If Mat Rempit becomes Mat Cemerlang, Ah Beng becomes Chong Beng?

If you haven’t read the news, our PM suggested giving Mat Rempit a more flattering name, call Mat Cemerlang. Mat Rempit refers to the young Malay youths who zoom around with their noisy, small bikes without consideration for their own lives and those around them. There is a tinge of hooligan-ism there.

Meanwhile, Ah Beng is the nickname given to Chinese youths who seems to do nothing but dye their hair blond and selling illegal, pirate DVDs, shaking heads with Ecstasy, gambling, pimping and etc. Some subtle gangsterism here.
So, if we name Mat Rempit, Mat Cemerlang, shall we also give a new name to Ah Beng too? Mat Cermerlang means ‘Successful Mat’ (Mat is a short name for the commonly used Ahmad/Mohamad/Mohamed).

The best name I can think of for Ah Beng will be Chong Beng. Chong Beng means Clever in Hokkien.

So, let’s toast to our wise leaders for solving crimes like gangsterism, vandalism, illegal racing, drugs, snatch thefts, hacking innocent victims, rapes, molests and etc etc with such a brilliant idea! Give them a new name which empowers them and I bet tomorrow, they will turn into successful leaders too.
Heh, you think we all baru lahir yesterday kah? Positive parenting guru teach you issit? Kahkahkah, best joke of the year.

18 thoughts on “If Mat Rempit becomes Mat Cemerlang, Ah Beng becomes Chong Beng?

  1. What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet..or in this case……. 😛

    Anyway, disguising all problems into something that sounds better is a very common Malaysian style is it not?

  2. QV – Seriously, if I am the Mat Rempit, I would think the Gov is making fun of me. They too have their own social problems which need a bigger solution than changing names.

  3. Hmm… maybe it’s so the victims don’t feel so bad after getting robbed or raped by Mat Cemerlang. Heck, who knows some of them might even feel provileged to have an encounter with our Cemerlang citizens.

  4. Wah, 5xmom also beh tahan with our leaders dee especialy our Kepara who talks to plants and fondles Kangkungs. Actually we, the public should come up with names for these ‘wise-men’ too:

    AAB = Kangkung Fondler, Actionman, Jellyman, Mr. NATO, FIL(Father-in-law), Slumber, Goat-feeder, Mr. What-Me-Worry, Babawi, DaddyKasi, OIC cup holder, TruantSter, etc.

  5. You get it wrong. Beng want to become RICH N FAMOS, nothing beat the Fart(cantonese ping ying) Beng, even better Fart-Tat-Beng.

    some background voice say : ni*m*h, like this also can.

  6. quote :
    Give them a new name which empowers them and I bet tomorrow, they will turn into successful leaders too.

    I must pour some cold water on this. Don’t you think some of this people ALREADY become “successful leader” ?

  7. Cham, cham liao lo. I think our government really don know how to manage this issue if they come up with a ridiculous idea such as this.

  8. shooi – Yalor….so funny hor? I do feel for those mat rempits ‘cos they are mostly from broken homes, repressed and etc. So, now the biggies, kaya-kaya folks give them a name like that, don’t you think they will feel very much more stigmatised? What they (the youths) need are places they can release those tensions etc. My teenage son already said, ‘why spend milions to built some sport centre in UK when in our country, cannot spend a little for their recreation? (skateboard park project in Putrajaya kena shelved).

    Look around and see what our Government are providing for the students and youths to spend time constructively? Big launching but after that, no one maintains the facilities etc.

    moo_t – Kihkihkih, you said what I dare not.

    mob1900 – Menj’s fav. – sotong

    James – HAHAHAHA, yeah, it looks nicer in the media too.

    luxeferi – Our leader perli them what, so I defend them lor. Hahaha.

    ahpek – Haha.

  9. wah Mat Cemerlang for those psychos who roam the steets at night! Bravo! In future, school kids will say “My ambition is to be a mat cemerlang” since the nickname is so flattering, cemerlang!

    Gosh, our PM seriously thinks it’ll be an effective solution to address our rising crime rate? PLease!!

    I’m traumatised by these mat rempits! I was assaulted by mat rempits before in Penang for no apparent reason. Can you believe it?!

  10. Actually Mat Rempits also call themselves that in reference to the sound made by their kapcais (honda Cubs). Rem rem pit pit pit pit! Rem rem! pit pit pit pit!!

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