Jom kita cakap Bahasa Malaysia on Merdeka?

I recently discovered this site Odeo. LiewCF did a ‘send an audio recording birthday wish’ on his birthday. I had signed up with Odeo but did not have the time to read or figure out how to use it. It is basically a group recording where you just sign in, record your voice directly and then, peeples in the same group can hear each other’s voice. Well, I think that is how it works.

So, while I am away, why not you guys do me a favour?


Give me a few questions in Bahasa Malaysia and I will reply them in an audio recording. Jangan main-main, my BM very pahwer wan. When I speak loghat Penang, all the Malay latuks sure jatuk cinta sama nyonya mya. Kahkakah. So, give me a few challenging questions in the comment box. No humsup stuffs, ok? Merdeka, wei, jangan main-main. No political questions also. Like, Nyonya suka naik roket pergi bulan atau duduk atas dacing? Hahaha.


Someone figures out for me how Odeo works. My username is 5xmom. The FAQ is here.

I think you just need to go to this ‘send a message to 5xmom’ and record. Then send.

So, why not we record our voice in BM or English or Mandarin or Tamil or whatever language. Maybe we can stick to some short intro of ourselves, location, Merdeka wish and if you like you can sing Negaraku too. Hahaha. I will figure out how to get all those messages to be heard by everyone later on.

If anyone has a better idea, please share. But let’s make our Merdeka message in audio, in any language with some BM thrown in.  If you don’t have a mic in your computer, then tulis lah.
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18 Replies to “Jom kita cakap Bahasa Malaysia on Merdeka?”

  1. apakah pendapat puan tentang penyambutan hari kebangsaaan tahun ini dibandingkan dengan tahun-tahun dahulu? adakah puan membuat apa-apa persediaan untuk menyambut hari kebangsaan tahun ini?

  2. I pass, not really patriotic this year for I do not see what is there to be patriotic about at all with so many problems in our country 😛

    Anyway, have a great holiday

  3. Spam filter?? Wow wow wow.. jangan main main. lol

    Enjoy yourself and maybe you can speak to us in BM regarding your recent trip and how you felt about 49 yrs of independence.

  4. Memandangkan Hari Merdeka 7 hari di depan, apakah persiapan ibu kali lima kali ini? Adakah ibu kali lima akan mengkibarkan 5 jalur gemilang di depan rumah anda and juga kereta?

  5. Finally in the mood for merdeka. The other day I saw tv3 there was a count down I thought it was for merdeka, then on last sunday I saw the count down was 1. Then only I realise it was for CT ‘s wedding daaa…
    Now they change already. So,
    Apakah cadangan puan bagi memupuk semangat patriotik dikalangan generasi muda masa kini supaya semangat ini akan berkekalan bagi 49 tahun yang akan datang ?

  6. Ok boleh saya nak tanya sedikit la:-

    1. Apa kah cita cita anda 20 puluh tahun ya lalu?

    2. Ada kah anda capai cita cita tersebut? Kalau ya, apa rasanya? Kalau tidak, kenapa?

    3. Apa kah pandangan anda pada hari merdeka tahun ini?

    4. Apa kah pendapat anda tentang pembangunan negara ini dalam lima tahun yang akan datang? (Sekadar sosial, ekonomi, pendidikan and teknologi)

    5. Akhirnya, apa lagu melayu yang kamu suka dengar and nyanyi?

    Semoga anda dapat menjawap soalan-soalan tersebut diatas, Syabas.

  7. 1. Pasai apa bila orang susah baru ingat pada Tuhan,tapi bila senang Tuhannya tak dilayan?

    2. Kita punya mata ada dua biji tapi bila tengok sama orang nampak satu saja,apa pasai?



  8. it took me awhile to find your blog again but i’m glad i did. looks like still same ol’ style of blogging that i enjoy reading 😉

    Cheers!!! 😀

  9. I know what you can host on

    You could host a Ask 5xmom questions. 1 question a week kind of thing!

    I think that’ll be really cool!!1 11 !! ONE ONE !!! 1!!!!!1

    Seriously, it would be interesting to get things from your perspective given the typical blogger’s make-up.

    remember, you heard it from me first!

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