Esok Siti nak kahwin, kita toksah pikiaq pasai Merdeka noh?


Perkahwinan Siti Nurhaliza & Datuk K (Live)
Jangan lupa : Pukul 10.30 pagi, Isnin, 21hb Ogos, 2006. Siaran langsung dari TV3. Tamat pukul 12 tengahari. (Kepoh dari TV3 website)

Esok Siti nak [tag]kahwin[/tag], kita toksah pikiaq pasai Merdeka noh?

(Translation : Tomorrow[tag]Siti Nurhaliza[/tag] is getting married, we don’t bother about our Independent Day, ok?)


Someone gave me this:


**********Now on with my original post****************

I don’t know why I am not particularly excited about Merdeka this year. Last year, I actually took the trouble to post a photo of a hibiscus each day as a countdown to Merdeka. This year, I just can’t find the mood. Where did my patriotic feelings go to?

For some funny reasons, my kids also never bug me to buy stuffs for their school project. Usually, they need to do some [tag]Merdeka [/tag]theme project involving all sorts of materials which had to be bought. And at this time, all the school kids will be singing like six songs each morning at assembly which includes Jalur Gemilang, Barisan Kita, Kenal IT, Negaraku, Selamat Pulau Pinang and their school song. Hmmm…I haven’t hear it yet.

(yummy yau char kwei or oil fry ghost or yutiao or oily rod)

I used to have so much regards for our Rukunegara like “Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan” (Believe in God). I thought that everyone, regardless of their faiths believe wholly when they hafal the rukunegara. But not anymore. So much mud-slingings are going around. Our leaders show more “Kepercayaan kepada wang” more than Tuhan. Another reason that I dread picking up the newspapers each morning because they usually set me off into major PMS-ing feelings.

(ham chim peng with tau sar)

[tag]TV3 [/tag]has an advertisement calling for people to SMS their good wishes to Siti Nurhaliza and [tag]Datuk K [/tag]for their wedding tomorrow. It sets me off laughing and (almost crying, ok exaggerate a bit) because what is our world coming to? Hello, buat apa nak SMS Siti? Tak kan dia senang nak baca kesemua ucapan tu? Simpan duit tu, bagi kat pengemis tepi jalan kan dapat lebih pahala?

So, time stands still until the wedding is over. Are you going to tune in and watch the wedding of the year? I am, if only I know what time the live telecast will be shown. Anyone?

(and yeah, this is just another filler post. If you get bored, just look at the pics, ok?)

10 thoughts on “Esok Siti nak kahwin, kita toksah pikiaq pasai Merdeka noh?

  1. siti kahwin tomolow? kakakakaka i dont even know!!! SMS to Siti? might as well SMS to me la … a least i will read them 1 by 1 lol

  2. nyonyapenang – Oh mesti…..kalau bukan untuk nak puji, untuk mengutuk. Kahkahkah. My post about Siti got 10K page views, go figure.

    wingz – Yalor, I wonder how many thousands suckers are going to help TV3 and the telecommunication company rich?

  3. Siti Getting Married tomorrow eh? No wonder all the 4D number ran out 😛

    lilian…I don’t even know the Rukun Negara..cos we don’t need one do we Meow-reans? All we care about is making a fuss over everything.

    Lilian…with 10K of views..sure yr Google earnings can blanja all makan eh??

  4. Siti? Datin Siti? Siti Hasmah? mean siti nurhaliza hahaha…so..she’s finally getting marrie eh…dnt know why the buzz is all about though? Maybe as mentioned once before, Malaysian society just want to get out of all the mess and chaos within the nation that’s happening around them and enter into a nice dream world of two people getting married..hehehehe..

  5. Metro harian with “serious discussion” factor can’t survive until they inject ghost stories into the papers. And go to normal bookshop, you will see the same trends. If the people can elect bad taste/unscrupulous people into parliament, what do you expect?

  6. hey…seems like almost everyone knows that she’s getting married, do we? Hate them or love them….It’s just that…shameful, that we care more about this ‘lagha’ stories, SMS to wish her? Your money worth more than that? Anyway, SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI KEMERDEKAAN KE-49 !

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