Gambar perkahwinan Siti Nurhaliza/Datuk K

[tag]Wedding[/tag] photos of [tag]Siti Nurhaliza[/tag] and[tag] Datuk K[/tag]. Taken from my TV. Hahaha.

Siti waiting for the wedding ring exchange.

Baju pengantin berwarna putih dengan manik biru.

Datuk K present Siti with a Quran.

Siti putting on a simple wedding ring on Datuk K’s finger.

Awww…the bride kissing the husband’s hand for blessing. Datuk K kissed Siti on the forehead but my photo turned out blur.

And that’s the end of the wedding….Tonight 7.30 pm siaran ulangan di TV3!

ADDED: Since so many people don’t want to see Datuk K cium dahi Siti, nah! Just to rub it in. Kehkehkeh.

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Gambar perkahwinan Siti Nurhaliza/Datuk K

82 thoughts on “Gambar perkahwinan Siti Nurhaliza/Datuk K

  1. Wow!!! A news update from Aunty ah..plan to work for CNN next eh? hehehehehe….impressed impressed….or a case of ciak pa boh su cho 😛

    Whats that tiara she’s wearing? It makes her look some medieval european princess with the tudung and the tiara hahahahaaha

  2. QV – I memang ciak pa boh su cho ‘cos school hols and my kids slept till noon. So, I senang to kepoh mah. Hey, wedding of the century so must be enterprising lah. *rub hands and anticipates traffic surge*

  3. Oh yeah!!! School Holiday so aunty very free hahahaha…a reprieve from normal duties so can be blog-reporter heheehhe…

    Not going off for any holidays with the kids?

  4. menj – Too late already. You missed the boat. LOL. But she is really, really ayu.

    QV – She can be her own Datuk anytime, so no need Datin lah. The Pahang MB also at the wedding ceremony in the mosque.

    MLNS – Too much time mah.

    Wuching – Yeah, Aunty chin ho

    QV – No plans yet.

  5. Thanks for the pic! Siti is still beautiful in tudung and thank goodness I really don’t need to see her kiss on Datuk’s forehead. That kiss on the hand already give me goosebumps on my neck.

  6. Could not lari from it lah….was at the babysitter’s, and it was shown on 1.30 pm news. Wahhh…that Datuk jawab nikah, selamba aje…I believe that is from experience(s);)

  7. aww man… if only i was older than her and had a moustache like datuk k… datuk k, kau telah potong line kami.. kau memang tak sedar diri…huhuhu

  8. Wow! U’re fast. All my colik surrounded my computer just now cos they cannot go down to the canteen to see. My neighbour here gotto call home and ask her daughter to explain in detail what Siti is doing all the time. Now good la..can see picture. She’s so pretty and luckily the picture of them kissing on forehead tak jadi..if not.. abit geli la.i think he seriously need to shave his misai la..

  9. congratulates to SITI but not for K!!!!
    Shameless old man….i think better Siti married young-man but ALLAH dah jodohkan…. nak buat aper? melopong ajer ler bujang2 yg tenang….wahai! jiwa2 yg tenang,jgn kau hampiri SITI yg lobos….!! Datuk K tak sedar diri…’Hidup’ lagi ker?

  10. soleilina – ROTFLMAO! Cam tu you pun boleh terfikir. She is really sweet lah. But it probably makes her older ‘cos I don’t feel any age-gap there.

    simon – Dun pway-pway, later all kind of comments come in, I pengsan.

  11. yup! she prolly wants to measure up to her ‘lou kong’! not everyone is able to pull off the tudung look.. some ‘ngeh-ngeh cheng’ one look very ’rounded’ lo

  12. well achelli my opinion is tat….he is a bit too old for her la..but then..dah cinta..apa nak buat? long as he sayang her..ok liao lor..who r we to komen bebanyak?…betul tak?.

  13. she’s so beautiful when wearing a scarves..=) neway,congrats CT..may u happily ever after wif datuk K..

  14. she looks so cute in her ‘tudung’. actually it a must when u’re in a mosque right? i love CT so much and always pray for her happiness with dato’ K..Give her chance to make her own decision and hope she will happy with it, insyaallah.

