Terengganu – Mana nasi dagang?

Like the photo above suggests, the school holidays is driving me up the coconut trees. From waking up till hitting the bed, it is cook, cook, cook, pick up mess, pick up mess and pick up mess. Do you know that my shopping receipt is usually a foot long? No kidding!

But aha….lucky my atm just confirmed that he can take a few days off this week and we are going to Terengganu. Our destination is KT and Pulau Kapas/Pulau Gemia. Thanks to a blogger, Pelf, I can get some tips on where to stay and etc.

However, any eating and shopping tips will be most welcome. Where to find good nasi dagang and whatever T’ganu is famous for. Which spot I should not miss?

Gee, I like going for holidays where I only need to bring a few old t-shirts and bermudas. So backpack-ish.

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  1. Enjoy yourself!! Though I know it’s maddening and stressful going for vacation on school holidays. But yeah, for parents, there’s no choice, hor?

    Nice nice vacation pics, OK?

  2. Enjoy the holidays. Remember to put your sunscreen evenly so that u do not end up with 2 skin tone again..LOL

  3. Are you driving?

    Nasi Dagang- in Chendering on the main Lebuhraya Persekutuan way before the floating mosque. Actually the nasi dagang at the old hotel Primula is nice.. no joke. The fish is ikan Tongkol (Tuna) but the flesh is not hard/ chewy.

    Touch base in Kemaman for seafood chinese style at Restoran Malaya try the stuffed crab shells. Flesh of shell stuffed back into the shell covered with egg white meringue and steamed or fried. Good for lazy bums who are too lazy to korek (dig) the crab flesh.

    Keropok lekor in Kampong Losong. or cross over by boat at the wet market Kedai Pasar Payang apparently the keropok lekor is good. (apparently they have a minimum% content of fish flesh which is why it is soo yummy)

    Upon entering the state border with Pahang- behind the Geliga Mosque- you can’t miss the big mosque the is good terengganu style otak-otak: 2 kinds aka Otok-otok (Fish in spicy grated coconut variety) and Satar (made with Ikan kerisi (look like red gelama with yellow line))…

    Anyway in Terengganu for breakfast look for Roti Paung (freshly baked 1 dozen tiny yellow buns in the morning, remnants of colonial Pound (hence paung) bread) good ones run out as early as 7am.

    Don’t be afraid to try out breakfast stalls by the roadside (for taste, although I can’t guarantee hygiene).

    Go to the Hotel at the top of the hill (Motel Desa) for Fireball- Fried Ice cream with Raspberry Sauce. And the Poached Tenggiri with Buttered Spinach is good (Its not on the menu but I’ve had it done for me by the chef).

    Go to to esplanade by batu burok- try fried ice cream and if in season Fried Sotong (squid)

    Many reasonably good chinese restaurants but then again Ive only tried the halal places. šŸ˜‰

    Mind you there can be jewels of makan places in Terengganu but there are many that think just because they can fry garlic and onions they can open eateries.

    But if anything else try the Fireball…

  4. fire80 – LOL, boss nanti kasi bonus ‘cos you so ‘hardworking’ mah. Thanks for all that tips, I will print it out. But I am going from the East-West highway so it will be up to KT only, Kemaman is wayyy down south. Now you got me drooling but never mind, I am cooking nasi tomato and curry beef right now. Heh. Kena feed my Datuk L (after Datuk K, L kan?, L is the surname of atm jugak lah) betul-betul so that he dun kempunan some 21 yrs old Malay lass with betis yang meliurkan pakai kain dengan simple t-shirt. Hohoho.

    shooi – Ya, that is on my shopping list.

    Helen – For sure!

  5. haha i like yr reply to fire 80… wuarharharhar. wa ‘song’ la go on holiday… i want one too… nice nice pics ah… enjoy yr holiday!

  6. How about some keropok lekor? šŸ™‚ But not sure where to get lar, hahaha…

    Can still blog while in Terengganu or not? Use 3G kah?

  7. staying in the penisular is so good lah..can drive to all the different states..unlike here in Sarawak..boring and dull

  8. Haha. Your kids are out and mine have just started after an 11 week break. So glad to get those lazy imps out of the house. They were driving the missus crazy.

    Hope you have fun trip.

  9. If you’ve got time, do drop by an open air Thai restaurant near the Terengganu central bus station in KT. It’s a small restaurant located within a large parking area. It’s cheap and good!

  10. Pulau Gemia!!! Very nice place. Its turtle eggs hatching season! You can see many many lil turtles and Pulau Gemia is memang terkenal for it turtles reserve thing, so you can see many many turtle hatching place. And when the bb comes out they will bring to the nearby island to free it. There’s only 1 resort in Pulau Gemia..So nothing much except to snorkel, get tanned and eat eat eat. The cook for the resort is really good. I just hope that he is still there and the place is not polluted…. yet.

  11. Singgahlah Kuala Kemaman…so many choices of satar, otak-otak and keropok lekor. in area near KT there’s so many choices la for nasi dagang. small stalls also served good one maa…don’t hesitate to try yek. happy jalang2 cari makang (in trg slang key…hehe)

  12. Actually i came from Dungun Terengganu but have move to Seremabn since one year ago,many choice for nasi dagang , keropok lekor, otak-otak and other…….. Terengganu is nice place….

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