Siti’s big diamond engagement/wedding ring – Live from 5xmom living room

Heh, here’s 5xmom reporting live from TV3 on the tv.

This is the engagement diamond ring. Datuk K’s mother put it on Siti’s finger. Wonder how many carat is that ring, huh?

[tag]Siti [/tag]with her future mother-in-law. They are having the engagement first.[tag] Datuk K[/tag] hasn’t shown the face. Mas kahwin is RM22,222.

Kepoh 5xmom signing off…. more to come, kehkehkeh

19 thoughts on “Siti’s big diamond engagement/wedding ring – Live from 5xmom living room

  1. mama23beas – straight from my camera to the pc to the net. LOL. Siti looks so sweet and demure lah. Penganti lelaki pun nampak bukan main muda jugak.

  2. That thing is HUGE!

    I mean, I’m happy for Siti and all that, but the money used to buy that ring (asuming it is 100% real diamond and not a bloody big cubic zirconia) could probably feed a kampung full of needy ppl for a year!


  3. wallau wehh… cepatnye update, sgt efficient la u… *tabik*

    ps : always be ur silent reader before this 🙂

  4. wah… live telecast from lilian’s blog… terubat jugak sakit hati tak dapat tengok live dari rumah …

  5. OOOH!! Live report hahahaha….WOW!! Besar betul itu engagement ring? I wonder how many poor people could live off it for the next few years?

  6. Err…actually I think that was the nikah laa at Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan. Means that now they are officially husband and wife according to Islamic law. The bersanding one is just a cultural event.

    – MENJ

  7. that thing is HUGE but not very tasteful for everyday use, i think. makes her look like some mak datin… hey… if he’s a datuk, that makes her a datin, rite???

  8. menj – Ya, they do the tunang then only nikah. My next post with the wedding.

    QV – Siti works so hard so deserve it lah..

  9. Wah, that diamond ring hor, super huge but really distasteful. Don’t they know that good things come in small packages…hehehe. Wonder if she’ll get finger-ache from wearing that ring..kakakakak

  10. Who said Siti don feed Kampung poor people? She can feed people and Datuk K can buy the ring… but he also got feed poor and needy people. By the way where is his office? I need to stand in line poor and needy people. I need new CD burner mah..

  11. haiya.. dah lama aku tgu, tak update2 lagi ni. aku nak tgk ct punya persandingan kat klcc. nk tgk gaun pink di

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