  15. Love comes and go.
    But true love will always stick together.
    I hope the relationship will stay long.
    You dont love someone because of money.
    but you love someone because she is worth more than money.
    Love comes even in a second.
    but the true love is hard to find.
    I hope their relationship will stay long.
    There will be a lot of rumors around.
    But just dont care about the rumors.
    because sometimes lies is beneath the rumors…
    so basiccally dont trust the rumors just trust your self.
    HAPPY 21st anivesary!!! hahahaha

  16. aiyo, luckily you didn’t up load the kissing forehead pic… bluueeekkk, i would have muntah la… eee gelinya… but siti is really pretty… well i just hope that she is happy with her choice….

  17. wooo…korang kutuk2 diorang 2 kenape…? dah jodoh diorang, nak buat cmne.. kite x sekaya n sehensem datuk K… huhu… let’s see afte dis wat hapen to siti… maybe janda, mummy… hihi…

  18. Selamat Pergantin Baru Dan Berbahgia Ke Anak

    Semoga Menjadi Emak Tiri yg Yg Baik….

    Lepas Khawin nie Harap Pakai Tudung le…

    Coz Siti Pakai Tudung Tampak Anggun…

  19. CT will exhaust Datuk. K out in a week.
    Nvm, Datuk K can telan 6 biji Viagra and minum 2 crates of POWER-ROOT!

    Datuk K Boleh!(tahan until weekend)

  20. all malaysia is buzzing with frigging weeding of the year..yes, people..ct nurha-iza and hairy lips datuk who gives a ****, man?? everyhere i go, people are like so talking about it..he’s too old for her (obviously, its the dough talking..i mean, seriously, would she want him if he sells nasi beriyani for a living?? hellll nooo!!! ), he looks like her father and stuff..ok la may be this is what some people says “dah jodoh yang d tentukan oleh allah”…..what’s worst, i saw this advert for their wedding on prima astro and they declared ct’s wedding as “peristiwa terpenting tahun ini”..whadda ****??? how shallow can malaysians get?? there are issues like homeless folks, children with cancer, AIDS, women abuse, sexual abuse, poverty, hunger..i can go on and on and on..and those media freaks are declaring that this unearthly matrimony as “TERPENTING”??? i am so ashamed to be Malaysian right so shallow…i mean, who gives a **** if she decides to get married to a camel with a moustache even??? like seriously, WHO FRIGGING CARES???

  21. Obviously, the rest of us care. Majority pwns the minority. Stop being too emotional and get used to it. 😉

  22. siti, im so disapointed …… begitu banyak lelaki bujang di malaysia dan indonesia…why …???? kau memilihnya?? semoga Hyang Widhi memberkati anda..
    Om Nama Sivaya ………………

  23. Congrate to both bride n groom…Why is so fuss siti marry aman of her choice…I think she she made a good choice and now time for her concentrate to do more social work as money is no more an issue.Now singing can pass as a passion don’t ypu agree with me.I am a make up artist have work with her once,she seriously deserve the attention! For you D.K you are indeed very lucky man she made you so famous! My wish you both the happiness ever after

  24. If i have a daughter like siti i be very thankfull, she knows what she want in her life….How many artistes are that lucky…have to struggle after married!!!! Indeed i am so proud of siti, she understand how painfull to be an artiste, so she made a right choice…

  25. Tahniah….cantiknya CT….cam “puteri”. Tapi sayang seribu kali sayang…..tersalah pilih…….cian dengan isteri & anak2…yang sanggup dijauhkan….hanya kerana mendekati CT…….geram…..!!!!

  26. WOWWW EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW first of all
    that datok did some bomoh spells on siti,
    she would never get with a guy like that.
    she’s ruining her career, even though i’m happy for her. but seriously, she made a mistake.
    and who would quote about a woman like this

    “For me, it was amazing that a celebrity could be so unpretentious,” he said, adding that when he saw her walking up the stairs, he had strong feelings for her, prompting a reporter to remark:

    “When you saw her thighs …” leaving the room in laughter.

  27. Tq ct czz kooo tgggggggglll laki nsem utk kirin….die sukerrrr sgt…tpkn xseswai r korg be2….ko blh lalu nk org tueee…ee….xmalu ambik sise2 org…huahuahuahuahua

  28. hai ct nape pilih dtuk k sdang kn fazli tu kan lbih kacak teruna lagi.x geli ke.fazli pun kaya jugak doktor lagi.

  29. saya harap kamu berdua berbahagia dan mempunyai anak anak yang cemerlang dan hidup berbahagia sampai umur sepangjang

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