8 thoughts on “14 years ago

  1. You bought a domain name for your son as a BIRTHDAY PRESENT? Wow. I wish my parents could do that….

    – MENJ

  2. AhPek – LOL, that template fonts dem small but you know lah, teenagers like black. It is hard for me to find where to comment also. Hahaha.

    ahpek – Choy…I become your khai lui, you want anot? Korn tey….yam cha….

    wuching – Tenkiu. Hey, when is yours? I know it is any of these days, right?

    BuzzLife – Yalor, this son always complain I never change ‘recipe’, all brothers same face. But when I make him, I forget to add yeast. He said so to the paed. LOL. ‘Cos of all, he is the thinnest and paed wanted to know why.

    menj – Never mind lah, your adsense is enough to buy you an empire. Hahaha.

    Bakchang – You go count the candles and see?

  3. My birthday is on 27th Aug also leh…Happy Birthday to you son!!!
    Im a regular reader of your blog and frankly, I like it very much. Though I only turned 21 yesterday, I find that the topics on your blog are very interesting and well, knowledgable.Suitable for all ages! Heheh!!!

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