Datin (ahem) Siti Nurhaliza wedding at KL Convention Centre – The rules

So, have you all received the wedding invitation cards in pink? In case you have, here is the rule when attending the wedding. Ingat tau, ini bukan sebarang jemputan perkhawinan. Ada tata-tertib tau? All traffic almost come to a standstill. KLCC Aquaria will be closed. Terowong dari Suria KLCC ke bangunan KL Convention Centre pun ditutup.

(bigger size photo here)
Photo from flowsnow who knows I am the neighbour gossiper. Thanks, flowsnow!

On Aug 28, the couple will throw a lavish wedding reception at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) where 2,200 guests, including dignitaries and royalty, will be present.

In a fairytale setting sure to please her fans, Siti and her Prince Charming will parade in a horse-drawn carriage to the KLCC entrance.

They will then hold a reception at the bride’s hometown in Kuala Lipis on Sept 3. Another reception will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Sept 10. (The Star)

Actually hor, I posted this notice because I know fellow blogger Simontalks works nearby and I sked he cannot find his way to the office due to the traffic jam lah. Dengar khabar angin, Siti jemput Abang Simon ke [tag]majlis perkhawinan[/tag] [tag]Siti[/tag]tapi kad jemputan hilang di dalam pos. (eleh, perasan betul Simon niiiii, you tak simpan misai, Siti tak minat lah). Anyway, I post this because of similar reason lah:

Dr Asiah said [tag]TV3[/tag] knew that Siti would draw a large audience to the wedding and this would be translated into profits for the station through advertisements. (Bernama)

Tak larat nak post about my trip. Aduhaiii….we travel from KT to Besut to Jerteh to Jeli to Kuala Kangsar and back to Penang in the last 8 hours (inclusive of meals and rest-stops, 10 hours). I go sleep first, ok? Tomorrow got church lah, choir practice lah….zzzzZZZZZZ

13 thoughts on “Datin (ahem) Siti Nurhaliza wedding at KL Convention Centre – The rules

  1. I’m just wondering, why the fucking big hoo-haa over her weeding that creates so much hype?

    The shut down of tunnel is going to cause so much inconvenience to Putra LRT travellers working at other side and Monorail users working at other side. The shut down of Aquaria when tourists throng KLCC during this mega-sales season.

    Thanks God we only have one Datuk K and Siti in this country, else I’ve to embrace the fucking jam just for 2 ordinary Malaysians.

    Seriously f**king shit.

  2. I knew you would like this as I was at KL Convention Ctr. Amazing huh what money can buy! And all these hoo ha here and there. I wonder they will put up a signage for 5xmoms when you become famous!!! Grin~

  3. I tak perasan la! Percayalah aku! Dulu i dengan siti very good fren one, I selalu bagi dia tiru kerja rumah Inggeris saya, mentang mentang my England quite powderful…

  4. Lol, I’d doubt any ordinary Malaysians can booked a place at the convention centre. Anti-traffic jam, don’t forget to invite me when you do that. 😉

  5. horse drawn carriage boh liow. too messy n cud cause major traffic jam lar i think. not as if her arrival wont but would make matters worst. 😉

  6. Wah lau…you really using the dear Datin’s name to publicise your blog kah? Give the poor girl a break lah…she just got married.

    – MENJ

  7. menj – Kita terikut saja. MPs also debtate about Siti in the Parliament, apatah lagi kita blogger kan? Lagi pun, I am doing a community service to avoid traffic jam. LOL

    Yvy – Baru like real princess macam Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast. Kahkahkah

    anon#5 – We need this drama once in a while la. 🙂

    simon – Yeah, right…

    flowsnow – Tks for the pic.

    antitraffijam – Never mind, it will be a while before we get another Siti Nurhaliza. Not everyone can be as rich lah.

    Neo- Siti will be so disappointed. Hahaha.

  8. Hey all,

    I am wondering ah, why men (mostly-lah) are the one who like to fantasize about Cik Siti?

    Do men like stupid girls?

    Are men intimidated by intelligent girls?

    Siti looks very naive and innocent and a bit dumb as well. Not that I believe she is THAT innocent in real life.

    Just wondering, why ah, when I talk to women, they can see “through” Siti hypocritical act, but men so terpegun with her kejelitaan?

    So wondering.

    *scartches head*


  9. I was wondering how does ‘Stoberi cicah chekelat’ looks like … well actuallly it is Strawberry with Chocolate Deep… Hampeh betui ct. Lg nak ala la English Wedding!!

  10. aku mmg tak suka sgt kat ct tu..
    bila tgk muka dia erk??
    kesian datin kan..
    aku ni best fren daten..
    ct tu nampak je baik tp kalu korang nk tau..
    eeee…menggelabah semacam ajr bila…

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