Ponteng/truancy : Is the Kem. Pendidikan’s action wise?

He said 1,897 of the 2,322 students expelled this year had been successful in their appeals.

I cannot find the right way to phrase what I want to say. I feel for those students who are from broken home whose parents do not care if they live or die, whether they go to school or otherwise. I feel for those students who are ostracised because they probably do not fit into the ‘normal’ world and hence, they play ponteng. (truancy)

Y.B. Dep. Education Minister, stop fooling ourselves, the adults, that students with problems can be easily counter with :

attend the seven-day Jati Diri (Integrity) programme

Stop being delusional that those canggih-manggih SMS projects where parents can play tik-tik-tik SMS with the teachers will make the world a better place.

Enough of those merak (peacock) projects like the Kes Buli complaint website. To-date, if anyone Google for ‘Kes Buli’ they will find my parenting site. I am very angry as a parent because my simple effort in being proactive has proven to be ‘louder’ and much more effective on the internet than the official site.

Time for the Kementerian Pendidikan to look into the welfare of students. Why do they hate school? Because they have nothing to look for except o score As. We will continue to churn out mat rempits and ah bengs if something is not done from the roots up.

Get down to the ALL students. Ask them what they like. Give them a voice. Certainly it is not so hard to re-look into our education system and reform it to suit the generation of today youths which have a voice and mind of their own? Give the students a well-rounded activities in school instead of pursuing As. Ask the teachers what they want to do instead of forcing them to finish such and such syllabus within such and such time.
Let’s have fun in school and I am sure many problems will be solved. The future of the country is in your hand, YB Menteri & your appointees.
Quotes source from The Star

7 thoughts on “Ponteng/truancy : Is the Kem. Pendidikan’s action wise?

  1. we will not understand how will these students feel too cos i am sure they will not want to ponteng if they have a choice… schools nowadays are very competitive and if you are from a broken home, you will never have the chance to have proper education. once you do not get the proper edu/guidance, you will hate going to school cos school is nothing but competiting amongst students. so, they have no choice but to ponteng class and lepak…

  2. You are right, I am sure there are ways to make education work. Malaysia boleh… now it’s the time to put that to work.

    I was so pissed at the Malaysian gov’t back then regarding education system. That’s one among many reasons why I don’t like the gov’t. That was then, hopefully things change for the better now.

  3. I concur. As a student sometimes I really fed up with education system. Not many people can accept and understand what had been thought, MoE just leave those parties confusing themselves and continue to rot.

    It’s hard to be a ‘smart student’ as what MoE wish to have.

  4. Schools nowadays are only looking forward to churn top scorers, my school was one of the best schools in our district, and my batch according to the then HM, was lousy because our results were pretty bad compared to the previous batch’s achievement.
    Thus they came out with all kind of extra classes, in order to make us score and pull up the school’s reputation. And the target were mainly on Science stream, while those in the arts stream were branded as 2nd class students by the teachers.
    Its like if you obtained good score in PMR then you must do Science stream and if you do not do well in PMR then you have to do arts.

    If I remember the streaming process was to allow us students to choose our career path but now, it doesn’t seem so anymore; once you enter arts stream you get teachers who cares two hoots about your welfare. Some teachers will go on bragging about their science stream students.

    Our academic system needs to be thoroughly looked into, instead of embarking on distinctions and only distinctions, the MOE must try to make education at school level as not purely exam based but something like 70% exam and 30% assignment kind of stuff.

    Make education interesting and students will come flocking to school.

  5. Yeah..it’s time for the Education to do something different for our children. Time to admit that our current programs and system just does not work anymore and it’s time for a overhaul.

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