie! Whee! Let’s see…I am going to be 42 yrs old on Sept SEVENTH (take note now!!!), so that means I have 40 years of blogging ahead of me.  Say when I am 70+ years, maybe I will write about sexscapes in my youth?

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  1. Hi

    I did see your birthday greeting!! I checked my tracker and apparently got a hit from your mention.

    Thanks – One never knows what can happen when you make a post.

    Thanks again,


  2. OOh!! Someone’s gonna be 41 in a few days time, Sept 7th to be exact…hehehe..wah! stil young 😛

    Anyway, feel free to do what you feel comfortable in doing, that’s the most important thing of all.

  3. Haaa!! So we are ‘connected’ in a way because I’m born on the lucky number 7th, October to be exact 😀

    Oooo!! So surprised to see my NAME in your post..hehe..So honored..thanks : )

    I really really have lots of questions about this blogging thingy. One important thing I’ve learned is IT NEEDS a long-term commitment. And the first question I want to ask is,”How do you manage your time huh? You have so many boys and I have only 1 girl..but you’re religiously blogging in and out everyday! And I only got to reply you today (late hoh..hehe) I can’t believe my eyes when I always see you have NEW postSss every morning when I check my Bloglines! Share share how you plan your daily routine blogging the main and only thing you do to earn money?

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