Unka Ho playing cat & mouse game

Sale, sale, sale!  DVD9 going for RM10 for three at Midland One-Stop.  Plenty of titles.  But you have to go at the right time.

On Sunday, all the illegal ones were closed except for one licensed shop.  Funny thing is the chaps there have walkie-talkies and they are marking the movements.  Overheard –

“Mata lai liao, mata lai liao”

Wuah, so canggih their tracking.  I wonder if the mata-s are as efficient as them.

However, on Saturday, my atm did manage to grab a bunch.  Hey, I don’t watch nor do I buy so I am not guilty, ok?  He got Scary Movies 1-4, Poseidon and dunno how many other titles.  Damn, the Scary Movies are really funny but the language and the stuffs there aren’t suitable for kids lah.  If you haven’t watch, it is a spoof of all the movies including Matrix, The Ring, Titanic, Brokeback Mountain and many, many, many more movies.

So, there…a community message plus reminder  from 5xmom- It is illegal to sell pirated DVDs and the police are hot on the heels of the traders.  But erm…got sale lah.  😉

12 thoughts on “Unka Ho playing cat & mouse game

  1. Hahahahahahah… so funny.. miss those times when one can get all sorts of movies at really cheap price!!
    p/s an the first to comment again?

  2. Dnt know if its illegal to buy…if they want more people to buy the original, then don’t censor so much and get it released early lah…or else..people will still buy the pirated ones..

  3. It is called : helping the country economy by cutting forex outflow.
    If MASProtonPewajaStateGahmen learn from uncle Ho, we don’t need to pay tax liao(bcuz we will be richest nation in the world).

  4. I think it’s illegal to buy but d mere mention of sales is soooOOOOO tempting! Besides it’s soooOOOO expensive to go to cinema nowadays and worst part is, it’s not value for money bcoz the scissors is at work! **sigh**

  5. Yeah, it’s illegal to buy, but never heard anyone who got caught for buying. I also If they want people to buy ori, they have to reduce the $ la. Such a big price difference now, how not to get tempted?

  6. Yalor, is it a crime to buy and own them? We normally follow the crowds until blur-blur what the law says.

    moo_t – Fantastic idea! I vote you to be PM! LOL

    SA – Many of the tourists here buy them. But I wonder how they are going to get them back home. Probably they watch it and chuck them off before returning home.

  7. I bought mine from TMNut. I like the part when Charlie Sheen fell over the balcony. LMAO!!!


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