Part One nochet come.

14 years ago…

I was pregnant with my second son.  My eldest was 2 and a half years old.  I got contractions and know that I am due to deliver.  My eldest son was delivered by caesarean because he was too big, at 9 lbs 1 oz or 4.1kg.  I stayed in Bukit Jambul and the hubby has gone to work.

So, with a contractions that is like 20-30 minutes apart, I drove my eldest son and I to my sister’s house in Sungai Nibong where my mom stayed.  Usually, when I go to work, we will drop the eldest son there every morning.  Over there, my sister was frying Malay beehoon.  Me, being the kaypoh of all, volunteered to fry the beehoon for her because hey, I am the better cook, ok?

Midway while I was frying the beehoon (which is a huge wok of noodles), I felt some bleeding.  After checking, yeah, I got the show.  This is another sign of labour.  But heh, I told my sister to ‘Let’s finish cooking first’.  Then, only she drove me to the hospital.

The dear hubby worked in Kulim, Kedah which is 60  minutes away.  He couldn’t just run off because he expected a long weekend (due to Merdeka holiday and paternity leaves).  After I reached the hospital, I told my sister to wait for me to get back my IC.  I went there with only my IC (or maybe credit or cash deposit, I can’t remember).  So, there, due to give birth but still can drive and cook.

To cut a long, gory and dramatic story short, I delivered by VBAC, i.e. vaginal birth after caesarean.  I reached the hospital around 2pm noon but only delivered the next morning around 9am.  It was a loooong labour.  Lucky this second son was only 3.85 kg, i.e almost 8 lbs.  The reason was because I was watching my food intake so that I get a smaller baby. I wanted a VBAC because there is no experience like pooooting out a human baby through your pet-pet. LOL.

My ob-gynae and his very experienced nurse told me “Lilian, I guarantee this is a girl.”  The nurse said, “Kau sap pat siin (90%) hai lui lei keh (is a girl)”.  So, I bought everything pink.  Pink bath basin, pink dress, pink beddings, pink clothes, pink towel, pink……LOL, I  even fixed a girl’s name, i.e Loh Ling Poh (ptuiii…what a horrible name chosen by the fengshui master employed by my in-laws).  So, when I got a baby boy, I messed up his name.  He should have been named Loh Yet Hoe (blek) but I goofed up with another name.  (see my baby’s name selection here)

Oh ya, of all the five sons, this #2 son’s birth is the only one witnessed by his papa  The other three were delivered by caesareans (he is not allowed in the OT)  and one more was delivered too fast so the father missed the important event.  The poor man got cussed, scolded and both his upper armed bruised because I held on too tight when I was pushing.  Haih…the fun of giving birth.

Question – To the Dads – Do you dare to witness your baby’s birth?

To the moms – Do you find your husband annoying and pesky in the labour and delivery room?  Hahaha.