Rahsia menambat hati suami – Opah Windfree style

Rahsia menambat hati suami

(translation: Secrets to tie the husband’s heart)

Someone please slap me! LOL, I am beginning to turn into [tag]Oprah Winfrey[/tag]. Can’t help it because the recent post is turning into a circus with people giving all sorts of opinions. I am allowing it because if we look at it, it is funny how people’s opinions differ like day and night isn’t it?

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So while I am on a high, I decide to impart some petua-petua untuk menambat hati suami. You see, I do wonder how I will feel if say it is my atm (hereinafter referred to as Datuk L) that is putting on a huge, millions dollar diamond ring on someone else’s finger. I can bear the thought of anything Datuk L does but not pouring millions of dollar on another person. Mani tak ape. Money tak boleh. Hahaha.

It is public knowledge, thanks to our mainstream-turned gossipy media, that [tag]Datuk K[/tag] fell in [tag]love [/tag]after finding [tag]Siti [/tag]in her sarong and a simple t-shirt at her home. The betis and peha stays in his mind. So says the mainstream media – which did not feature our freedom fighters struggles who also fought and lost their limbs for our country independence but instead favour small talks like these.

I bet Siti must had brought in a tray of drinks for our hero with moustache….Or maybe served him lunch. So, folks, can you see the significance of it? Can? No? Apalah….Siti, our country top singer whom had won the anugerah penyanyi wanita terbaik for 8 consecutive years never menambat hati Datuk K until she appeared as the demure, little homely girl cum housewife-to-be in a sarong and t-shirt.

See? While the other ex-Datin probably had spent years and thousands RM in Switzerland spas making herself so pretty (hey, her skin is sooooo porcelain as I saw it on papers), wearing only designer clothes and dripping with diamonds…lost her catch. There….all the jantan-jantan semua always pine for that [tag]woman[/tag] who can take care of her nest.

I can bet with you that even if you have achieved the position as the first female Prime Minister, the laki will still want someone who can cook for him, jaga makan-minum and don’t pok-pek so much. The males will zoom in on homely females, the younger the better. I had personally seen that in someone I worked with. Actually, not one but several high positions CEOs who keep mistresses who prepared a warm bed, warm meals and equally warm welcome. Some of the mistresses are not even highly educated whilst their wives are successful businesswomen.

So, rahsia menambat hati suami? Cuma masak apa yang dia suka, don’t pok-pek so much, jaga body, jaga tepi kain sendiri and moga-moga bahagia rumahtangga cik kak dan cik adik sekalian.

Gulai daging lembu…dengan nasi tomato….resipi kat sini.

Jadi, pandai-pandai lah ya? Masak….jangan tak masak…Sumbat kasi kenyang-kenyang baru laki tak merayau cari makan kat luar.

Sekian. Maaflah ya, kena pergi jaga datuk L ni….

27 thoughts on “Rahsia menambat hati suami – Opah Windfree style

  1. I spend a long time trying to get my face imposed on Oprah’s pic but cis, the skin tone can never match no matter what tools I used in Photoshop. So gotta put my un-photshop pic and Oprah’s separately. Hope none of my readers get nightmare with the huge pic.

    BTW, Opah means grandma in Bahasa Malaysia

  2. Lilian,
    This is so ingenious! Amazing..I think you fit the bill! How about hosting a programme! Hey, I am serious! You got good stuff here!

  3. No wonder all the men will get big belly after getting married. Hehehehe if you wanna know if he’s fed well at home…look at the tummy.

  4. Yes… Can’t agree more, which is why no matter how tough it is to rush home and cook after a day at work, I still try to cook at least 4 days a week! 🙂
    Keep him pot bellied! 😉

  5. I have to admit to that. The physical appearance might ‘tambat’ a man’s hati the first time but to ensure that he parks her there for a longer time or probably forever, it is the balance that the woman can strike between her career and the family.

  6. Lilian,
    May be you should also kasi petua for menambat hati isteri for the husband. Mana aci asyik bini ja nak tambat menambat ni… Wife pun kena jaga … right

  7. Lil,

    My opah always say only jaga 2 things which is the tummy & great sex
    Really tak tipu tau…

  8. Bravo!! This is a good article and hope the ladies out there take note hahahahahaha..but incidentally, you encourage wives to feed their husband today in your blog and wuching’s trying to loose weight in his hahahahahaha

  9. no wander my hubby ask me to go back all the way from kl after work to klang to cook la…..aiyoyo…if he got chance he will make me cook for him over weekend..but then..the kitchen doesn’t belong to me la..how to cook>>>???

  10. Peeples – Soli I very busy packing no time to reply all the comments. But wait I come back from Terengganu, I tell you which is more important. Food or sex. LOL.

  11. ya la..kalau si suami dah memang terror memasak….apa i nak buat yea?…sex pulak..i tengah ngandung ni..sarat megandung..hah?..amacam opah?..ade petua lagi ke?…

  12. Terima kasih kak Lilian atas tips-tips yang diberikan. So, I kena cepat-cepat pergi beli sarung, T-shirt putih yang nipis sangat sampai bra laces pun ternampak, beli ayam untuk belajar masak kari (never done before), and tunggu abang balik dari kerja di pintu pagar.
    Tengok tengok tips itu berguna keh… 😛

  13. ..see theres soooo many programs and magazines tht advices us what woman should do what wife shouldnt do and at the same time i read about women who does everything the husband demanded but still left for another women or even MEN – its not fair. Actually why so much worries when husband leave us – takut tak masuk syurga ke ? takut the third party dpt harta ke? takut tak dpt sex dah ke? – why must we live in fear…

  14. ini adalah pesanan rakaman dari cik abang saya yang kepo2 reading over my shoulder :

    “Zezaxkly my point!”

    I think you have a new fan la makcik… 🙂

  15. My PiggyBeng was 60kg when we 1st met 5 years ago and was 72kg when last stood on the scale… Waist from 30 to 33 now… guess I’m right on track… 😛

  16. Hi opah, came across your site by accident. Been taking care of all his needs, be it his meals, home, children (my stepdaugthers plus my one n only) n most of all his dicky bird. But his eyes n hands are still on other women. He just can’t stop this habit of flirting n oozing out for all those bitches. I guess its in his blood, n the bitches are all after him. Now, i’ve stopped doing all the housework, i buy food to take home, the steppis are back with their on mom, my focus is only on my little girl n my future. I’m moving on, stepping further n don’t wanna look back. Oh… the hubby still with me..hehehe…..

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